Q1 2022

12 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q1 2022 , Dec21069 Leading Provider of Cutting-Edge MES Solutions 2021 PROXIA Software AG is an international software company that develops and integrates MES solutions for manufacturing and production companies. We find out more about the firm from Chief Executive Officer, Julia Klingspor, in the wake of it being recognised in the German Business Awards. For more than 30 years, PROXIA Software AG (PROXIA) has been engaged in industrial process optimisation, with professional project management, expert staff, innovative software products and expertise in the industry forming the foundations of the company’s success. As a technology trendsetter, PROXIA offers transformable, in-house MES products with a modern design, ergonomic user interface and modular concept for a sustainable, consistent MES solution that grows with its clients’ requirements. Individual MES-Software products with a high level of standardisation ensure short implementation times with rapid integration into production, and a short amortisation period for MES investment. The core product portfolio of PROXIA MESSoftware solutions includes MES planning, data acquisition, monitoring, as well as analysis, evaluation, and controlling key production indicators. The company’s range of services includes development, sales, implementation, support, training and MES consulting. Complete MES process structures can be formed using the PROXIA MESSoftware products MES Control Room, Shop Floor Management, MDE, BDE, ETKS, CAQ, TPM, online monitoring, and OEE/KPI key indicator identification, and merged at ERP/ PPS level – pave the way to a smart factory and Industry 4.0. “With the decision to purchase PROXIA MES, a production company lays the foundation for long-term improvement of its production processes,” explains Julia Klingspor, the company’s Chief Executive Officer. “Working with PROXIA means more than just acquiring MES-Software. It’s about entering a partnership with one of the leading providers of MES in the world. As an MES solution partner, PROXIA offers a high degree of strategic competence and power in project realisation. Through MES process consulting, we support companies on a practical level in meeting their targets using the latest lean production methods, SMED concepts and setup optimisation models.” As a leading company for MES-Software, most of the firm’s clients come through recommendations, however the company has several key distinguishing features which help it to differentiate from competitors. These include the latest in-house software product development, made in Germany with the latest technology for MES-Software with excellent performance, intuitive user guidance and cutting-edge design, innovative technologies created by professional staff and knowledge of the latest trends and future technologies, in order to develop cuttingedge, future-proof software solutions, and excellent consulting services consisting of analysis, evaluation, conceptual design and road mapping for placement into practice accelerates MES project implementation hugely up to going live. “For us it is vitally important to establish family friendliness long term,“ Julia continues. “Our economy will only be attractive to professionals in the future and remain competitive if we ensure not only an appropriate work-life-balance but also a family-friendly climate. On that point we would like to make a contribution. Every measure helps.” PROXIA doesn’t see its employees as an expense factor but rather as a success factor and Julia elaboates on how the firm’s corporate success wouldn’t be possible without dedicated and motivated staff. “Our employees love challenges, are open for something new, are ambitious and make decisions,“ she ethuses. “We cherish employees with a positive worldview who see in case of doubt a half-full glass. Important for us is a distinctive customer orientation, since our customers are next to our employees the most important good. Of course, a high enthusiasm for technology and production is essential in our company.” Despite the recent Covid-19 pandemic, which affected practically every industry globally, PROXIA was able to remain competitive and adjust its productions to be more efficient. Due to this, it saw the request for its software solutions increase and it was also awarded the prestigious accolade of Leading Provider of Cutting-Edge MES Solutions 2021 in the German business Awards. Now, Julia and the team are looking to a bright and lucrative future. Julia adds, “There are many exciting projects and new industries taking us into 2022 and beyond.“ Contact: Julia Klingspor Company: Proxia AG Web Address: www.proxia.com