Q2 2022

16 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2022 , Data Tech CEO of the Year (DACH): Gaby Kabbert Based out of Germany, Regis24 has made a certifiable impact on the credit industry, combining traditional methods with a contemporary twist. Currently fronted by Gaby Kabbert, an experienced sales and accounts manager, the company benefits further fromher expertise. Consequently, it is clear that Regis24 has a bright future ahead. Regis24 GmbH hosts an impressive portfolio of traditional credit agency solutions that are seamlessly combined with wholly bespoke products based upon its clients’ goals. In addition, it is home to a plethora of innovative services spanning across credit risk assessment and fraud management. Yet no matter the solution, Regis24 endeavours to promote effective decisions surrounding credit that is based upon facts and data. The company hopes to push companies into a greater awareness of the impact that credit has upon a business – both the pros and the cons. Remaining at the forefront of industry trends, legislation, and advice is Regis24’s main priority. Henceforth, the company has equipped itself with endless knowledge utilising artificial intelligence, research, and the know-how of its design teams and specialists in data science. This has resulted in Regis24 having the ability to cultivate its own technologies and platforms – for example, the company boasts the impressive data platform, Regis24 HIVE, and the data bank technology known as IdentConnect. In essence, the company has created an entirely new way of managing and analysing credit information, subsequently offering clients the best possible service on the market. As such, this ties into its mission: ‘to get to know people – better.’ Since 2003, Regis24 has been providing a trustworthy service, both through its in-house technologies and traditional research methods. These services provide all the data that a client could possibly want or need. Moreover, clients can expect to receive data in real time, aiding them to better know their customers on the basis of movement and payment data. Of course, this has only been bolstered by the company’s introduction of AI-supported databases, which allow for results to be automatically Jan22430 generated. At the heart of the company is the desire to build long-term, trustworthy bonds with its clients – as of 2022, it maintains a loyal clientele of over 800. Regis24 possesses a deep understanding of its position – it is aware of its responsibility as a data technology company and credit agency. It is with this in mind that the agency consistently updates its services to ensure that it lies within current legislation and requirements, noting that it is ‘self-evident that [Regis24] adhere closely to all legal frameworks and provisions.’ Furthermore, the company promises to work with clients with the utmost transparency, commitment, and understanding. The client is simply the agency’s core focus – without the client, the company would not exist. None of this would have been possible without the company’s current CEO, Gaby Kabbert. Over the better part of a year, Kabbert has been pushing the company towards an advanced level of success, utilising her prior experience to further Regis24’s operations. Taking over the role in June 2021, Kabbert was the natural successor to Urs Bader, the former CEO. Indeed, her stint with the company began as Head of Sales – she and Bader met in a bar, and after a longer conversation, Bader writes on Kabbert’s LinkedIn page that ‘it became quite clear […] that I had to hire her immediately. Kabbert has acquired an impressive range of skills over the years – an impressive marketer, she also has a deep understanding of B2B and B2B2C communications. Additionally, she is a highlyskilled manager, with experience in accounts and sales. Bader further comments, ‘she is a great team player but also has the necessary quantum of assertiveness that is required to manage a company from the top.’ In conclusion, Regis24 has benefitted abundantly from Kabbert’s leadership. She has driven the company towards a future surrounded by technology – a path that has and will continue to benefit the company. Contact: Gaby Kabbert Company: Regis24 GmbH Web: https://www.regis24.de/en/home/