Q2 2022

18 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2022 , Leading Providers of Healthcare and Security Training 2022 InpartnershipwithSt James’sHospital,MCRGroup (through its subsidiary companySARGroup), is leading theway inhealthcare security training, having amassed the experience and expertise todeliver amultidisciplinaryhealthcare security servicewhich is basedonaplannedpreventative, proactive and a reactive approach, andnever compromises on standards. This is ledby ahighly skilledmanagement teamandmannedby competently trained staffwitha complete focus on thehealthcare sector. MCR Group has been one of the largest providers of outsourced staff and services in Ireland since 1996. Fundamentally, its goal is to give clients access to a range of highly trained, incredibly professional security staff that boast an array of talents, able to serve clients across the governmental, commercial, manufacturing, and construction industries. In response to growing demand from a myriad of industry verticals for specialist people to be recruited, and for recruits to demonstrate skill across a number of different tasks, it has grown to provide one of widest ranges of security solutions, recruitment, cleaning, and engineering services on the market. Indeed, MCR Group services a wide variety of clients across a range of sectors including healthcare, retail, commercial, food, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and GMP facilities. It approaches all clients as a unique opportunity and is therefore always conscious to ensure that it is creating bespoke services that suit the needs of each individual client. MCR Group see it as essential that its team always remains focused on putting people first and that they are consistently fostering a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace. This is particularly evident in its bespoke healthcare training initiative which it has been trialling with one of its healthcare clients, St James’s Hospital, Ireland’s largest acute academic teaching hospital based in Dublin’s south inner city. St James’s Hospital acknowledges its responsibility to provide safe, effective, dedicated healthcare in an environment that is appropriate and secure for patients, staff, and all persons accessing the campus. Accordingly, MCR Group’s partnership with the hospital’s security department enables it to improve on the physical presence of security on the campus, while not affecting cost. This is delivered in the formation of a pillared approach including: Jan22484 24-hour proactive, responsive security service which required the undertaking of a number of measures to ensure suitable persons were employed onto the team; bespoke patient monitoring developed in conjunction with St James’s Hospital’s security department; and inspiring meaningful relationships developed between people and places, delivered through MCR Group’s customer support team. This customer support team was quickly developed in the early days of the pandemic by MCR Group in collaboration with St James’s Hospital security department. It is a team focused on the front of house engagement with both the hospital community and its patient demographic in order to sustain a controlled and safe environment. Being a company that delivers affinity concierge services to its clients, MCR Group could quickly mobilise, recruit, and train specific staff to this new evolving role that allows the security teams on the ground to deliver the highest standards of security. This service now features across many of the Groups’ client’s sites. Alongside this, St James’s security department developed and implemented measures to respond to hazards and incidents proactively and effectively, with the help of a number of pan-hospital departments and services such as human resources, FM engineering, risk management, and others. The effectiveness and continuous improvement of this activity is monitored by the security department and reported to the hospital’s quality safety and risk forums and the executive management group. MCR Group continues to support its unique partnership with St James’s hospital, Cavan Institute through its consortium agreement that the partnership will research, design, develop, and co-deliver a certified training programme to meet the specific needs of the hospital in the provision of healthcare security services. Increasingly, healthcare providers like St James’s Hospital need security personnel who have a tailored mix of security and healthcare skills. Arising from its reputation for providing high quality further education and training, Cavan Institute was selected as a partner to develop and deliver this certified programme. This training programme will run for approximately nine months each academic year, with the off-the-job element being deliver at Cavan Institute in conjunction with MCR Group. Upon completion of the programme, trainees will receive certification accredited by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) at Level 5 on the National Framework of Qualifications. MCR Group along with its colleagues in St James’s Hospital facilities management will maintain this journey to deliver a standardised programme for healthcare security, covering all areas of the expectancy of a security officer in Irish healthcare by using best practice and better healthcare standards, and creating a clear and collaborative understanding between service provider and client. Equally, MCR Group is excited to keep building its environmental initiative and working towards a greener service line across the business. ÍON (ian), meaning pure in Irish, is MCR Group’s branded service offering, encompassing its desire to develop a strategy of sustainably and ethically providing services to its clients. Company: MCR Group and St James’s Hospital Contact: Tony Malone, Security Operations Director Website: www.mcrgroup.ie