Scandinavian Business Awards 2021

20 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2021 Scandinavian Business Awards EU BUSINESS NEWS /2021 Scandinavian Business Awards 21 , Scandinavian MICE Agency of the Year 2021 Ophelix Scandinavia is amulti-award-winning Nordic travel and event agency withmore than 10 years of experience in everything related to company trips, meetings and virtual events. First launched in 2009 under the name ‘Fotspor Event’, the firm’s newname ‘Ophelix Scandinavia’ is inspired by its owners’s children: Felix and Ophelia. Jun21458 Ophelix Scandinavia is one of the leading Scandinavian full hospitality company, serving all kinds of clients, from corporates to the public sector, in addition to small private groups from all around the world. Its services encompass group travel organisation, meetings, events and catering to the international market with its DMC services. Additionally, thanks to the latest arrival of “Get Virtual”, it can offer Virtual Events to customers. Ophelix´s mission is to become the leading MICE agency in Scandinavia and to have satellite offices spread around the Nordic region. Håkon Wåge-Lorentzen, Owner and Managing Director of Ophelix states, “Our core values are transparency, openness, innovation, never being satisfied and always aiming for better. Ophelix Scandinavia. “As the pandemic struck, we saw that giving our clients the opportunity to still digitally attend the events, conferences, exhibitions and workshops that they had planned, was a great scoring point in the hearts of our customers.” Being based in Scandinavia has many benefits for Ophelix, as it ensures that it can take advantage of great digital working equipment, low corruption in the governmental system, and the innovative mentality of the population to make Ophelix Scandinavia grow and develop in one of the best business environments of the world. Ophelix Scandinavia shows a participative Scandinavian leadership style, where the Managing Director and dep. managers are eager to hear from the employee's comments, feedback, and ideas. Input is highly welcomed by anybody and all decisions are made together. Håkon explains, “The company is highly democratic and respectful towards each other's difficulties in everyday working life. We recognise that it is important to understand employees, and this ensures that employees can then rapidly accept new policies and decisions.” Håkon continues, “this democratic style helps us find creative To achieve our mission, we are following an action plan that will innovate the company and its employees. And with offices in Norway and Scandinavia, we can serve our clients locally instead of one big HQ in Oslo”. Moreover, Ophelix envisions a future made with hybrid and virtual events. Håkon explains, “As the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us, we are highly reliant on digital devices to carry on our life, especially in a globalized world where we could cut travelling costs and the CO2 emission related to them and meet people online instead.” Scandinavia differs from many other European countries for the digitalization of their population and administration. The unexpected benefit that came with COVID-19 was the arrival of "Get Virtual" digital events as the newest service offered by ScandinavianMICEAgency of the Year 2021 solutions to otherwise too mainstream results. Thanks to the fact that employees do feel considered and listened to in this atmosphere, they also feel free to express themselves and share their opinion. As the decisions are made together, the employees feel personally liable for the company success, which consequentially makes them feel more involved, and enables the creation of a healthy working environment, where staff morale is kept at an elevated level.” The future of Ophelix is certainly on the upward, as it has just won the award for Scandinavian MICE Agency of the Year 2021. Håkon explains, “In 2021 we are working towards enlarging our customer base to all the Scandinavian countries, including opening an office in Iceland and Bergen. We are keeping in contact and selling virtual events to our clients. We are also re-arranging the company, as we have changed the name in Ophelix Scandinavia from the old ‘Get Together Scandinavia.’ We are now promoting our new name on the market, showing the benefits of virtual events to our customers and preparing the firm for a big re-opening of business, once the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us.” Company: Ophelix Scandinavia Name: Håkon Wåge-Lorentzen Email: [email protected] Web Address: