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Welcome to the Q4 edition of EU Business News, providing you with all the latest news, features, and informative pieces from across the European Union. We all know how turbulent the last few years have been with the uncertainty of Brexit, soon after which came the COVID-19 pandemic, the cost of living crisis, supply chain shortages, and the ongoing war in Ukraine. These events have each taken their toll on the EU industry – but its businesses have been showing their true resilience in the most challenging of circumstances. Despite it all, European enterprises continue to successfully create jobs and sustain growth. Now, with the final quarter of 2023 upon us, this means the perfect opportunity to take a look at the success stories of those businesses who continue to go above and beyond within their respective industries, even when things get tough. Our outstanding award-winning businesses featured in this issue are the experts, and they are thriving, whether delivering beautiful, fresh wedding flower arrangements; providing the magical destination for an unforgettable Icelandic escape; offering a sensational range of global travel experiences; encouraging individuals to look after themselves and the planet by travelling by bicycle; and more. I hope you enjoy perusing this issue and that you find it to be insightful and inspiring. The team at EU Business News wish you a wonderful festive season and a very prosperous new year ahead. In the meantime, we look forward to welcoming you back again soon for our Q1 2024 issue for more exciting stories from EU business. Rebecca Scotland, Editor Website: www.business-news.eu Q4 2023 AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. News 6. Petals & Pressies: Wedding Florists of the Year 2023 - County Meath 7. Medical Logistics: Best Medical/ Pharmaceutical Logistics & Freight Forwarding Company 2023 8. 033opdefiets: Most Trusted Cycling Support Community 2023 - Netherlands 9. Blue Vacations: Best Modern Country Hotel 2023 - Golden Circle 10. G.E.T Golden Entertainment Tribe/ Golden entertainment: Best Tourist Animation Company 2023 - Mallorca 11. Total Safety Solutions: Most Trusted First Responder Equipment & Safety Solutions Provider 2023 12. TNC Bio BV: Best Animal-Free FBS Alternative Producer 2023 - Netherlands 13. DIVITA DMC & T.O: Most Trusted Destination Management Company 2023 - Italy 14. West Midlands Growth Company: Best Regional Tourism Business Development Organisation 2023 - UK Contents

NEWS Antech launches first comprehensive veterinary diagnostics offering in the UK, including a new state-of-the-art reference laboratory ntech, the full-service veterinary diagnostics business that is part of the Science & Diagnostics division of Mars Petcare, today announced the opening of a new UK veterinary diagnostics laboratory in Warwick on 15 November. This expands Antech's UK lab network, which also includes Southfields Veterinary Specialists Diagnostic Laboratory and the Dick White Referrals Diagnostic Laboratory. Antech, a trusted partner in delivering veterinary diagnostics for more than 35 Antech to offer UK veterinary professionals a complete and flexible diagnostics portfolio spanning reference labs, in-house diagnostics, imaging and software A years, brings to the UK a complete portfolio that spans reference laboratory services, in-house diagnostics, comprehensive imaging and technology solutions, advanced telemedicine services and innovative rapid diagnostics. Antech's UK offerings will include KeyScreen™, a DNA-based GI parasite screening solution and the most advanced in veterinary medicine; AIS RapidRead™, the fastest, most accurate rapid imaging technology that enables diagnosis in under ten minutes; and coming soon, Nu.Q®, a breakthrough innovation that measures nucleosomes to screen and monitor for canine cancer. Nefertiti Greene, President, Mars Science & Diagnostics said: "At Mars Science & Diagnostics we are focused on enabling pets to live their healthiest lives through science, data and technology. We are continuing to bring this vision to life by establishing a full-service veterinary diagnostics offering in the UK, which spans reference labs, inhouse diagnostics, imaging and software solutions. Our aim is to help UK veterinary care teams achieve the best pet health outcomes, in support of our purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS™." Dr. Christian M. Leutenegger, Vice President of Research and Development at Antech said: "Excellence in diagnostics enables vets to decide the best treatment approach for pets. We have brought innovative technologies and solutions backed by scientific rigour and data-driven insights to veterinary professionals for more than 35 years. We are excited to establish this new reference lab in the UK and, for the firsttime, support veterinarians throughout the country with our full-service offering and most advanced technologies." Find out more at the London Vet Show To mark its UK launch, Antech will be at the London Vet Show 16-17 November, 2023. Veterinary teams will have the opportunity to hear firsthand from Antech's experts, including head of clinical pathology Dr Butty Villiers and head of anatomic pathology Dr Rachel Pittaway, about the latest innovations and diagnostics developments, with an exciting programme of live educational sessions – from unravelling haemostasis testing to uncovering the "twist in the tail" with urine problems. Antech invites attendees of the London Vet Show to find out more about their offering – and pick up a free backpack – by visiting them at stand G10. Alternatively, more information can be found on the Antech website: http:// antechdiagnostics.co.uk

NEWS Innergex Completes its Partnership with Crédit Agricole Assurances in France • Long-term partnership between Innergex and Crédit Agricole Assurances regarding Innergex's assets and development portfolio in France • Funding commitments from the partners to accelerate the development of wind and solar projects in France Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. and Crédit Agricole Assurances, in connection with Crédit Agricole Centre-Est, are pleased to announce they have completed the previously announced long-term partnership. The partnership allows Crédit Agricole Assurances to gain a 30% minority interest in Innergex's portfolio in France, representing a €129.5 million (CAN$188.8 million) investment. The proceeds are used to reduce Innergex's revolving credit facilities and to fund the Corporation's development activities over the coming years. The long-term co-investment agreement with France's leading insurer will support Innergex's development strategy and growth in France by providing additional equity commitment for the development and financing of ongoing projects at various stages of development. Michel Letellier, President and Chief Executive Officer of Innergex, said: "We are excited to have found with Crédit Agricole Assurances a partner as committed as we are to support the French administration in their energy transition endeavours. As we embark on this journey with Crédit Agricole Assurances, we look forward to exploring possible synergies in both development initiatives and community engagement. As Innergex's growth will continue to be driven primarily by greenfield development, this partnership is one of our solutions aiming at creating more liquidity to fund our growth." Philippe Dumont, CEO of Crédit Agricole Assurances, said: "We're proud to announce this new partnership in favour of the energy transition. This investment in Innergex France, a high-potential French renewable platform and a subsidiary of a leading pure play renewable group with a proven track record, is fully in line with Crédit Agricole Group's climate commitments. This operation will also contribute to Crédit Agricole Assurances' objectives to increase its investments in renewable energies and reach a 14 GW installed capacity by 2025." The partnership between Innergex and Crédit Agricole Assurances was announced on August 7, 2023, subjected to customary closing conditions. Transaction highlights • Investment of €129.5 million (CAN$188.8 million) by Crédit Agricole Assurances • Proceeds from Crédit Agricole Assurances will be used to reduce Innergex's revolving credit facilities and to fund the Corporation's development activities over the coming years • 17 operating assets totalling 324 MW of wind energy and 9 MW / 9 MWh of storage capacity, as well as a large portfolio of projects at various stages of development • Existing energy production of 691 GWh per year • Enterprise value of Innergex France estimated at €715.2 million (CAN$1,042.4 million) including €22.2 million (CAN$32.4 million) of cash on hand • Innergex's team will continue to lead the management of the entire value chain from development to construction and operation

6. EUBN Q4 2023 Wedding Florists of the Year 2023 - County Meath Whether it’s catering for a birthday party, anniversary, funeral, or wedding, Petals & Pressies has spent the last two decades refining its practises in order to deliver on its promise of stunning floral arrangements. Since its inception, it has leveraged its family run nature to continuously improve upon its already exceptional customer service, whilst adding a little extra personal flair. As such, clients can expect an in-depth process – one throughout which Petals & Pressies will be eagerly waiting to bring even the most outlandish of ideas to life. After all, florists are artists, and Petals & Pressies’ experience with the medium is second to none. It doesn’t matter if a client is seeking out a smaller bouquet, or is looking to outfit a wedding venue with floral arches and showstopping wreaths – Petals & Pressies is more than equipped to present unrivalled beauty. This is, of course, thanks to its overwhelming commitment to ensuring that each individual flower meets its incredibly high standards. Petals & Pressies recognises that its work may just be the centrepiece of an event, and it therefore devoted to guaranteeing freshness throughout every arrangement, regardless of scale. Whatever the client requests, they will receive an end result that’s bound to far exceed anything that they could’ve ever expected. This doesn’t mean, however, that Petals & Pressies isn’t able to deliver to far away destinations. Quite the opposite – as a result of 20 years within the field, it has long since recognised how to source and preserve fresh flowers as they make their journey across Meath and the globe alike. As such, whether clients are local, or live abroad, they’ll be able to gift flowers to their loved ones without ever having to fret about sacrificing quality in order to do so. Very few florists within the region offer such a service, defining Petals & Pressies as one of the most dedicated throughout Dublin. Of course, Ireland holds a special place in the business’s heart, and it’s this admirable sense of community that has enabled it to consistently produce timeless floral pieces that hold the ability to perfectly accent any event. Flowers are synonymous with delicacy, vibrancy, and love. Whether their purpose is to reign in a new relationship, or to send off a loved one, beautifully arranged florals bring people together, and it’s this nature that truly speaks to Petals & Pressies. Connections and community are integral to this dedicated, family-run businesses – a quality that truly defines it as a florist for the people of the local area and the world alike. Though demand has been high, it has never once faltered in its pursuit of satisfying each and every client, and it’s for this reason that it’s such a highly regarded business within its field. Truly, brilliance is at the forefront of everything that Petals & Pressies does. Though weddings are its specialty, Petals & Pressies thrives no matter the circumstance. Be it creating minimalistic arrangements, or compiling florals that perfectly capture a more vintage aesthetic, Petals & Pressies is always eager to get stuck into forging the next showstopping arrangement. We’re incredibly excited to shed some light on this wonderful, family-run business, and we can’t wait to see how its arrangements continue to define all manner of events. Contact: Nicko & Tanya Mathews Company: Petals & Pressies Web Address: https://www.petalsandpressies.com/ Jul23663 For over 20 years, Petals & Pressies has been delivering the people of County Meath high quality floral arrangements for every occasion. This family run business prides itself on its ability to source the freshest, most beautiful flowers that the local area has to offer, allowing for the creation some of the most showstopping arrangements that Dublin has ever seen. Regardless of the event, Petals & Pressies is on-hand to guarantee jawdropping floral arrangements that no guest will ever forget. Join us as we venture into Petals & Pressies’ flourishing catalogue.

Jul22493 EUBN Q4 2023 7. Jul22493 Medical Logistics (MedLog) is an innovative premium medical logistics company with a keen emphasis on providing outstanding customer service, offering fully traceability and monitored medical logistics, and securing the digital optimisation of its products through an online catalogue and invoicing system. Through these services, the firm acts as an extension of the businesses it has partnered with, helping restore focus to the core elements while it effectively and efficiently carries out all warehouse, logistics, and customer service needs. Covering everything from urgent deliveries to rebalancing and packaging, Medical Logistics is the all-in-one solution the industry needs. We catch up with CEO, Filip Wautelet to learn more about the company and its commitment to customer excellence. Medical Logistics has its focus set on medical device manufacturers and distributors on a global scale. With a team of expertly trained staff who consistently exceed the high expectations demanded by the market, there is a drive to become an integrated part of a customer’s business. Companies that provide medical devices always provide top quality instruments to the market, but MedLog goes that extra mile by combining this with unparalleled logistical skill and excelling in the field of customer service. With the company slogan, “Your Customer, Our Care”, it becomes immediately clear that MedLog cares deeply about its customers and holds exceptional service in high regard. It is particularly important for medical distributors to have a firm grasp on this, to ensure that the process runs smoothly, and a listening ear is available at all times. Through this, something special is afforded and quick answers and solutions can be provided effectively when combined with the expert product knowledge that the team possess. Providing customer excellence is important as it ensures profitable growth. By putting customers at the centre of everything a company does, their product or service needs will be catered to every time. In turn, long-term customer satisfaction will remain, giving companies that adopt this approach the long-term customer satisfaction that they need to keep their competitive edge. As the MedLog team act as the face and voice of the companies with which it partners, it considers customers to be mutual, and thus cares deeply about guaranteeing they are treated correctly. To ensure this approach is successful, the way staff are trained at MedLog is different from the industry norm, with staff required to follow training by customers. Moreover, the work that is carried out is done so in a fully flexible manner. From order entry, contact with end customers (mainly comprised of hospitals and pharmacies), to order picking, packing, shipping, and even invoicing! A 360-degree approach is taken by employees to ensure they have just the right amount of challenge to make work stimulating and interesting. Despite its successes, the company has not been without its fair share of hardships, these coming as a result of the pandemic. What Covid-19 showed the medical device market was that even the surefire customer of the healthcare industry could face setbacks. With surgeries and appointments having to be cancelled, MedLog experienced an unfortunate lack of work during this period. Always adaptable in its approach, the team did nevertheless work with many of its clients to deliver the essential face masks and gloves which allowed for safer working conditions for those in the medical industry during this tumultuous period. It is thanks to this wide-ranging portfolio of customers that the company was able to remedy the pain caused to so many businesses whose operations ceased during the pandemic. Looking ahead to the future, the company is excited to have recently opened its German facility, where it aims to continue to provide the same stellar level of service that it has in the Benelux countries where it currently operates. In Q1 of 2024, plans are also in place to open a facility in France, with these expansions mainly being possible as a result of existing customer demand in other regions. Furthermore, the company is excited to have created an innovative solution for use in the return management of medical devices. This revolutionary technology is called MedIOT, and the groundbreaking nature of the product is typical for a company that serves to continuously pioneer. As Filip explains, “Where there are problems, we make those challenges, and move forward to provide solutions.” It is through this approach of continuous improvement and customer excellence that MedLog has been greeted with tremendous commendation and will continue to be celebrated well into the future. Contact: Filip Wautelet Email: [email protected] Company: Medical Logistics Web Address: www.medicallogistics.eu/ Best Medical/Pharmaceutical Logistics & Freight Forwarding Company 2023

8.8. EUBN Q4 2023 Aug23698 033opdefiets is a thriving cycling community working to promote and nurture a cycling culture within the city of Amersfoort. The company serves as an active marketing engine focused on encouraging people to cycle more, regardless of their age, skill level, or cycling goals. For its outstanding work, 033opdefiets has been named Most Trusted Cycling Support Community, Netherlands, in the Benelux Enterprise Awards 2023. Driven by the strong belief that cycling is an eco-friendly and healthy way to travel, 033opdefiets organises a variety of cycling-related events, workshops, and campaigns with the goal of raising awareness about the benefits of cycling for people, cities, and the environment. Alongside this, the company also collaborates with local authorities, schools, and businesses to drive bike-friendly initiatives like building bike lanes, arranging cycling courses, and advocating for bike commuting. Through its events, advice, and initiatives, organised and delivered with the utmost care and professionalism, 033opdefiets primarily aims to promote cycling as a green alternative mode of transportation. With quality at its core, it hopes to deliver both information and support through its offerings, encouraging the community to engage with cycling not only for the benefit of the environment but also for the sake of their own health, wellbeing, and quality of life. By promoting cycling as a viable mode of daily transportation, 033opdefiets contributes towards sustainable urban mobility. Deeply involved with its local community, 033opdefiets also aims to strengthen social bonds through its work, providing people with a sense of belonging that goes beyond cycling. The company is committed to creating an inclusive cycling community where everyone feels welcome and encouraged to participate, regardless of their age, background, or skill level. As part of this, it takes action to increase diversity and remove the barriers to cycling for those with varying needs. 033opdefiets believes that working together is truly the key to amplifying the impact of cycling and making the world a better place. For this reason, it always seeks to collaborate and share knowledge with other cycling communities and organisations, both locally and internationally. For example, on a local scale, 033opdefiets has collaborated with the "Snuffelfiets" project, as part of which it was able to participate in an innovative air quality initiative. Cyclists were provided with sensors to map the air quality in Amersfoort, enabling the community to collect valuable data. This project not only highlighted 033opdefiets’s commitment to sustainability but also demonstrated how cycling can contribute to creating healthier cities. Moreover, 033opdefiets has effectively forged international collaborations in the past, enabling it to bring fresh perspectives and ideas to its local cycling community. For example, it has previously collaborated with a South African study team to organise a joint bike tour through Amersfoort, providing participants with the opportunity to explore the city whilst bonding over their shared love of cycling. This international collaboration resulted in the exchange of a host of diverse knowledge and experiences in the field of traffic planning and cycling infrastructure. Facilitated by participants’ shared love for cycling, this cultural exchange led to meaningful connections and understanding between two communities on different continents. It was a powerful example of how cycling not only promotes health and sustainability but also builds bridges between vastly different people and cultures. As a result of its unwavering commitment to community, sustainability, and quality in its efforts to encourage more people to cycle, 033opdefiets has been named Most Trusted Cycling Support Community, Netherlands, in the Benelux Enterprise Awards 2023. Looking towards the future, the company is enthused by the projects it has lined up for the coming years. Primarily, 033opdefiets aims to engage in more collaborations with local governments, businesses, and nonprofit organisations to drive improvements in cycling infrastructure, promote sustainable mobility, and launch further innovative cycling projects. In everything it does, sustainability will be a key focus, with reducing carbon emissions and promoting green mobility remaining central to its goals. Contact: Jocelyn Kemker - de Kruif Company: 033opdefiets Web Address: 033opdefiets.nl Most Trusted Cycling Support Community 2023 - Netherlands

Aug22136 EUBN Q4 2023 9. Best Modern Country Hotel 2023 - Golden Circle Based in the Golden Circle, Iceland, Blue Vacations is a family-run business offering two types of beautiful accommodation: the Blue Hotel Fagrilundur and the Blue View Cabins. Accommodations are located in beautiful Icelandic nature and near to the country’s most notorious attractions, such as Geysir Hot Springs, Gullfoss Falls, and Thingvellir National Park. It is Blue Vacations’ mission to empower guests to experience the adventure of Iceland and relax in its serene location. During the winter of 2016, Blue Vacations began building its first cabins. The operation was family run with Jóhann, wife Ellý, daughter Ína, and his parents-inlaw, Gústi and Guðrún, doing everything from building to placing the final touches on cabins. Blue Vacations later expanded, building the Blue Hotel Fagrilundur in 2021. The rich history of Iceland and Blue Vacations’ stunning accommodation create memorial experiences for guests who visit from all over the world. The Blue Hotel is in the centre of Reykholt Village and close to the best sightseeing locations in Iceland. The destination is ideal for those wishing to visit the Golden Circle and is a great base to explore the south of Iceland. The new 40-room hotel is designed in the spirit of its original guesthouse, which has since been converted into the reception and breakfast hall. The accommodation offers both 24-hour self-check in and a reception to allow guests to choose the most comfortable check in process for them. In its picturesque and tranquil location, the hotel features spacious rooms, large bathrooms, a wide terrace, and two communal hot tubs accessible to all guests. Both the hotel and cabins offer free Wi-Fi and a continental breakfast. The Blue Hotel is next door to Mika, a restaurant renowned for its delicious pizza, lobster salad, and handmade chocolates. Close to the area is a mini market, a self-service gas station, the Friðheimar tomato farm, and a new wine bar run by the Friðheimar family. Blue View Cabins are situated on a hilltop, overlooking stunning panoramic views. Each accommodation includes its own private hot tub with geothermal hot water, which contains detoxifying minerals to help remedy skin ailments. Its streamlined, modern interiors can accommodate 2 to 6 people and include a fully equipped kitchen, heating, and private parking. Under the right conditions, the cabins are perfectly located for a great show of the Northern Lights. The Aurora Borealis is unpredictable, but there is always a chance to catch this amazing life experience. One enthusiastic reviewer shared, “Fantastic cabins set in an amazing location. We arrived earlier than expected, and the hosts ensured everything was ready for us. The cabin was presented to an exceptional standard, and everything required was supplied. It is an incredible place to hibernate for a few days and completely relax. If you decide to go and visit places within the Golden Circle, everything is close by. We will definitely be back.” Blue Vacations is particularly proud of its hard-working staff. The company looks to employ individuals with first-class communication skills to make guests as comfortable as possible. Staff aim to go above and beyond to deliver a friendly and supportive service. The company has noticed an uptick in guests during its low seasons, with visitors choosing to stay in Iceland yearround. Blue Vacations looks forward to continuing to grow the business and creating lifelong memories for its guests. With several attractive accommodation options to choose from, visitors can comfortably relax surrounded by stunning Icelandic landscapes. For its homely interiors and excellent facilities, Blue Vacations has received our award for this year’s Best Modern Country Hotel - Golden Circle. Contact: Ína Björk Jóhannsdóttir Company: Blue Vacations Web Address: www.bluevacations.is Oct23111

10. EUBN Q4 2023 Best Tourist Animation Company 2023 - Mallorca Since its inception in 2010, G.E.T has been providing a range of entertainment services to the tourism industry across Europe. Serving a variety of establishments and businesses, including small hotels, campsites, tour operators, and large hotel chains, the company understands that each client is unique. Based on their own brand and guests, they have different requirements for their entertainment services. G.E.T assesses their needs and provides them with a personalised programme, consisting of a number of different services. Firstly, G.E.T is known for its successful musical productions, delivered by an experienced team of entertainers. Popular with tourists, these large shows are based on famous musicals like The Lion King, Tarzan Musical Show, Zorro the Musical, Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Frozen, Grease, Mamma Mia, and more. The company introduces new musicals each season; for example, its newest premiers were pretty woman and the never ending story Moreover, G.E.T offers custom productions, created by an expert team of directors, choreographers, and designers. In this, the company creates each act or show from scratch, tailored to meet the client’s unique needs. The team provides them with support throughout the process, from conceptualisation all the way to showtime. No matter the desired theme or adaptation, G.E.T can make it happen. It will create the show of the client’s dreams, both on time and within budget. G.E.T also creates audiovisual content for clients, related to anything that they might want to tell their visitors. In this, a member of the entertainment team will generate appropriate content to publish on the establishment’s social media pages, including Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, and more. Posting regularly on social media not only enhances customer satisfaction but also attracts more guests from across the world, since many people check the internet before they book their trips. Since 2023, G.E.T has incorporated immersive Virtual Reality activities into its entertainment programs with technology capable of immersing kids and adult users in computer-generated worlds. A 360º experience only accessible through Virtual Reality (VR) glasses/helmets, haptic suits, controls, gloves and/or masks that play with the senses creating an unparalleled experience When families go on vacation, they often choose to go to hotels where there is plenty of daytime entertainment for their children. G.E.T offers a fun, attractive miniclub (G.E.T FAMILY LIFE) and thanks to immersive virtual reality also a fantasy environment, which is why (G.E.T FAMILY LIFE) not only serves as a meeting point for children, it is also a place of fun and learning. The company designs activities that promote the values of effort, teamwork, environment, diversity and equality, while promoting the socialization of children from different countries and cultures. After evaluating the entire hotel, including all facilities and spaces, G.E.T will propose a series of activities for the season. Lastly, studies have shown that more and more tourists are looking to take part in fitness activities during their vacations abroad. For this reason, G.E.T has created an innovative fitness and wellness concept, which enables participants to benefit from a relaxed mind and healthy physical activity. With certified, experienced instructors in Spinning, Step, Pilates, Zumba, Body Combat, Body Balance, Body Pump, Aquatic Gymnastics,like waterclycling and aquafitmat, G.E.T is equipped to deliver fun and invigorating fitness activities for clients’ guests. For its outstanding range of services, G.E.T (Golden Entertainment Tribe) has been awarded Best Tourist Animation Company in the European Travel Awards 2021.2022/2022,2023. We are thrilled to congratulate the company on its success in this prestigious awards programme and look forward to seeing what its future holds. Contact: Angel Montenegro Company: G.E.T Golden Entertainment Tribe/Golden entertainment Web Address: goldenanimacion.com Jun23287 Based in Mallorca, G.E.T (Golden Entertainment Tribe) is a European tourist entertainment company that develops surprising, avant-garde, and daring entertainment programmes, tailored to suit the preferences and tastes of the client and their guests. The company’s excellent team merges talent and creativity to deliver unique sensations and experiences. For its outstanding work, G.E.T has been named Best Tourist Animation Company in the EU Business News European Travel Awards 2023. In addition, the company has also seen recent success in the CorporateLiveWire Prestige Awards in both the years 2021/2022 and 2022/2023.

Jul22493 EUBN Q4 2023 11. Jul22493 Total Safety Solutions is a company that truly encapsulates the motto “safety first”, providing a host of solutions that remedy issues within this area. As firemen, Co-Founders Jan Wijnans and Ralf Adams saw first-hand the areas of safety management that needed improvement, and thus started Total Safety Solutions in 2019. Since then, the duo has been joined by a whole host of experts from the field, but the core business model of taking safety solutions to the next level remains uncompromised. Through its innovative solutions and potentially life-saving training courses, the company has established itself as a frontrunner in the industry. Total Safety Solutions (TSS) strives to innovate, collaborate, inform, and deliver only the highest calibre of safety solutions. Like many of the best ideas, the partnership started from a mere conversation in a bar, where Jan and Ralf both realised that they shared the same concerns about the dangers facing first responders who report to accidents involving electric vehicles. With considerable experience in the fire service, this team was more than qualified to tackle the issue, and as one thing led to another, they found themselves planning for a batter, safer future as business partners. This process began with searching for solutions, and involved workshopping ideas at home in the shed, as well making connections with all sorts of people, organisations, manufacturers, and agencies to seek out advice and partnership. Endless testing thus ensued, but the rigorous process was worth it, and TSS is now proud to have marketed a solution that can prevent unpredictable behaviours from plug-in vehicles, the patented Emergency Plug. Designed to quickly create the safest possible work environment for emergency responders working with any type of electric or hybrid vehicle, the Emergency Plug prevents unpredictable movement from the vehicle in question, making sure the driver in the vehicle does not accidentally set it in motion. As well as being an invaluable tool during an emergency, the product serves an apt solution in regular vehicle maintenance, again ensuring the car does not move away under its own propulsion. There are many benefits to the Emergency Plug in either emergencies or daily use. Colour feedback is given which indicates whether or not the plug is working correctly and connected to the vehicle. There is also no contact with high voltage, which guarantees a high standard of safety and severely minimises the risk of an electric shock. The universal socket that comes included can also fit in any socket worldwide, and perhaps most impressive is that all the electric systems, such as lights, windows, and the radio, remain fully functional while the plug is in use. In addition to this groundbreaking technology, TSS also offers state-ofthe-art training courses which teach first responders everything they need to know about accidents involving plug-in cars. Never content to settle, even more innovative products are set to follow in the near future, with the company making the world that bit safer, one step at a time. It is this work ethic which resulted in the company’s successful partnership with Eric Huyding in 2022. Eric possesses extensive knowledge of the market in both the Netherlands and internationally, and today is responsible for all of the processes within TSS, as well as establishing new business with an array of clients. The company is incredibly proud of the solutions which it has developed, and with the team’s knowledge increasing with every project they undertake, they are more than happy to share their advice and support with other companies that are all working towards the same like-minded goal. Jan, Ralf, and the team are incredibly proud of the work that they have done, and the passion for their jobs is reflected in the company’s mission, values, and an array of satisfied customer experiences. With the matters that are discussed being of paramount importance, the business sets a precedence of preferring in person contact with its customers, knowing that every last detail is vital. Through the work undertaken by TSS, customers and emergency responders receive peace of mind that they are as safe as possible in an emergency situation thanks to the revolutionary Electric Plug. With a plethora of training courses also available, the team are eager to pass on their knowledge and slowly but surely make the world a safer place, making them more than worthy of this award for safety equipment and solution excellence. Contact: Jan Wijnans Company: Total Safety Solutions Web Address: www.totalsafetysolutions.nl/ Most Trusted First Responder Equipment & Safety Solutions Provider 2023

12. 12. EUBN Q4 2023 Aug23327 TNC Bio is a biotechnology research company working to provide the international cell culture community with defined and animal-free solutions. The company’s flagship product, XerumFree™, is the world’s first universal, fully defined, and animal-free Foetal Bovine Serum (FBS) replacement for primary cells and cell lines. For its excellent standard of client service and its highly effective product, TNC Bio was recently named Best Animal-Free FBS Alternative Producer, Netherlands, in the Benelux Enterprise Awards 2023. Derived from the blood of a cow foetus, Foetal Bovine Serum (FBS) is commonly used as a growth supplement in cell culture applications because of its high content of embryonic growth-promoting factors. In recent decades, there has been a significant increase in regulatory pressure to move away from the use of FBS in the field of cell culture. This is due to the risk of contaminations with viruses and prions, as well as the need for traceability records. For this reason, there is a demand for an FBS replacement that is chemically defined and completely free of animal components. To fulfil this need, TNC Bio presents XerumFree™, an efficient and fully defined cell culture supplement. Designed for use in research and development as well as manufacturing applications, it is guaranteed to be free from any product derived from animal or human material