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Q1 2022 Best Student-Focused Printing Company 2021 A company created to serve the student body of the academic field with exemplary, reliable, and quick printing services, BachelorPrint turns its customer’s academic papers into beautifully presented, professionally bound printed texts. In essence, unlike somany other companies, its priority truly is the student and their happiness, ensuring that each customer benefits from the economies of scale by keeping its prices low and its turnaround choppy.

2 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q1 2022 Editor’s Note , Welcome to the Q1 edition of EU Business News, providing youwith all of the latest news, features, and informative pieces fromacross the European Union. As the door to 2022 swings open, businesses from every industry are putting their plans into motion for this coming year. They look to make the most out of 2022 and are doing everything they can to re-build themselves after a tumultuous couple of years. In this edition we look upon a selection of articles rich with interesting and unique businesses that are all excelling within their industries. Here we take a closer look at a wide variety of companies as they expand and gain nourishment from their teams, leaders, research, and results. For a future packed with positivity, relentless research, and stories of success, join us here in the Q1 edition of EU Business News and find out more as you peruse each page from anywhere in the world. From all of us at EU Business News, we hope that you enjoy this marvellous edition, and we wish you a glorious spring that is bursting with the promise of brighter days. Sofi Bajor, Editor Website: www.business-news.eu AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q1 2022 3 Contents , 4. News 6. BachelorPrint: Best Student-Focused Printing Company 2021 10. Demicon GmhB: Preparing Business For Tomorrow 12. Proxia AG: Leading Provider of CuttingEdge MES Solutions 2021 13. Haus der Braut & Gentleman: Best Bespoke Bridal & Groom Suit Studio – Western Germany 14. LUX Automation GmbH: Best Bespoke Automation Technology & Software Solutions Company - Europe

4 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q1 2022 NEWS , International Trade: A New Strategy for a More Volatile Trading Environment ByMartinHamilton – senior manager in the International teamat accountancy firm, Menzies LLP. Menzies LLP is amember of HLB International, a global network of independent advisory and accounting firms. The effects of Brexit and the global pandemic continue to have a ripple effect on UK-based businesses that are trading internationally. As well as managing the day-to-day challenges that accompany such activity, they need to put in place a new strategy for a more volatile trading environment. Importing and exporting goods has become much more challenging for businesses for a variety of reasons. As well as having to contend with significant global supply shortages affecting certain goods, such as timber and semiconductor chips, uncertainty generated by factors such as cost inflation, forex volatility, geopolitical tension and significant shifts in demand brought on by the pandemic are having a dramatic impact across many markets. Many businesses have already taken steps to protect margins and increase certainty by fixing prices for key supply agreements for the short to medium term. For businesses where consumption has dipped during the pandemic, there may be a tendency to shorten supply chains in order to reduce costs and improve reliability. For others where demand levels have increased, it remains important to leverage volume orders by shopping around for the best deals possible. Worker shortages, skills shortages and increased employee costs are also posing a major challenge in some sectors, further disrupting supply chains by delaying goods movements. Compounding the volatile trading environment, new border controls affecting import and export activity with the EU are now in effect. With new Border Control Posts only recently established, there is heightened risk of supply chain disruption, as well as additional costs and a greater administrative burden in the form of customs declarations. Further controls including physical checks at Border Control Posts and Inland Border Facilities, plus Safety and Security Declarations will continue to be phased in this year. To remain compliant, businesses trading with the EU need access to up-to-date advice about legislative and governance changes, which may have impacted their operational model, such as the new Rules of Origin and postponed import VAT accounting. Some businesses may also need access to specialist resources such as tax advice and support in preparing and submitting customs declarations. Importantly, businesses trading internationally should review their strategy to ensure it is fit for purpose in uncertain times. They should start by ensuring they have an accurate understanding of what their customers and other stakeholders need from them, and the conditions affecting their end markets. This should involve qualitative market research with key stakeholder groups, and the findings should be kept under review. Reviewing the cost base of the business is also a sensible move, which can often throw up opportunities to trim overheads and increase operational resilience. In today’s uncertain world, strategic plans need to be fluid, so businesses can remain agile to sudden shifts in demand or financial changes that, if left unchecked, could undermine profitability. The use of data has never been so important, therefore ensuring there are systems in place to collect and review it will help to keep strategies on track. Business leaders may also need to adjust their thinking to take account of how value systems have evolved during the pandemic. For example, in a world where skills shortages are rife, greater focus may need to be given to enhancing the company’s employer brand and finding new ways to attract and retain talent. Equally, a growing focus on environmental and social governance means businesses may need to place greater emphasis on measuring their impact on the planet and society as a whole. During the pandemic, many boards have taken the opportunity to review their priorities in order to focus more on non-financial outputs in a bid to differentiate the business and enhance its sustainability. While the volatile trading environment requires businesses to look outwards – for example, on market and regulatory changes – it is important to focus internally too. Investing in people development strategies and enhancing employee incentives and remuneration will help to mitigate the risk of skills shortages and drive productivity. Investing in innovative technologies and systems can also improve efficiency and help to give businesses a competitive edge. Running a business well by optimising profits and minimising the impact of cashflow shocks has become more challenging generally, but even more so for organisations that are trading internationally. Armed with a strategic vision and plan that is fit for purpose, businesses will be better placed to manage disruption and fulfil their growth potential.

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q1 2022 5 NEWS , Marine technology company savvy navvy founded by ex-Google Software Engineer, Jelte Liebrand fromDorset, has started overfunding on investment platformSeedrs only hours after opening its doors to investors today, with offers still pouring in. savvy navvy has raised more than £800K within hours and will continue to overfund for as long as possible to give everyone who wants to own a piece of the marine tech company a chance to come onboard. It’s the fourth time Bournemouthbased savvy navvy has smashed its crowdfunding targets, as the popular boating navigation app company predicts another huge growth year with the leisure boating market set to continue its boom in 2022. Often referred to as ‘Google maps for boats’, savvy navvy was founded by avid sailor Jelte Liebrand in 2017 who set out to simplify boating navigation. Together with co-founder Kevin O’Neill and backed by the founders of Kahoot, the savvy navvy app has had more than 43 million miles plotted by its hundreds of thousands users globally. “I’m blown away by the support and it’s incredible how quickly we have overfunded, and continue to overfund, during this round. Our vision from the outset has been for savvy navvy to be in every boater’s pocket, supporting both new and experienced boaters on the water and there is a real appetite to join us in this. “In 2021 we set out to obtain 15,000 paying subscribers for our boating navigation app and we blew past that target at the end of the summer. With the boating boom surpassing even our own projections, we will continue to keep the funding round open for as long as possible to give everyone the opportunity to own a piece of savvy navvy. What a way to start 2022,” says Jelte Liebrand, CEO & Founder of savvy navvy. savvy navvy integrates essential marine information into one app, with a modern interface, and has made it quick and easy for old and new boaters alike to cross-check their traditional navigation plans, reducing the risk of human error as well as the stress of preparing to get out on the water. Constantly innovating its technology based on user feedback, savvy navvy’s investment continues to enable technological development of new major app features for its boaters in more than 100 countries around the world. Today’s crowdfunding round on the investment platform Seedrs has been oversubscribed, similarly to the previous three that have raised £1.8m since 2019. Jelte Liebrand is excited about the new investors joining his expanding marine tech venture, which has seen a particularly huge boost in North America, Norway and Sweden in the last quarter. “Now in our fifth year here at savvy navvy, we are actively shaping the marine industry for the better and challenging the bigger navigation apps in the market. We’re pulling the technology out of the dark ages and making it possible for more people to enjoy this boating boom with safe and easy marine navigation solutions. This investment will help continue to drive these business and new technical innovations forward. It is a rare opportunity to play a part in shaping the future of sailing tech as we know it and we are so delighted to have our new investors on board,” he says. To find out more about savvy navvy visit www.savvy-navvy.com or visit their Seedrs crowdfunding page. Marine Tech Company Savvy Navvy Smashes Fourth Crowdfunding Round In Booming Boat Market

6 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q1 2022 , Best StudentFocused Printing Company 2021 A company created to serve the student body of the academic fieldwith exemplary, reliable, and quick printing services, BachelorPrint turns its customer’s academic papers into beautifully presented, professionally bound printed texts. In essence, unlike somany other companies, its priority truly is the student and their happiness, ensuring that each customer benefits fromthe economies of scale by keeping its prices lowand its turnaround choppy.Whenever its shipping costs or purchase costs decrease due to high volumes of demand, it reduces a portion of the costs or comes upwith newoffers tomake its services evenmore economical, lessening the height of a potential barrier to great printing that somany students face. BachelorPrint, an online print shop that specialises in printing final papers for students, is a company that has made a name for itself over time by providing one of the best experiences of its industry that a company can provide. Fundamentally, it has spent its time in operation since its founding in understanding its market segment. Students, it knows, require a vast variety of different services and solutions to a myriad of diverse challenges that they’ll face throughout the scholastic year, and so BachelorPrint wishes to be one of the resources they can depend on throughout their education. With a plagiarism checker that allows a user to check a digital file for any reports of plagiarism that a university system might pick up in as little as ten minutes, BachelorPrint makes itself a backbone of study lift for its customers, with many of them coming to use its services as a critical part of creating their dissertation or report. By offering its extraordinary services out to its target market, having made a direct effort to resolve the issues they face, it has thus cultivated a loyal customer base. Each of the clients it has worked with in the past has walked away perfectly satisfied, and it is incredibly proud of this, working hard to continue this trend with every customer and turning them into friends of the business as well as recognisable faces. Critically, BachelorPrint has become so well loved by its student target market due to the speed at which it operates, the customer support it gives, and the overall customer experience. When it comes to the speed in which it plies its trade, BachelorPrint wastes no time in getting started, ensuring that both production and shipping occur within the needed time frame and that it can work with a client to meet tight deadlines, resulting in a customerfocused approach that is as efficient as it is diligent. Secondly, its individual customer support is fantastic. Regarding this, it ensures that it is always staffed by someone who can answer any comments, queries, or concerns, always striving to meet the customer on their level and help them in whatever way they need, whether asking about the specifics of the process or the price of the services. This all goes to creating the customer experience. All in all, BachelorPrint seeks to make the student’s life as easy as possible – and has adapted itself flawlessly to the current remote paradigm in order to do so – with an intuitive online shop that gives a live preview option, allowing customers to see the bindings and accessories they’re choosing before committing to anything. Additionally, they can also use this platform’s ‘look inside’ feature to leaf through their paper before printing it, allowing them to get one last Oct21635 look through at their hard work and ensure everything is up to specification. Moreover, thanks to each of these factors, BachelorPrint does not just enjoy the continued loyalty of its current customers; it has been able to grow this customer base through the word-of-mouth reviews and referrals that these previous customers give, recommending BachelorPrint to their friends and peers. As the client pool grows, so too does its notoriety, creating a positive feedback loop that it is happy to say has cultivated an environment pushing it towards far greater heights of success than ever before. ‘All you have to do is look at our Google ratings to see the results’, it tells us, averaging 5 stars over 2,320 reviews, a truly extraordinary accolade that it has earned by appeasing one customer at a time. It wishes to extend its thanks towards each and every one of them for the kind words that they have left as a result of their great experience with BachelorPrint, as the company’s growth has been secured as highly sustainable and totally unstoppable as a direct result. Crucially, its main objective of ‘turning our customers into fans’ has been a core factor in making this a reality. By treating customers like valued guests, striving to get to know them and their quirks, and operating with friendly, fun, happy customer service even

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q4 2021 7 Best Student-Focused Printing Company 2021

