Q3 2023

EUBN Q3 2023 7. Another exciting project developed by Framvik has been for Sahlgrenska University Hospital, with the purpose of training its adult psychiatry staff to deal with patients who become violent. Framvik’s VR scenarios are used in several studies at the hospital in emergency healthcare, psychiatry, and forensic psychiatry. D-escalator’s capabilities go beyond dealing with abuse, though; it can be adapted to a range of different situations, including schools, supporting educational teams to spot mental illness in children and young people early on. Framvik runs an innovative VR project with Matthew School in the Norrköping municipality, the idea behind this being that teachers and teaching assistants can step into a realistic situation and learn how to identify when a student is struggling with their mental health and how to respond to them. The client says, “A reason we have chosen to work with the Framvik scenario is that the employees can be educated on their own or in small groups in the workplace. VR training does not require special trainers who come out and maintain equipment and training. Very effective and resourceful.” Framvik’s offering doesn’t end with D-escalator, either. Maria also provides a variety of training options that can be adapted to the client’s needs, including education on how to face threats and violence, an in-depth training package for the management of conflict and threatening behaviour, and training and advice for management on preventing conflicts and motivating employees to strive in the same direction. Ultimately, it’s easy to see how Framvik has come to be named EdTech Company of the Year 2023 – Nordics, with its offering nothing short of extraordinary. Led by expert, Maria Bauer, Framvik couldn’t be better positioned for success and for changing the working lives of so many by making them feel safer and happier while doing their job. We’re excited about the inevitably bright future ahead of Framvik and what else it has in store for the world of VR!