and has an ultra-low protein content. The proteins present in XerumFree™ are produced by a recombinant bacterial process in animal component-free (ACF) media. TNC Bio understands that its clients cannot afford to encounter unexpected challenges that cause gaps in their vaccine production processes, for example in terms of quality, cost, or supply. The company helps them avoid these difficult situations in a number of ways. Firstly, TNC Bio guarantees the quality of every batch of XerumFree™ by ensuring that it is fully defined. Many other FBS alternatives contain hydrolysates, plant extracts, or animal/human proteins, which can negatively affect consistency from batch to batch and reduce control over the culture environment. Unlike its competitors, TNC Bio’s product consists only of compounds that are highly purified chemicals derived from either synthetic or recombinant origin. This guarantees an extremely high level of consistency from batch to batch as well as a full traceability record. Secondly, to help clients avoid issues related to supply, TNC Bio is able to ensure that their production facilities are provided with a consistent supply of XerumFree™. It can do this thanks to its own robust manufacturing facilities, which are equipped for high levels of volume production and can be flexibly scaled up when needed. As well as this, the raw materials used to make XerumFree™ are not sensitive to issues related to volatility, fluctuations, and availability. This means that clients can benefit from a reduced risk of supply chain breakdown. XerumFree™ is generally packaged for use in research and development in 100ml or 500ml Nalgene PETG bottles. For production purposes where volume is higher, TNC Bio can deliver packaging of all shapes and sizes to suit clients’ requirements. Whether it’s bags or vessels, the company will aim to source and deliver the packaging they need. As a result of its commitment to its clients as well as its innovative product, which serves as an effective alternative to the use of FBS in cell culture applications, TNC Bio has been named Best Animal-Free FBS Alternative Producer, Netherlands, in the Benelux Enterprise Awards 2023. We congratulate the company on its success in this prestigious awards programme and wish its team the best of luck in the years to come. Contact Details Contact: Maarten van Tiel Company: TNC Bio BV Web Address: tncbio.com Best Animal-Free FBS Alternative Producer 2023 - Netherlands

Aug22136 EUBN Q4 2023 13. Most Trusted Destination Management Company 2023 - Italy Luxury destination management company DIVITA DMC & T.O. is a trusted Italian boutique offering authentic, custom-made travel experiences for clients across Italy and many Mediterranean countries. It has a mission to fulfil clients’ expectations with travel collections that include classic, iconic tours, short breaks, eco-friendly travel adventures, and a wide range of delicious gastronomic experiences. With a headquarters based in Florence, Italy, DiVita is driven by a passion inspired by the Italian landscape, and a desire to craft artisanal experiences for travellers. It has a team populated by experienced tourism professionals with many decades of industry knowledge. It likes to think of itself as your gateway to Italy and the Mediterranean, with carefully handpicked travel adventures just waiting to be discovered. DiVita has direct on the ground experience with all its suppliers, and is able to craft perfect itineraries for each individual traveller. It is devoted to promoting authentic “made in Italy” travel experiences for clients, and can also take expert care of journeys to places such as Greece, Spain, Portugal, and France. It is a specialist DMC (Destination Management Company) when it comes to wine, fine dining, gourmet experiences, visiting vineyards, and delivering the ideal tour package. It can help you to plan your own ‘great classic’ tour, but will also be able to surprise and delight with experiences that are off the beaten track to give you a special, bespoke holiday. DiVita is a maestro in the world of luxury tourism, with a keen eye kept on the international travel market at all times. It can guide you on a magical adventure through distant countries where the weight of culture stretches back many thousands of years. Its intention is to help visitors get metaphorically lost in these new worlds, and in so doing find themselves immeasurably enriched by the experience. All DiVita journeys begin with careful and meticulous client profiling, to ensure it can design a customised experience that will fulfil expectations on every level. The company has a deep understanding of its territories, and loves to have the chance to work behind the scenes to make clients’ travel dreams come true. With a team that is highly prepared and trained, there is never a problem when it comes to managing special needs and requests. DiVito loves to finesse the details, and won’t leave any part of the journey undone. As true ambassadors of what it tags Italian and Mediterranean roots, it is both confident and proud of its ability to not only meet but succeed client expectations when it comes to destination encounters. DiVita styles itself as Italian travel artisans, inviting its clients to experience the thrill of discovering breathtaking destinations offering unforgettable adventures. It wants clients to be able to immerse themselves in timeless cultures, and marvel at the majestic landscapes of wonderful places like the cradle of Western civilisation, Greece. Then there’s glorious Spain, a country full of charm from the Moroccan influences in the South to the vibrant fun of places such as Barcelona and the Balearics. Portugal is a fascinating territory boasting colourful cities such as Porto, and the warm-hearted capital city of Lisbon. Then there is one of the best known travel destinations in the world, France. From the city of love, Paris, to the unmissable Champagne vineyards, France is brimming with art, history, culture, and great food. DiVita can offer all manner of experience programmes in such places, including winery tours and private cooking classes. With collaborators knowledgeable in the culture and language of each country, you can be sure the soul and essence of each location will be there to discover on the adventure of a lifetime with DiVita. DIVITA DMC & T.O. has been chosen as the Most Trusted Destination Management Company 2023 – Italy, in the European Travel Awards. Its inspiring choice of destinations and experiences offer a luxury travel experience like no other, and helps to create special memories that will never be forgotten. Company: DIVITA DMC & T.O. Web Address: divitatours.com Contact Name: Niccolo Mazzi Jun23333

14. EUBN Q4 2023 Best Regional Tourism Business Development Organisation 2023 - UK Located in the heart of England and laying claim to the UK’s second largest city, Birmingham, the West Midlands region provides unparalleled connectivity, leisure assets, internationally recognisable brands, and particular strengths in the area of business tourism. Home of the Peaky Blinders, Warwick Castle, 11 Michelin restaurants, and the world’s largest single collection of Pre-Raphaelite art, the region is awash with a storied heritage and a keen sense of contemporary culture which make it an area of interest in both the domestic and international travel spheres. The West Midlands Growth Company possesses a range of values that are key in driving the business’ success. These are trust, respect, leadership, and wellbeing. Through remaining grounded in these values, the company ensures the highest level of service is afforded to its team, partners, and stakeholders. On the back of these values, the organisation has recently delivered the Business and Tourism Programme (BATP), the first legacy programme to be aligned to the Commonwealth Games, which Birmingham hosted in 2022. At the one-year anniversary of these Games, it was announced that this programme had successfully delivered record levels of tourism and investment in the West Midlands, inclusive of 2,600 jobs and more than 141 million visitors. In total, the Commonwealth Games contributed more than £430 million to the local economy, and has assisted in securing major future sporting events, such as the 2023 FIM World Supercross Championships and the 2026 European Athletics Championships. The region welcomes more international business visitors than any other UK area and its conferencing and events sector is bouncing back quicker than the UK average, with 8.3 million delegate visits in 2022, contributing £1.9 billion to the regional economy. In addition to this host of sporting events and facilities, Birmingham and the West Midlands comprises an array of attractions that are fun for all the family, or tourists looking to gain new experiences. The region’s waterways are some of the most famous in the UK, the Black Country Living Museum provides a slice of regional history and also boasts some of the key locations where Peaky Blinders was shot, and Cadbury World houses the UK’s favourite chocolate brand, complete with a factory tour, rollercoaster, and extensive gift shop. The unique Bear Grylls Adventure in Solihull brings together 11 epic experiences from the iFly wind tunnel to the Shark Dive, The Halls in Wolverhampton has relaunched following a multi-million-pound refurbishment to welcome the country’s best entertainment acts, and Coventry’s Herbert Art Gallery & Museum is currently home to ‘Dippy’, the nation’s favourite dinosaur. To ensure things remain on track, the WMGC facilitates the West Midlands Tourism & Hospitality Advisory Board, which drives the region’s visitor economy. At quarterly meetings, all areas of the tourism industry are brought together, and the board uses its influence to give advice on policies and funding at a national level and drives the objectives of the region’s tourism strategy incredibly effectively. The rest of the year is set to be busy for the West Midlands area. Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market is returning for another year, in town until Christmas Eve, and is the largest authentic German Christmas market outside of Germany and Austria, offering beer, food, and gifts. Looking ahead to 2024, there are some major highlights on the horizon that reinforce the West Midlands’ status as a hub of heritage and activity, with the 200th anniversary of Cadbury’s first shop, 150th anniversary of Walsall Arboretum, and England v West Indies at Edgbaston Stadium. Furthermore, the West Midlands Tourism Awards will return in 2024, with nearly 100 top tourism businesses competing across 14 categories. The awards are driven by the WMGC, and now in their fourth year, they form part of the company’s overarching plan to celebrate excellence, boost tourism, and strengthen the visitor economy. For those looking for an unparalleled tourist experience in the heart of England, look no further than Birmingham or the surrounding areas. With the West Midlands Growth Company’s website and event calendars offering the best the region has to offer, inclusive of restaurants, hotels, and days out to cater to any need, there has been no better time to revel in all that the region has to offer. Contact: Becky Frall Company: West Midlands Growth Company Web Address: https://visitbirmingham.com/ Email Address: [email protected] Jul23171 The West Midlands Growth Company (WMGC) serves to drive the sustainable growth of both inbound and domestic tourism across the West Midlands region, through a combination of developing and promoting an internationally competitive brand and visitor proposition for the area. Underpinned by a sustainable approach to policy and practice, the customer-centric strategy adopted by the business in its destination campaigns maximises the value of the West Midlands’ towns and cities, generating revenue and quality opportunities in equal measure. We speak with head of tourism Becky Frall to find out more about how the company drives footfall to these areas from national and international markets, attracting, supporting, and leveraging the opportunities brought about through businesses and major events.

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