8 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q4 2021 in the most stressful times of year for the student body when it’s at its most busy, BachelorPrint has managed to make itself a critical part of the student ecosystem in Germany. Furthermore, it is striving to ensure that it can keep this up long into the future and throughout its entire life cycle, despite the continual growth it is currently undergoing. Essentially, it promises each of its clients that no matter how the scale might grow for the company, the excellence of each individual service will not be lost. Its work will always focus on the person behind the work, and on finding out how best to work with them to make their final paper a piece of professional academic work of the highest levels of presentation, continually finding new ways to improve the process. It regards its process as a kind of journey that it takes its customers on from the very first interaction right through to the final product, and thus strives to always be finding new ways to make this more customer friendly, easier to navigate, and increasingly more in line with the challenges of modern student life. Its CIP – continuous improvement process – is therefore something else that has set it apart from the crowd and made it a true favourite of students up and down the academic structure from undergraduates to PhD students. In addition, whilst its target market is for the most part those students currently working at a university level, it also provides its brilliant services to high school students writing their first major assignment or research paper. In doing so, it aids parents and younger students both, introducing them to the wider world of producing a professionally bound academic paper and fuelling their enthusiasm for seeing their work be turned into something so beautifully polished. Sparking an appreciation for seeing their academic work be bound and printed in this way often takes these young students to a point of surety regarding wanting to pursue further academic careers, and it is excited to be able to foster this pride in the young people of its field, reaching such students primarily through online marketing and SEO. Having worked hard to push itself through to the front page of Google, its relevant sales keywords and comprehensive understanding of the internet market has ensured that it remains relevant and at the fore of its industry during a time where the world’s goods and services are being managed remotely as standard. Furthermore, it has made itself even more of a darling amongst its target market by providing comprehensive guides on everything a student might need to know about creating the perfect final paper, no matter what level of education they are currently working towards, allowing them to work on perfecting the quality of their paper before it even approaches the printing stage. BachelorPrint secures itself as a partner in education for its clientele from the very first paper they write right through to the most important thesis of their academic careers, ensuring that with each and every one of these services its work is equally flawless and without scruples, making it a reliable and trustworthy source. The intuitive and easy-to-use nature of the shop is also always improving. Working off of the feedback of each of its clientele, and taking each piece of feedback incredibly seriously, it always seeks to grow, improve, and change in order to keep pace with a growing market. BachelorPrint is positioned in a perfect place to be able to do this, as the world of student life is one where innovations and changes are implemented on a daily basis, and so the challenges and difficulties faced by the students within the mechanism changes too; it promises to keep a finger on the pulse of these fluctuations in order to ensure that its services and solutions can help. This results in a customer experience that never stagnates, always on a trend of positive growth. The main USP of the business has developed from this as a result, of course; the speed and quality of work has been boiled down to an exemplary process that allows clients to submit their paper on a weekday, and for BachelorPrint to produce and ship it back to them on the very same day free of charge. Fundamentally, this incredible level of efficiency has brought it increased levels of notoriety that have endeared it to the wider academic world. To drill down a little further into this, it is the BachelorPrint promise that if a client orders their final paper before 10 a.m., they will receive their order freshly printed and beautifully realised before 10 a.m. the very next day, taking the stress and anxiety of waiting for the paper to be returned to them completely out of the process as they barely have time to miss the money in their account before the product arrives at their door! Saving time and stress means the customer can put their full energy into writing their dissertation, without having to lose sleep over the how, why, and when of getting the thing printed and bound. This has meant that trust is a big reason BachelorPrint is as popular as it is. Its clients have learned to trust it, and it has reacted by increasing this trust at every turn, ensuring that every ‘I’ is dotted and every ‘t’ is crossed, leaving no stone unturned and no detail unattended to as its work undergoes strict quality assurance and continuous fine-tuning. BachelorPrint also adds to the peace of 1 2 2 mind it can afford its clientele by involving the customer every step of the way, sending status updates and emails