Scandinavian Business Awards 2021

30 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2021 Scandinavian Business Awards EU BUSINESS NEWS /2021 Scandinavian Business Awards 31 , Leading Providers of Holiday & Summer Camps - Denmark DINCAMP is a Denmark based camp holiday provider with big plans for future expansion, having secured its place as a front runner in education and personal fulfilment camps that prize creativity and enthusiasm. Emboldened by a staff who eachwork hard tomake it the best it can be, DINCAMP has earned itself the love of its market segment and the respect of its competitors. Jun21185 A camp provider operating in Denmark, DIN CAMP offers unique camp experiences for its clients of all ages; teenagers, kids, and adults, working hard to inspire, develop, and entertain them. In this way, its services have become synonymous with the creation of safe and inclusive places to find a hidden talent or discover a new passion, with each team member being an enthusiastic and supportive voice that helps people to reconnect with the meaning of fun in a safe learning environment. Therefore, DIN CAMP’s camps have made it notable for the personal development that one can expect to undergo whilst in attendance, allowing the development of a new attitude towards the importance of team spirit that is cultivated through the offered activities and games. This helps to facilitate a microcosm of a healthy and loving community that its clients young and old can take away from the camp, and apply in every facet of their life, from kids’ peer groups to office environments. Throughout this, it promotes the importance of creative fulfilment and how it can inspire, improve, and benefit a person, leading creative learning technique classes and developing a unique sense of camaraderie throughout the campsite. Its highly independent and exemplary camping experience prioritises inspiring education and development, the teachers able to invest effort in them individually to make that happen. The same goes for its SportsCamps; these are manned by exemplary instructors, camp leaders, and kitchen staff that believe in providing only the best for their service users. DIN CAMP, in essence, by ensuring that each camper has a vast array of personalities and perspectives around them in a well-staffed environment, guarantees that a child will be able to find a team member they click with and be able to learn from them as a result, all hands working together to ensure that the DIN CAMP experience is truly exemplary. That, above all, is the most important thing to this business. It has seen how popular that summer camps and camping experiences have become in its market segment over the past few years, excited to be able to partake in this uptick in demand and happy to welcome more people than ever through its doors. Furthermore, it noticed that some in its market segment – and even some of its competitors – started calling things camps that were in fact just weekend trips! It thusly dedicated itself to showing its clients through its continually brilliant service just what camp really means, being a trend setter in its industry; it was one of the first establishments of its kind that combines both sportsmanship and learning after all, after which many of its and achieving, hoping to promote a positive atmosphere where success isn’t about stress. Instead, it’s about getting out what you put in, whilst being supported and encouraged by the other campers – after all, inter-personal connection is a big part of what inspires people to be better and do better – all of which feeds back into the core values it was founded on. From its passion to its ambition, and its innovation to its teamwork, DIN CAMP ensures that everything its staff and campers do together is because it’s what they believe in, able to approach any task with a shared enthusiasm that is truly infectious and ensures that each camper will have an experience like no other camp can offer. Moreover, in order to achieve this, it makes itself heavily powered by ingenuity. It offers only the best services and solutions in its work, making the impossible a possibility one creative task at a time, and encouraging people to come together in order to create the extraordinary as a part of everyday camping life. Its unique team and resources have also gone a long way towards marking it out as different from its peers. Its learning camp, where one teacher takes on five students, provides an adaptive and tailorable learning solution for its campers that ensures each student has access to what they need for their Leading Providers of Holiday&Summer Camps - Denmark and who believe in the mission behind the camp, those who possess the drive and go-getting attitude to be able to work hard and reap the benefits of seeing just how much of a positive impact their efforts will have on the lives of the campers. Its staff are invigorated by such things, each of them leaders in the hospitality and education competitors began trying this method. Luckily, because of this, it has been able to continue standing out in its industry. Being among the first, it has been working hard to perfect and nail down its methodologies to be the best for a very long time – about ten years – and is now able to benefit from all the lessons that time and experience has taught its staff. This has cultivated an environment of learning and betterment amongst the team as well as the end users, and when the pandemic meant that people could not travel abroad and began looking within the country for vacation solutions, DIN CAMP experienced yet another uptick in visitors. It was therefore able to step in for the vacation and hospitality industry where so many could not; although it had to cancel once during the winter, it has considered itself lucky for the consistent support of its loyal and enthusiastic campers, as well as the tenacity and dedication of the team. When it comes to hiring new people, in this manner, it is important to DIN CAMP that they will be able to fit into the atmosphere. Being a camp worker is demanding and rewarding both, and it looks for people who understand that, as well as people who will thrive in such an environment. DIN CAMP hires people who are undaunted by a challenge industries with a singular and undimmable passion for the work they do. For ten years – since its founding – it has been a front-runner in the camp industry and in creating these exemplary learning and personal development environments, leading the way for others so that they could follow in its footsteps, and in this way shaping the future of its sector in the macro scale. The resulting culture has become one of understanding, empathy, and dedication, drawing brilliant people to it with its already brilliant way of working. It, at its core, is something that everyone wants to be part of. Although its current future plans are a closely guarded secret, it wishes to assure its users that it’s working on exciting things, promising that Denmark won’t be the only country benefitting from DIN CAMP camps in the coming years. Company: DIN CAMP APS Contact: Jonas Herlev Website: