Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

50. EU Business News- Irish Enterprise Awards 2024 Feb24128 Sitting atop of a combined seven decades of experience in the architecture, engineering, and construction landscapes, Cork-based Engenuiti Consulting Engineers is proud to set the gold standard across the industry, seamlessly coordinating interdisciplinary inquiries, cultivating robust relationships, and drawing closely from the extensive expertise of its team to succeed. Operating across the life science, industrial, commercial, and residential sectors, the partnerships forged by this team of experts turn projects into success stories. We speak to Managing Director/Director of Engineering Robert White for more. Founded five years ago, Engenuiti serves as the physical embodiment of more than seven decades worth of collective experience in this space, with the expertise that is innate across this team perhaps best on display in a civil and structural engineering setting, whereby they shape a number of projects spanning everything from roads and bridges through to energy initiatives. Offering a streamlined, singular point of contact for clients across the board, it is Engenuiti’s uppermost priority to nurture terrific relationships with all customers, leveraging the wealth of experience that this team have on offer to provide a range of end-to-end solutions that truly empower projects. By focusing meticulously on the areas of design and project management, Robert and everybody at Engenuiti are able to excel in affording clients the desired results, exceeding expectations at every turn. This is proving to be increasingly important in a field that is undergoing tremendous shifts, and Robert elaborates on many of these and what the business is doing to remain at the forefront of the sector. Beginning with sustainable design, Robert explains, “there’s a growing emphasis on sustainability in engineering projects, including energy-efficient designs, renewable energy integration, and environmentally friendly materials and construction methods.” Much of this is made possible as a result of the newfound emphasis that is placed on digitalisation and BIM (Building Information Marketing), with a number of useful online tools serving to truly revolutionise the design engineering process, offering clients improved collaboration, visualisation, and efficiency from the beginning to the end of a project’s lifecycle. As a response to this and other external factors, such as climate change, Robert tells us, “engineers are increasingly considering resilience and adaptation measures […] such as designing infrastructure to withstand extreme weather events or incorporating nature-based solutions into projects.” Across every setting that Engenuiti works in, collaboration, teamwork, and a growing recognition of the importance of diversity, ethics, and inclusion have all proven to be key in achieving the desired results. Much of this success can be attributed to the company’s various locations across Ireland, a country that serves as a bustling hub for both local companies and international operations alike as a result of its strategic location in between Europe and the US. There are other benefits to being based in Ireland too, such as the highly educated and skilled workforce on offer, membership to the EU, a thriving technological ecosystem, high quality of life, and the various incentives and support available for companies. On the back of all the positive elements that Ireland has to offer, Engenuiti has forged a tremendous internal culture that Robert is certain contributes significantly to the overall success of his firm. By focusing keenly on such areas as employee engagement and retention, the aforementioned collaboration and teamwork, productivity and performance, as well as reputation and branding, the business has successfully carved out a niche in this space, and it sets about continuously solidifying its frontrunner status to remain at the very top. Moreover, Robert’s strong work ethic can be seen trickling down the company ladder from the top, and his professionalism and dedication have certainly rubbed off on his employees. When it comes to the future and what the rest of 2024 and beyond has in store for Engenuiti, what is prioritised above all is expansion in new markets and service areas. As for how the company is doing this, Robert tells us that it is, “investing in research and development initiatives to innovate new solutions and technologies […] [and] strengthening partnerships and collaborations with other firms or organisations.” This is all to be set against a backdrop of a sustainable focus and the leveraging of new technologies, with this team ultimately adapting so as to manage their evolving client base and appease market needs. In summary, civil, structural, architectural, mechanical, and electrical engineering expert Engenuiti Consulting Engineers possesses an unwavering passion for innovation and a steadfast dedication to excellence, acting as the driving force behind the success of all of the projects that it takes on. 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