informing a client of every change in status and allowing the client to keep thorough track of what is happening to their paper. Of course, the staff at BachelorPrint are a big part of making this happen. With each of them being thorough, diligent, and detail-oriented professionals, it ensures that each perspective and voice in the team is seen and heard, prizing the diversity and excellence of the little familial unit of 45 that it has gathered around itself. Thusly, every staff member is pivotal to bringing a smile to a customer’s face. With each and every one of them thoroughly committed to making a great atmosphere of mutual encouragement and support, allowing everyone to do their best work and extend the positivity out towards every single customer, its flat organisational structure has created an environment where everyone feels empowered to speak their mind. When looking for employees, therefore, it seeks people who will fit in well with the social atmosphere of the wider team as a priority. Ultimately, it encourages every employee in the business to think like an executive, and to take just as much pride and responsibility in their work, repaying their efforts with upskilling and training that promises to take their professional lives to the next level. With demand for its services having doubled over the last 18 months – largely due to Covid-19 making remotely operated businesses more invaluable than ever – it has managed to pull through the challenges of the pandemic with flying colours, taking its client base with it as it moves towards a bright future. It will, of course, be doing this by continuing the fabulous customer service that each client has come to expect from BachelorPrint, as well as by continually adapting and changing in order to keep abreast of developments in the wider world. This will mean enhancing its BachelorPrint.com and BachelorPrint. co.uk websites in order to increase its own visibility, as well as adding a new production location in order to increase the amount of orders it can handle at any one time, all the while striving to optimise its supply chain and become carbon neutral. Company: BachelorPrint Contact: Maxime Werner Website: bachelorprint.com/bachelorprint.de

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q4 2021 9 Best Student-Focused Printing Company 2021 B I N / 1 2

10 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q1 2022 , IT services have become one of the most important parts of any company, with the digital world playing a vital role in the way that the global economy works. To stay afloat in these rapidly changing times requires an approach which embraces the latest developments in this field. For many businesses, this eye for detail simply isn’t possible, and so they depend on teams such as DEMICON to keep them on track. Since 2008, DEMICON has made its name in providing exceptional services to its clients. The team is lead by Chief Executive Officer Philipp Batman and is thoroughly committed to delivering support across industries, to companies varying from start-up to largescale enterprises. “No matter how big our client is, we set a goal of leveraging that business’ IT infrastructure, while keeping it secure and stable at the same time,” says Philipp Batman. Irrespective of the size or sector, the transferable skills offered have guided clients successfully through the emerging digital landscape with ease. For many companies, the need for a digital solution simply didn’t occur to them, but those who have gotten ahead of the game are now thriving and ready for the next big challenge. Key to the team’s success is the way in which they implement this new and emerging technology. Whilst it can be overwhelming, the team are proud to have adopted an approach which makes people’s lives as straightforward as possible. “Our experts simplify our clients’ workflows by either redesigning their already present software landscape or by adding to their existing applications,” says Batman. Preparing Business For Tomorrow What does it mean to work in today’s digital world? For the teamat DEMICONGmbH, it means being prepared for what the future will bring. In EU Business News’ German Business Awards 2021, the DEMICON teamwere named Best ITManagement Consulting Firm2021. Their advice has ensured that businesses have been able to adapt to the changing technological landscape. We take a closer look to discover more. Nov21565 “Our experience means we can quickly identify the appropriate tools from competent software providers. DEMICON is focused on problem-solving during what can be a tricky changeover process. It’s not enough to offer a team of experts with an impressive store of knowledge and a vision of what the future will bring – the DEMICON team bring a peoplefirst approach which means that their advice is practical and can push organisations forward quickly and effectively. “We improved the network latency time of a major logistics provider with over 30,000 employees around the world by a factor of 10 with zero downtime,” say Batman. “We always make it a top priority to not only provide a solution for our clients but to do so without disrupting their critical software infrastructure.” The benefits of turning digital become clearer by the day, offering more flexibility for staff and customers as well as a