Q1 2022

6 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q1 2022 , Best StudentFocused Printing Company 2021 A company created to serve the student body of the academic fieldwith exemplary, reliable, and quick printing services, BachelorPrint turns its customer’s academic papers into beautifully presented, professionally bound printed texts. In essence, unlike somany other companies, its priority truly is the student and their happiness, ensuring that each customer benefits fromthe economies of scale by keeping its prices lowand its turnaround choppy.Whenever its shipping costs or purchase costs decrease due to high volumes of demand, it reduces a portion of the costs or comes upwith newoffers tomake its services evenmore economical, lessening the height of a potential barrier to great printing that somany students face. BachelorPrint, an online print shop that specialises in printing final papers for students, is a company that has made a name for itself over time by providing one of the best experiences of its industry that a company can provide. Fundamentally, it has spent its time in operation since its founding in understanding its market segment. Students, it knows, require a vast variety of different services and solutions to a myriad of diverse challenges that they’ll face throughout the scholastic year, and so BachelorPrint wishes to be one of the resources they can depend on throughout their education. With a plagiarism checker that allows a user to check a digital file for any reports of plagiarism that a university system might pick up in as little as ten minutes, BachelorPrint makes itself a backbone of study lift for its customers, with many of them coming to use its services as a critical part of creating their dissertation or report. By offering its extraordinary services out to its target market, having made a direct effort to resolve the issues they face, it has thus cultivated a loyal customer base. Each of the clients it has worked with in the past has walked away perfectly satisfied, and it is incredibly proud of this, working hard to continue this trend with every customer and turning them into friends of the business as well as recognisable faces. Critically, BachelorPrint has become so well loved by its student target market due to the speed at which it operates, the customer support it gives, and the overall customer experience. When it comes to the speed in which it plies its trade, BachelorPrint wastes no time in getting started, ensuring that both production and shipping occur within the needed time frame and that it can work with a client to meet tight deadlines, resulting in a customerfocused approach that is as efficient as it is diligent. Secondly, its individual customer support is fantastic. Regarding this, it ensures that it is always staffed by someone who can answer any comments, queries, or concerns, always striving to meet the customer on their level and help them in whatever way they need, whether asking about the specifics of the process or the price of the services. This all goes to creating the customer experience. All in all, BachelorPrint seeks to make the student’s life as easy as possible – and has adapted itself flawlessly to the current remote paradigm in order to do so – with an intuitive online shop that gives a live preview option, allowing customers to see the bindings and accessories they’re choosing before committing to anything. Additionally, they can also use this platform’s ‘look inside’ feature to leaf through their paper before printing it, allowing them to get one last Oct21635 look through at their hard work and ensure everything is up to specification. Moreover, thanks to each of these factors, BachelorPrint does not just enjoy the continued loyalty of its current customers; it has been able to grow this customer base through the word-of-mouth reviews and referrals that these previous customers give, recommending BachelorPrint to their friends and peers. As the client pool grows, so too does its notoriety, creating a positive feedback loop that it is happy to say has cultivated an environment pushing it towards far greater heights of success than ever before. ‘All you have to do is look at our Google ratings to see the results’, it tells us, averaging 5 stars over 2,320 reviews, a truly extraordinary accolade that it has earned by appeasing one customer at a time. It wishes to extend its thanks towards each and every one of them for the kind words that they have left as a result of their great experience with BachelorPrint, as the company’s growth has been secured as highly sustainable and totally unstoppable as a direct result. Crucially, its main objective of ‘turning our customers into fans’ has been a core factor in making this a reality. By treating customers like valued guests, striving to get to know them and their quirks, and operating with friendly, fun, happy customer service even