Scandinavian Business Awards 2021

32 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2021 Scandinavian Business Awards EU BUSINESS NEWS /2021 Scandinavian Business Awards 33 , Best Video Surveillance Solutions Provider - Sweden Withwell-proven and unique technological solutions unbound by geographical limitations and bulky hardware, Observit is a provider of onboardmobile video surveillance that has earned success in a fast-changingmarket. Moreover, with the pandemic creating a world that prioritises remote work andmanagement, its services have experienced a higher demand than ever, something it is pleased to say isn’t forecast to slow anytime soon. Jun21132 Starting in 1994, Observit began when its founders left the existing company Swedish Telecom’s R&D wing in order to strike out by themselves and start their own path towards innovating their industry. As pioneers in their own right, they made Observit into an exemplary product development and internet services company, hosting video services through its VSaaS platform as early as the year 2000 in order to hit the ground running and begin to make itself a darling of its industry. Observit, in essence, is the builder of IP connections to cameras, specifically specialising in providing this service for cameras that had no IP back in 1995. It has grown up alongside the technological exponential curve and developed in tandem with it, having created products that unite people and technology for 20 years at this point, it allows connection to fleets through the Internet of Things – or IoT. Fundamentally, the connection to the IoT is not the difficult part; the hardest element is the generation of small pieces of hardware – containing cameras and people counters, for example – and making them and serving as a platform for all stakeholders such as bus operators, transit authorities, and policepersons. This allows for the fast and remote access to fleet management such as evidence retrieval, maintenance, or data gathering, all whilst losing as little hardware as possible and keeping itself scalable with the size and arrangement of the fleet in question. Furthermore, without the need of any resource intensive specialist to maintain or manage, Observit has ensured its services are simple in everything from installation to use and management; it requires no recorders or rugged, bulky PCs in the vehicle itself, just the cameras connected to the network. In tandem with this, no intensive training or onboarding is required for its use. Its founders had even started building connection services from 1994, and it is honoured to finally see it become a staple in the transport industry, as this has been the goal of its efforts for a long time as it focuses its work on client-friendly connected technological management systems. Of course, new additions to the market have also contributed to shaping its business and resulting a stable and reliable element of the market, allowing for an accessible enterprise system and as a highly accessible service. This allows the customer to use the system instead of having to configure and manage it. Observit’s goal, first and foremost, is to make a user-friendly and intuitive experience for all, no matter what their level of technological acumen or ability, ensuring that everyone can connect when they need to. Way back in 2006, one of its first innovations to this end was the first IP based video management system for public transport, a unique product still used on the market combining technological processes with enterprise level telecom design, and the best solution in the transportation market to allow the operation of thousands of units and cameras. Consequently, with this success behind it, it funnelled its effort into continuing to serve this market segment in particular. Observit has in this way been able to build up a first-class system and a loyal roster of clients who depend on its services as a result, including the Observit Mobile Surveillance, a cloud-based subscription service, revolutionizing video surveillance across bus fleets Best Video Surveillance Solutions Provider - Sweden market it serves. Covid-19 will also have a significant hand in changing this further as it continues to progress, and the world in its entirety shifts to serving an entirely remote working paradigm that prioritises lessening human contact where possible and increasing the facilitation of the appropriate safety measures whilst still allowing for businesses to operate. Digitisation has exploded as a result, especially in Scandinavia, making the market that Observit serves a very exciting and dynamic place to be at present. It is pleased to be part of this tectonic shift, working hard to provide the ingenuity and drive backed up by decades of experience in creating the best technological remote solutions in order to develop, create, and distribute all new and high-tech products to the ever-more- adaptive business market. This, of course, has meant the market is highly demanding as a result, but Observit has never been one to shy away from a challenge and feeds the Scandinavian appetite for adopting new and bold technologies, striving to keep abreast of and respond to changes in demand as it fluctuates. As a result, Observit works closely with one of the major global brands in IP cameras as well as HQ i Scandinavia, a mutually beneficial relationship much like its collaboration with universities – the latter, in particular, has allowed it to invigorate and inspire young minds, as well as to find new ways to use technology in its work. Theses are incredibly easy to find and maintain in Scandinavia, for which it is incredibly grateful. Furthermore, making all this possible is its exemplary team. The employees at Observit are great relationship developers, able to both work in granular manner and consider the wider impact, utilising an incredible breadth and depth of industry knowledge and technological acumen. Observit’s employees handle with anything and everything with calm and open minds in order to let it find the best problem- solving methods in response to ever-changing and sometimes unprecedented local, regional or even global situations. The service that each of them provide allow for excellent customer service, quick and simple issue resolution, and the provision of top-of-the-range services and solutions. Additionally, Observit’s service makes it easy for a client to expand into all segments of transportation and diversify their business; this is a stunning opportunity that it is proud to help clients capitalise on, offering its services for all kinds of mobile units that require remote management, as well as surveillance video. The latter service even comes with people counters to provide exemplary events management, making external signals from the place of origin, GPS, and telematics an intrinsic part of the video. These can even come with alarm buttons, indicators, speed, and driver behaviour monitors. Above all, Observit’s goal is to provide a simple solution to all the needs of its market segment with the least amount of hardware and fuss, and the highest level of quality, even expanding into products like autonomous buses – an interesting challenge that it is excited to take on. Essentially, the sky is the limit with Observit’s services and products. It acknowledges that onboard mobile video surveillance can be a complicated line of work to both implement and manage, from hardware functionality and update to ensuring the evidence reaches the right people, but with its help, Observit is confident that it can make this easier than ever for clients across its sector. 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