more versatile approach to business. One of the keys behind DEMICON is an approach which explores how a firm’s day-to-day operations can be made more productive through innovative work solutions. “Automating end-to-end processes is key to ensuring long-term scaling up of business,” says Batman. “We know how to create those workflows using state-of-the-art technology while freeing up valuable resources for our customers at the same time.” DEMICON is a business that is always looking forward, to achieve results of the highest quality that support their clients as far as possible. For customers, it means security that DEMICON will always deliver what they consider to be the best of the best. “As soon as we started working with DEMICON, we saw results right away,” says Michael Baechle, COO of CYNORA, an Organic Light Emitting Diode innovator in Germany. “The DEMICON team was by our side, guiding us towards reaching our goals.” For the team, it means that they are always striving to serve their clients more effectively than before. The team’s various services focus first and foremost on what IT services can do to their clients’ approach to work. The team have the expertise to listen to what is required, to develop their own unique solution and then to implement it with ease. For many businesses, the need to expand their IT infrastructure often outreaches their ability and so DEMICON can offer a way forward wherein they manage these services to the highest possible standard. Of course, managing the IT infrastructure of a business is not the only challenge that many organisations have to face. The team works closely with as an Atlassian Solutions Partner to deliver provide the ultimate support in every way. This includes comprehensive license management, custom software development and training in Atlassian software. This means that the team are able to offer solutions that are intricately designed to meet the needs of the moment. “From analysing, consulting and implementing custom tools through to integrating supporting solutions into existing landscapes – We provide individual, end-to-end service that will take a company’s process management to the next level,” says Batman. Company: DEMICON GmbH Contact: Kristjan Hauksson Email: [email protected]

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q4 2021 11 Preparing Business For Tomorrow B I N / 1 2

12 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q1 2022 , Dec21069 Leading Provider of Cutting-Edge MES Solutions 2021 PROXIA Software AG is an international software company that develops and integrates MES solutions for manufacturing and production companies. We find out more about the firm from Chief Executive Officer, Julia Klingspor, in the wake of it being recognised in the German Business Awards. For more than 30 years, PROXIA Software AG (PROXIA) has been engaged in industrial process optimisation, with professional project management, expert staff, innovative software products and expertise in the industry forming the foundations of the company’s success. As a technology trendsetter, PROXIA offers transformable, in-house MES products with a modern design, ergonomic user interface and modular concept for a sustainable, consistent MES solution that grows with its clients’ requirements. Individual MES-Software products with a high level of standardisation ensure short implementation times with rapid integration into production, and a short amortisation period for MES investment. The core product portfolio of PROXIA MESSoftware solutions includes MES planning, data acquisition, monitoring, as well as analysis, evaluation, and controlling key production indicators. The company’s range of services includes development, sales, implementation, support, training and MES consulting. Complete MES process structures can be formed using the PROXIA MESSoftware products MES Control Room, Shop Floor Management, MDE, BDE, ETKS, CAQ, TPM, online monitoring, and OEE/KPI key indicator identification, and merged at ERP/ PPS level – pave the way to a smart factory and Industry 4.0. “With the decision to purchase PROXIA MES, a production company lays the foundation for long-term improvement of its production processes,” explains Julia Klingspor, the company’s Chief Executive Officer. “Working with PROXIA means more than just acquiring MES-Software. It’s about entering a partnership with one of the leading providers of MES in the world. As an MES solution partner, PROXIA offers a high degree of strategic competence and power in project realisation. Through MES process consulting, we support companies on a practical level in meeting their targets using the latest lean production methods, SMED concepts and setup optimisation models.” As a leading company for MES-Software, most of the firm’s clients come through recommendations, however the company has several key distinguishing features which help it to differentiate from competitors. These include the latest in-house software product development, made in Germany with the latest technology for MES-Software with excellent performance, intuitive user guidance and cutting-edge design, innovative technologies created by professional staff and knowledge of the latest trends and future technologies, in order to develop cuttingedge, future-proof software solutions, and excellent