Q2 2022

20 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2022 , Best Mass Calibration Laboratory 2022 Metrology Systems and Services (MSS) established its Mass Calibration Laboratory in 2002 with the purpose of calibrating test-weights for organisations within Ireland’s biopharma, bulk pharmaceuticals, finished pharmaceuticals, chemicals, medical devices, food ingredients, and food processing industries. We take a closer look at what the company can do for these clients. Since the 1980s, Ireland has developed an extremely strong pharmaceutical research, product development, and manufacturing base which has expanded incrementally over the decades. The requirement of accredited laboratories in calibration and testing to provide excellent service alongside high quality product and process development has accordingly evolved. The pharmaceuticals, chemicals, medical devices, and food manufacturing sectors have been extremely supportive of local, indigenous accredited laboratories such as Metrology Systems and Services, with the competence and capability within the laboratory being both established and proven. Having received its initial I.N.A.B. accreditation in 2005, MSS strives to provide clients with a high level of measurement accuracy and precision in the measurements it performs and the professionalism of its service. It further commits to the provision of clear, concise calibration results. The company continuously and systematically appraises its best measurement capability across the range of masses its calibrates, which ensures that it is always challenging its own measurement capability. Through its annually scheduled laboratory intercomparison activities with both national and international calibration laboratories, MSS is continually bench-making against best-inclass institutes. Notably, MSS became the first laboratory in Ireland to achieve ISO 17025 accreditation for mass calibration in 2006. It has in the subsequent years enhanced this accreditation and is now the only accredited library in Ireland with ISO 17025:2017 accreditation status for the calibration of test weights Mar22134 encompassing the weight range 1 milligram to 1,000 kilograms inclusive. Each of MSS’ clients is dealt with individually by the company’s technical director to ensure that their specific requirements are identified, agreed and delivered upon. The focus of MSS is on providing a client-centred calibration service and where required, a calibration solution to align with their stated and inferred requirements. MSS’ laboratory is located within a rural, agricultural community, an idyllic area in the eastern section of Cork county known as Castlelyons. With a team of five behind him, MSS’ owner, Donal O’Leary likes to think that the company’s culture is a reflection of that within the village’s close-knit, mutually supportive community. Members of staff at MSS tend to stick around for about 13 years, and with the laboratory having been established 20 years ago, this metric suggests its own narrative. Also, MSS accommodates a very significant number of students with work experience (particularly second-level students who embark on a transition year in local schools). The characteristics it seeks in them are consistent with the those it would look for in a prospective full-time employee, namely, the ability to work on one’s own initiative as required, and having very good people skills, good communication skills, self-awareness, an aptitude for mathematics and ideally, basic statistics, trustworthiness, and most essentially, being a team player. Indeed, Metrology Systems and Services is an ambitious and proactive organisation, with a very strong record of success. Now focused on the future, its plans are really a reflection of what it has implemented in the past – To continue to appraise and develop its measurement capabilities; continue to provide a mass calibration service to its extremely loyal client base which addresses their current and future requirements; and to maintain a business which will at all times be one where excellence is viewed as the norm, not as an exception. As the company’s client base continues to grow, in the medium term, it will need to appraise its capacity to keep providing the level of service it already does. An increase in personnel and facilities may be an inevitable and desirable consequence of this. Company: Metrology Systems and Services Contact: Donal O’Leary Email: [email protected] Website: www.mssireland.com