Q1 2022

8 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q4 2021 in the most stressful times of year for the student body when it’s at its most busy, BachelorPrint has managed to make itself a critical part of the student ecosystem in Germany. Furthermore, it is striving to ensure that it can keep this up long into the future and throughout its entire life cycle, despite the continual growth it is currently undergoing. Essentially, it promises each of its clients that no matter how the scale might grow for the company, the excellence of each individual service will not be lost. Its work will always focus on the person behind the work, and on finding out how best to work with them to make their final paper a piece of professional academic work of the highest levels of presentation, continually finding new ways to improve the process. It regards its process as a kind of journey that it takes its customers on from the very first interaction right through to the final product, and thus strives to always be finding new ways to make this more customer friendly, easier to navigate, and increasingly more in line with the challenges of modern student life. Its CIP – continuous improvement process – is therefore something else that has set it apart from the crowd and made it a true favourite of students up and down the academic structure from undergraduates to PhD students. In addition, whilst its target market is for the most part those students currently working at a university level, it also provides its brilliant services to high school students writing their first major assignment or research paper. In doing so, it aids parents and younger students both, introducing them to the wider world of producing a professionally bound academic paper and fuelling their enthusiasm for seeing their work be turned into something so beautifully polished. Sparking an appreciation for seeing their academic work be bound and printed in this way often takes these young students to a point of surety regarding wanting to pursue further academic careers, and it is excited to be able to foster this pride in the young people of its field, reaching such students primarily through online marketing and SEO. Having worked hard to push itself through to the front page of Google, its relevant sales keywords and comprehensive understanding of the internet market has ensured that it remains relevant and at the fore of its industry during a time where the world’s goods and services are being managed remotely as standard. Furthermore, it has made itself even more of a darling amongst its target market by providing comprehensive guides on everything a student might need to know about creating the perfect final paper, no matter what level of education they are currently working towards, allowing them to work on perfecting the quality of their paper before it even approaches the printing stage. BachelorPrint secures itself as a partner in education for its clientele from the very first paper they write right through to the most important thesis of their academic careers, ensuring that with each and every one of these services its work is equally flawless and without scruples, making it a reliable and trustworthy source. The intuitive and easy-to-use nature of the shop is also always improving. Working off of the feedback of each of its clientele, and taking each piece of feedback incredibly seriously, it always seeks to grow, improve, and change in order to keep pace with a growing market. BachelorPrint is positioned in a perfect place to be able to do this, as the world of student life is one where innovations and changes are implemented on a daily basis, and so the challenges and difficulties faced by the students within the mechanism changes too; it promises to keep a finger on the pulse of these fluctuations in order to ensure that its services and solutions can help. This results in a customer experience that never stagnates, always on a trend of positive growth. The main USP of the business has developed from this as a result, of course; the speed and quality of work has been boiled down to an exemplary process that allows clients to submit their paper on a weekday, and for BachelorPrint to produce and ship it back to them on the very same day free of charge. Fundamentally, this incredible level of efficiency has brought it increased levels of notoriety that have endeared it to the wider academic world. To drill down a little further into this, it is the BachelorPrint promise that if a client orders their final paper before 10 a.m., they will receive their order freshly printed and beautifully realised before 10 a.m. the very next day, taking the stress and anxiety of waiting for the paper to be returned to them completely out of the process as they barely have time to miss the money in their account before the product arrives at their door! Saving time and stress means the customer can put their full energy into writing their dissertation, without having to lose sleep over the how, why, and when of getting the thing printed and bound. This has meant that trust is a big reason BachelorPrint is as popular as it is. Its clients have learned to trust it, and it has reacted by increasing this trust at every turn, ensuring that every ‘I’ is dotted and every ‘t’ is crossed, leaving no stone unturned and no detail unattended to as its work undergoes strict quality assurance and continuous fine-tuning. BachelorPrint also adds to the peace of 1 2 2 mind it can afford its clientele by involving the customer every step of the way, sending status updates and emails informing a client of every change in status and allowing the client to keep thorough track of what is happening to their paper. Of course, the staff at BachelorPrint are a big part of making this happen. With each of them being thorough, diligent, and detail-oriented professionals, it ensures that each perspective and voice in the team is seen and heard, prizing the diversity and excellence of the little familial unit of 45 that it has gathered around itself. Thusly, every staff member is pivotal to bringing a smile to a customer’s face. With each and every one of them thoroughly committed to making a great atmosphere of mutual encouragement and support, allowing everyone to do their best work and extend the positivity out towards every single customer, its flat organisational structure has created an environment where everyone feels empowered to speak their mind. When looking for employees, therefore, it seeks people who will fit in well with the social atmosphere of the wider team as a priority. Ultimately, it encourages every employee in the business to think like an executive, and to take just as much pride and responsibility in their work, repaying their efforts with upskilling and training that promises to take their professional lives to the next level. With demand for its services having doubled over the last 18 months – largely due to Covid-19 making remotely operated businesses more invaluable than ever – it has managed to pull through the challenges of the pandemic with flying colours, taking its client base with it as it moves towards a bright future. It will, of course, be doing this by continuing the fabulous customer service that each client has come to expect from BachelorPrint, as well as by continually adapting and changing in order to keep abreast of developments in the wider world. This will mean enhancing its BachelorPrint.com and BachelorPrint. co.uk websites in order to increase its own visibility, as well as adding a new production location in order to increase the amount of orders it can handle at any one time, all the while striving to optimise its supply chain and become carbon neutral. Company: BachelorPrint Contact: Maxime Werner Website: bachelorprint.com/bachelorprint.de