consulting services consisting of analysis, evaluation, conceptual design and road mapping for placement into practice accelerates MES project implementation hugely up to going live. “For us it is vitally important to establish family friendliness long term,“ Julia continues. “Our economy will only be attractive to professionals in the future and remain competitive if we ensure not only an appropriate work-life-balance but also a family-friendly climate. On that point we would like to make a contribution. Every measure helps.” PROXIA doesn’t see its employees as an expense factor but rather as a success factor and Julia elaboates on how the firm’s corporate success wouldn’t be possible without dedicated and motivated staff. “Our employees love challenges, are open for something new, are ambitious and make decisions,“ she ethuses. “We cherish employees with a positive worldview who see in case of doubt a half-full glass. Important for us is a distinctive customer orientation, since our customers are next to our employees the most important good. Of course, a high enthusiasm for technology and production is essential in our company.” Despite the recent Covid-19 pandemic, which affected practically every industry globally, PROXIA was able to remain competitive and adjust its productions to be more efficient. Due to this, it saw the request for its software solutions increase and it was also awarded the prestigious accolade of Leading Provider of Cutting-Edge MES Solutions 2021 in the German business Awards. Now, Julia and the team are looking to a bright and lucrative future. Julia adds, “There are many exciting projects and new industries taking us into 2022 and beyond.“ Contact: Julia Klingspor Company: Proxia AG Web Address: www.proxia.com

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q1 2022 13 , Dec21133 Best Bespoke Bridal & Groom Suit Studio – Western Germany The Haus der Braut (House of Bride) &Gentleman is located in the heart of Mönchengladbach and is one of the most popular bridal fashion stores inNorth Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The store has been family-owned for more than fifty years and is now runwith passion and expertise by Sabine Kuch. Haus der Braut & Gentleman (Haus der Braut) offers a selection of first-class wedding dresses from international designers from all over Europe. Whether for the church wedding, a free wedding ceremony or the word of consent in the registry office – here, every bride will find what she is looking for. Even maternity bridal fashion is in the assortment. Haus der Braut also offers an excellent alteration service and free storage of the bride’s outfit until the celebration, as well as a range of beautiful accessories to complete the look. But Haus der Braut has one huge difference and it is this which sets it aside from its competitors. “In our industry, the focus is usually on the bride,” explains Sabine, the owner of the business. “But we are one of the few specialty stores that offer advice for both the bride and groom. After the bride has chosen her dress, we can dress the man of her dreams so that the couple harmonizes perfectly.” Haus der Braut offers many fashionable men's suits, including matching silk vests which can be made individually. Of course, you will also find tuxedos and accessories, ranging from classic to vintage looks, plus as a selected retailer for Digel, Wilvorst and Tziacco, the suit requirements can be fulfilled to any specific orders. “For the groom we offer three thematic focuses: Classic, Vintage and Boho. Gentlemen are always surprised by the variety of styles that fit any type of wedding,” Sabine elaborates. “Many grooms come in and have no idea of their look, so honest and stylish advice is greatly appreciated – we are not satisfied until the groom feels really comfortable.” The experienced team at Haus der Braut help ensure that every bride and groom has a relaxed buying experience that they will remember with a smile forever. As one of the most experienced bridal fashion stores, great emphasis is placed on providing relaxed and expert advice to both brides and grooms. “Our team is our success,” Sabine enthuses. “Our turnover is very low, because we work very family oriented. We have known each other for many years and can rely on each other. We plan our working hours according to the needs of our employees who are taking care of children and family.” Haus der Braut also offers internships to students to give young people the opportunity to get to know the profession. Sabine tells us that it is very difficult to find qualified dressmakers as the profession is very demanding, especially when the demand for quality work is so high. “Most people can´t imagine how strenuous the profession is, it looks so shiny and glamorous, but it also includes a lot of care of goods such as ironing new clothes –we will often iron a dress for more than an hour so that it is perfect. In addition, a consultation also requires the highest concentration because you have to put yourself in the shoes of the bride and groom, there is a very close personal contact so you have to bring a lot of empathy and patience.” Not only has the Covid pandemic affected sales recently, as it saw the effective shutting down of the entire wedding industry, but Sabine has experienced