Q4 2023

6. EUBN Q4 2023 Wedding Florists of the Year 2023 - County Meath Whether it’s catering for a birthday party, anniversary, funeral, or wedding, Petals & Pressies has spent the last two decades refining its practises in order to deliver on its promise of stunning floral arrangements. Since its inception, it has leveraged its family run nature to continuously improve upon its already exceptional customer service, whilst adding a little extra personal flair. As such, clients can expect an in-depth process – one throughout which Petals & Pressies will be eagerly waiting to bring even the most outlandish of ideas to life. After all, florists are artists, and Petals & Pressies’ experience with the medium is second to none. It doesn’t matter if a client is seeking out a smaller bouquet, or is looking to outfit a wedding venue with floral arches and showstopping wreaths – Petals & Pressies is more than equipped to present unrivalled beauty. This is, of course, thanks to its overwhelming commitment to ensuring that each individual flower meets its incredibly high standards. Petals & Pressies recognises that its work may just be the centrepiece of an event, and it therefore devoted to guaranteeing freshness throughout every arrangement, regardless of scale. Whatever the client requests, they will receive an end result that’s bound to far exceed anything that they could’ve ever expected. This doesn’t mean, however, that Petals & Pressies isn’t able to deliver to far away destinations. Quite the opposite – as a result of 20 years within the field, it has long since recognised how to source and preserve fresh flowers as they make their journey across Meath and the globe alike. As such, whether clients are local, or live abroad, they’ll be able to gift flowers to their loved ones without ever having to fret about sacrificing quality in order to do so. Very few florists within the region offer such a service, defining Petals & Pressies as one of the most dedicated throughout Dublin. Of course, Ireland holds a special place in the business’s heart, and it’s this admirable sense of community that has enabled it to consistently produce timeless floral pieces that hold the ability to perfectly accent any event. Flowers are synonymous with delicacy, vibrancy, and love. Whether their purpose is to reign in a new relationship, or to send off a loved one, beautifully arranged florals bring people together, and it’s this nature that truly speaks to Petals & Pressies. Connections and community are integral to this dedicated, family-run businesses – a quality that truly defines it as a florist for the people of the local area and the world alike. Though demand has been high, it has never once faltered in its pursuit of satisfying each and every client, and it’s for this reason that it’s such a highly regarded business within its field. Truly, brilliance is at the forefront of everything that Petals & Pressies does. Though weddings are its specialty, Petals & Pressies thrives no matter the circumstance. Be it creating minimalistic arrangements, or compiling florals that perfectly capture a more vintage aesthetic, Petals & Pressies is always eager to get stuck into forging the next showstopping arrangement. We’re incredibly excited to shed some light on this wonderful, family-run business, and we can’t wait to see how its arrangements continue to define all manner of events. Contact: Nicko & Tanya Mathews Company: Petals & Pressies Web Address: https://www.petalsandpressies.com/ Jul23663 For over 20 years, Petals & Pressies has been delivering the people of County Meath high quality floral arrangements for every occasion. This family run business prides itself on its ability to source the freshest, most beautiful flowers that the local area has to offer, allowing for the creation some of the most showstopping arrangements that Dublin has ever seen. Regardless of the event, Petals & Pressies is on-hand to guarantee jawdropping floral arrangements that no guest will ever forget. Join us as we venture into Petals & Pressies’ flourishing catalogue.