Q2 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q4 2021 11 WealthManagement Business Leader of the Year 2022: Sebastian Jersch E B SI ES NE S / Q2 2 advisors have taken the same education. Hence, the standard of giving advice across the company is completely aligned to our philosophy, making a unique homogeneous client experience no matter which member of our team clients get in touch with.” Between this, their incredible emotional intelligence, and their gift of ‘the art of inner listening’, Neo Consult’s exemplary team have become true leaders in client facing wealth management. When working with a client, the relationship they build with them is about so much more than just the monetary or assetbased side of things; it’s about the support of a customer’s ambitions, the protection of their family, and the safeguarding of their future, all things that Neo Consult is passionate about. After all, it’s people who make the difference. Neo Consult’s team are full of people who are passionate, intellectual, and empathic, able to handle all manner of client interactions and to guide them with an expert hand whilst accepting that the client is the specialist when it comes to what they want to do with their resources. Ultimately, Neo Consult hopes to guide and to aid, but never to pressurise, as it wishes to take the stress out of wealth management for its clients – allowing them to achieve what is most important to them – whilst resting assured that their investments are in safe hands. Setting up the assets of its clients so that they have income, security, and support in their financial interests, Neo Consult’s efforts are especially invaluable in times of great change or markets turmoil, such as during the pandemic, and even before that, in the last few decades of the financial industry declining in a macro scale. Therefore, when it comes to the old vs. new world of financial advice, Neo Consult prides itself on being modern and contemporary, its financial advice having learned from the mistakes of the past. Consequentially, with its slew of new hires bringing new blood into the industry, and its investment in Germany as a country, Neo Consult and its CEO are excited to see where its efforts will take it in the future. Company: Neo Consult GmbH & Co. KG Contact: Sebastian Jersch Website: neo-consult.de