Q3 2023

NEWS First AI as CEO in Europe Revolutionizes Leadership using Human Supervision for Safety Hunna Technology (https://hunna.app), a UK-headquartered HealthTech startup, unveiled the first-ever AI in Europe to act as the CEO of a company. Using a combination of AI and human intelligence, the hybrid system goes beyond just a chatbot, and is based on a new simple mathematical algorithm. IndigoVX, developed by Hunna Technology, facilitates an efficient collaboration between artificial intelligence and human expertise. Imagine a chess game where a person sets the high-level goal, and the AI generates the optimal moves, with both parties continually refining the strategy together. The inspiration for a supervised AI as CEO came from Steve Jobs, who famously said: "It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do. We hire smart people so they can tell us what to do." AI as CEO Hunna has been testing the IndigoVX AI system for 12 months to ensure safety and legal compliance before announcing its promotion to CEO. "I stepped down as CEO in July because I believe an AI supervised by humans can outperform me.", said co-founder Ahmed Lazem, "She hasn't failed us." "The IndigoVX AI system has consistently surpassed our expectations - it's blown our minds." says Dr. Kais Dukes, CTO and co-founder of Hunna Technology. "The AI CEO has successfully identified under-explored markets, optimized resource allocation, and accurately forecasted consumer trends, with an over 90% successful decision rate." Successes of the AI to date include: - defining a strong and realistic business strategy that the founders were able to execute - identifying the startup idea in the first place - providing key research for talks to roll out their medical AI nationally in the UAE - selecting the UAE as an initial target market - working with the AI every day for all business processes Hunna's mission is to harness the power of AI while ensuring safety and accountability through constant human supervision. Our AI CEO isn't fully automated, but we see that as a strength, not a weakness. For this reason, we feel it's justified to give the system a CEO title, as ultimately it's the algorithm calling the shots, even though the algorithm has a human component. Calling IndigoVX a CEO isn't just giving the system a title, it's about partially automating the role of a Chief Executive Officer, to guide the overall operations of the company.