Q2 2022

10 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2022 , Neo Consult, a registered, independent wealth management firm, serves successful families and corporations in Marburg and beyond with hard work, dedication to client satisfaction, and the utmost efficiency. Fundamentally, clients can immediately see the benefits of working with Neo Consult in the approach that it takes. With a philosophy of wealth being aligned in a way that enables a client to live their ideal life, it hopes to help them organise it to make this the case, shirking the industry standard of singular, rigid financial solutions in favour of something flexible, tailorable, and developed with the client in mind. Essentially, its work results in a vital process, at the end of which a client’s wealth will be perfectly at the service of making their life the best it can be. No matter where their investments lie, or what their specific interests are, the transformative and affirming professional stylings of the Neo Consult team will take them through a five-step approach that gives a detailed roadmap to achieving this. Having paved that road, Neo Consult, led by its Managing Director, Sebastian Jersch, will support them every step of the way until they reach that final goal. He hopes to make his business the ‘best home for your money’, having implemented cutting edge new technologies and incorporated the best new systems, processes, and methodologies into itself in order to add additional value. Upon first meeting, he and his team will field all questions a client may have in order to Wealth Management Business Leader of the Year 2022: Sebastian Jersch A companywith traditional excellence and bold new ideas infinancial management, Neo Consult helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and thosewith investments in sizeable assets to manage theirwealth effectively. By doing this, it secures the future of the client, their family, and their assets, creating the best wealth plans withwell-set-outmilestones and intelligent, highly tailored processes thatmakeNeo Consult a true partner and friend to its customers. Mar22538 assuage their fears, asking clients the real question of ‘how do you want to live your life and how can your wealth best support you?’. To Sebastian, only the right focus may lead to success, and nowhere is this truer than ensuring that an investors’s funds are allocated correctly; indeed, even if a profitable investment isn’t a guarantee for a fulfilling life, it is an incredibly helpful building block that will help them cultivate the future they want for them and their family. Operating with a comprehensive understanding that wealth management is made up of asset management, advanced planning, and relationship management, Neo Consult’s evidence-backed approach implements well-researched, empirically backed strategies, all of which are recognised by leading financial experts. Thus, the company has been able to address effectively all the major needs of clients from wealth enhancement, wealth transfer, wealth protection to charitable giving. This helps a client to put the correct amount of money into each facet of their interest, leading enough to retire with the lifestyle they want, for example. Indeed, for many clients, retirement and wealth preservation for future generations is a big part of why they come to Neo Consult for help; with many of them being successful entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, and high net worth individuals, the company is used to handling large estates and sizeable investments. Due to its unique approach to solving the individual challenges of its clients, it is easy to understand how the firm has earned a reputation for clearly distinguishing itself from the conventional financial advisory practice of its competitors in the German financial planning market and for offering real added value to its clients. This unique consulting experience is also the reason why Neo Consult mainly acquires new customers through personal recommendations. Neo Consult also boasts membership to several international advisory networks in the UK and USA, always incorporating in new methods and research from the professionals within those networks in order to better itself, improve its communication, and build peer relationships that further build on its already stellar reputation. Moreover, the company’s established culture of unbiased, deep listening skills is the world’s best management technique and something its peers have used as an example and worked into their own firms. This dedication towards building up impressive and empirically backed skillsets is what fuels it in training up each of its staff members to be the best of the best, with each of its senior advisors having received accreditation as a Registered Life Planner RLP®. Sebastian Jersch himself was the first RLP® in Germany. As Co-Trainer for the Kinder Institute of Life Planning (USA), he is passionate about training other professionals in order to pass on this art of communication to others so they can become part of the worldwide community of Registered Life Planners. He comments, “I would love to see the number of German advisors growing with this qualification. But at the moment, we are the first and only company where all