issues from other areas too. “The big challenge in our market are large manufacturers who have online stores and offer an increasingly good buying experience,” she states. “As an owneroperated specialty store, you can't keep up with this massive marketing and sales machinery at all. Fast availability and low prices are good arguments in a time where everything is bought online. But then individuality and the performance of an inhouse tailor's studio are missing. Therefore, we score especially with customers with special wishes for individual design and special sizes. In an online store you can't tell anyone your wishes and concerns, that can only be done in a personal conversation.” Sabine is very forward-thinking and has been partnered with the renowned LGBTQ+ wedding directory website, Quee’re in Love, since the beginning, offers an open-minded approach to all couples wishing to get married – regardless of their gender or sexuality. “Quite simply, we are a classic festive fashion boutique, which adapts to our customers individually and likes to fulfil personal wishes, that makes us happy, that is our motivation. We are not insiders of the LGBTQ+ community, but through our involvement with "Quee´re in Love" we simply want to signal that ALL are welcome here." Recently, Sabine and her dedicated team at Haus der Braut were named in the EU Business News as the Best Bespoke Bridal & Groom Suit Studio – Western Germany. The title is indicative of the company’s commitment to each and every one of its clients to ensure they always get the very best out of their big day. Contact: Sabine Kuch Company: Haus der Braut & Gentleman Web Address: www.haus-der-braut-mg.de

14 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q1 2022 , Best Bespoke Automation Technology & Software Solutions Company - Europe The result of amerger of two traditional companies, the experience of LUX Automation is focused on the fields of plant, drive, automation and control technology. We find out more as the firm is recognised in the EU business News Awards. In a company history stretching back over more than 100 years, LUX Automation GmbH was founded in 2008 thus continuing the long success story of BEA Elektrotechnik und Automation GmbH, a company based in Düsseldorf which was founded in 1899. In 2010, through its merger with SMS Hellingrath GmbH (Mülheim a. d. Ruhr), LUX Automation expanded its expertise. Today, as a 100% subsidiary of SMS group GmbH, LUX Automation is an innovative service provider of integrated automation technology and industrial plant engineering. “LUX Automation develops the drive, process, control and regulation technology you need,” says Giacomo D’Ignazio, the firm’s Managing Director and Spokesman of the Board. “With many years of experience and a high level of innovation, we make your production and logistics processes significantly more powerful and efficient. At the same time, we make sure that your systems meet all the relevant safety requirements and are always up to date.” Numerous systems have been completed by LUX Automation for many well-known customers – both national and international – and the company offers professional services and individual solutions for complex tasks in automation, drive and safety technology. “We combine the experience gained from numerous projects with high quality standards and multiple certifications,” Giacomo elaborates. “Whether you are looking for Dec21191 a new design or modernisation of existing systems, we advise you competently and independently of manufacturers, because all that matters to us is what the system actually does for you. We always plan in such a way that ongoing operations are affected as little as possible during implementation.” LUX Automation’s attention to detail is second-to-none and it strives to offer a complete service, from the initial point of contact to the end result. Precise coordination of each client’s requirements is a priority before the start of each project, with every project being preceded by a detailed consulting and conception phase, which runs in close coordination with the client. Following coordination of individual standards and specifications, LUX Automation then sets up detailed project management and adapts the project team to the individual tasks. Prior to implementation, LUX Automation clarifies the interfaces with adjacent plants, takes account of technical peculiarities and draws up a binding schedule. In the realisation phase, it installs all the system components in accordance with standards and deadlines and will commission the system. In doing so, the company pays particular attention to ensuring that ongoing operations are impaired as little as possible. Subsequently, detailed documentation is prepared and a client’s employees are trained in using the new system, with LUX Automation taking care of service and maintenance at regular intervals so that clients can always rely on smooth operation in the long term. Recently, the company was named Best Bespoke Automation Technology & Software Solutions Company – Europe, a title which is indicative of the hard work that has gone into making the firm the success it is today. Contact: Giacomo D’Ignazio Company: LUX Automation GmbH Web Address: https://lux-automation.com/

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