Q2 2023

12. EUBN Q2 2023 Best Sustainable Electricity CEO 2023: Uwe Mahrt Uwe Mahrt has always sought to manage the savings of his clients in the best and most responsible way, but his tenure as CEO of Pangaea Life has allowed him to do this in a totally new way. “Not only have I been able to spend my time and energy finding the best financial solutions for customers, but by doing so also provide some benefit to the greater good,” he says with a smile. The greater good is at the heart of what sets Pangaea Life apart from the crowd. With a focus on sustainable investing, Pangaea Life is part of the German insurance group “die Bayerische”, which offers insurance solutions ranging from life insurance to income protection and property insurance. “Personally, before I became a CEO I´ve worked in different roles for various international insurance companies,” Uwe tells us. “I deeply care about improving the future of our planet and the people inhabiting it by guiding money to assets, that really make a difference. That is what motivates me every day.” This passion for the future has seen Uwe responsible for the management of two investment funds. “Blue Energy” invests in renewable energy projects as solar, wind and hydro power as well as in green energy storage while “Blue Living” invests in residential estates in German and US big cities, that comply with high standards concerning energy efficiency, ecology, and wellbeing of the residents. The key to his success, therefore, is sustainability that is peoplefocused. “I have always been deeply fond of connecting with people, getting to know their stories, and exchanging views and experiences,” Uwe admits. “For me, adding value to other people’s endeavours, trying to put myself in their position and understanding the challenges they face, is the approach best suited to develop long lasting customer relationships – even more so when it comes to such an essential topic as trusting someone with your savings and overall financial security.” One of the core aspects of Pangaea Life under Uwe’s leadership has been a transparent attitude at all times. “We are eager to show our clients not just how their investments grow and create value, but also in which exact ways those investments are part of the solution of forming a better, more sustainable future for all of us,” he says with a smile. “or instance, we are taking our customers to a digital VR-journey to some of the most important assets of our funds. Seeing the power and magnitude of – let’s say – our wind energy project “Tesla” in Norway with your own eyes, gives you a much deeper understanding to your investments.” Since helping to establish Pangaea Life, Uwe has seen enormous industry change. “When I was first asked in 2017 if I would like to establish from scratch one of the first “pure plays” in sustainable insurance, I wasn’t sure if the market and customers were ready for such a thing. Even more as quite some people had doubts about our philosophy of not starting another equity fund but investing directly in sustainable tangibles.” The success of the company, therefore, is in no small part due to his style of empathetic, motivation-based leadership. Looking ahead, Uwe sees a bright future, filled with opportunity. “I want to open up the opportunity to participate in the development of the biggest drivers of the ongoing sustainable transition to even more people – making it possible to invest in more key sectors of this change. This means that apart from our existing funds in green energy and residential estate, we are planning to establish further funds in other sectors of the sustainable revolution, allowing investors to take part in it.” With such bold plans on the horizon for Uwe and the Pangaea Life team, we can’t wait to see what happens next! Company: Pangaea Life Name: Uwe Mahrt Feb23297 It’s hard to see what value our lives have, but Uwe Mahrt had made it his business. Through his work as CEO at Pangaea Life, he has helped thousands to invest more sustainable. Now, with success under his belt in the German CEO Excellence Awards 2023, we thought it the right time to catch up with him and uncover some of the secrets of his success.