Scandinavian Business Awards 2021

22 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2021 Scandinavian Business Awards EU BUSINESS NEWS /2021 Scandinavian Business Awards 23 , Best Student Learning Platform - Southern Finland Claned is not your average online learning platform. It’s the only platform that includes built- in learning design elements that intuitively guide clients to create better online courses. Jun21454 Claned was founded in 2013, by Vesa Perala and is based in Helsinki, Finland. It is an education technology company, which assists organizations in creating digital learning. Claned focuses on delivering a fusion of pedagogy and technology to improve learning outcomes and measure its impact on individual, group and organizational level. “Our core value is accessibility: we aim to improve access to quality learning materials and improve the learning process,” states Em Seikkanen, Head of Content and Communications at Claned. Em continues, “We have over 300 clients ranging from K12 schools to governments, NGO’s and corporations on all continents. Our customers are typically organizations who want to do digital learning well and especially measure its impact in strategic and operational metrics.” Overall, the Learning Management System market has traditionally been dominated by legacy platform providers such as Moodle, Canvas and Blackboard. Several enterprise HR suites such as Workday and SuccessFactors offer learning modules, but monolithic, all-in-one solutions do not deliver proper online learning and impact especially when the learning module is just the core focus. All such solutions suffer from the fact that it has been designed for learning administration and not for learning itself, thus resulting a fact that learning outcomes are The education market is going digital at a very fast pace, although only 4% of the market has been digitized so far. Em explains, “COVID-19 has accelerated this development a lot and there are estimates that the Edtech industry has matured by 5-10 years since the start of the pandemic. “This has favoured companies providing digital learning solutions a lot and the trend will continue, especially AS adult education will not return to classrooms in the future.” Em continues, “Scandinavia is following this trend and corporations are leading the digital transformation whilst the education institutions show no particular hurry to change their modus operandi.” Scandinavia is known for high tech solutions and Finland is known for having one of the top- rated education systems globally, often coming in at number one. Em states, “As we say here, ‘education comes from Finland’ so a combination of these two is a very good branding aspect for companies such as Claned.” To make Claned successful in the industry against its competitors and for its users, the team behind the platform must also be some of the best in the business. Em states, “We look for individuals who want to make an impact through digital education, are professionals in their own field of expertise and are in general, a good match with the entire team. We hire based on talent, skills and the poor. In general, the focus is on technology only and online pedagogy is forgotten to a very substantial degree. Learning analytics are the future of learning but many platform providers focus on learning statistics and not, for example, predictive analytics, which fuse pedagogical theories and machine learning. Em states, “The Claned platform includes built-in learning design elements that intuitively guide course creators to create better, more engaging, rewarding and valuable online courses. Engagement correlates directly with better learning outcomes and engaging learning generates more learning data. Claned’s learning solution’s ultimate performance is based on this data, so the performance of our customers is what’s needed too.” Claned is based on years of academic research and has been developed in collaboration with leading education institutions. This is one of the key benefits and unique selling points of the company. The collected data includes metadata on learning materials combined with data on learners' interactions with learning materials and learners' activities and interactions with other learners. Em states, “This forms the basis for providing learning analytics and recommendations for learners. By combining pedagogical expertise, an engaging platform, and unique learning analytics, Claned has become the most complete digital learning solution in the market.” Best Student Learning Platform - Southern Finland ability to add to the company culture in a beneficial way. This has meant we’ve inadvertently grown a diverse innovation culture with our recent hires.” Furthermore, the future of the industry will only grow as technology and civilisation keeps advancing. Specifically for Claned, Em explains, “We will grow our business and general impact in 2021. Several large projects with governments, NGO’s and large corporations are in the making and pave the way toward “proper digital” learning that’s both engaging and effective for increasing the number of learners. We are also growing our digital footprint and organic reach as well as planning to create more scholarships surrounding successful adult online learning.” Em continues, “Without pedagogy, the risk of simply deploying software is substantial. The Edtech industry has been broken for many years but is now booming and companies that can show measurable impact on learning outcomes and business performance will succeed during the upcoming years.” Stated or not, Claned will be one of the top businesses who will succeed in the upcoming years, due to its vast expertise, enthusiastic, trained and passionate team and the innovation and dedication behind the platform. Company: Claned Group Oy Ab Name: Em Seikkanen Email: [email protected] Web: