Scandinavian Business Awards 2021

38 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2021 Scandinavian Business Awards EU BUSINESS NEWS /2021 Scandinavian Business Awards 39 , Best Film Production Company - Norway Cinenord AS is a filmand TV show production company based inNorway, producing shows that have an ever-growing following both in its home country and internationally. It is pleased to see that, over the years, the international eye of media has turned to the Nordic countries and the storytelling that its creative professionals are doing there, forever keen to bring its exemplary shows to an audience that is expanding by the day. Jun21069 A film production company based in Oslo, Cinenord AS was founded in 2004, and has made itself the producer and co-producer behind 28 movies and 3 TV series. Being passionate about storytelling, from the characters to the drive behind the narrative, and bringing new and innovative content to its audiences, it is consistently striving to inspire, touch, and entertain viewers with fiction content that varies hugely in nature. Furthermore, its audience can both be found locally and internationally, its mission to be a powerhouse for both film and TV production in its region through the profit margins it creates and the entertainment value of its productions both. Of course, amongst all of this business focus is its focus on the content; this, as far as Cinenord is concerned, is the most important business element it has. Without the creative and innovative storytelling that it has built its reputation off of, it loses its heart, and so it hopes to continuously expand and better its creative teams across the board to allow them access to better resources, equipment, and people, making fiction into reality. Thus, it keeps a finger on the pulse of its industry at all times – keeping abreast of trends and developments in order to remain competitive – and has seen countless changes over time. Currently, the shift is towards creating tailored content for streaming sites, pivoting away from a focus on feature films With its two current major shows domineering in the market – the Nordic crime thriller Wisting with Carrie-Anne Moss, and historical drama Atlantic Crossing with Kyle McLachlan – both have been sold to over 30 countries, having made themselves points of pride for the business. Similarly, Cinenord has grown steadily in and of itself, especially over the last 17 years. Recently having joined forces with Beta Film, a German production company, it looks forward to an ongoing partnership that will give it the advantage of being able to closely collaborate with international sales makers, giving it access to a wider financing network. Best FilmProductionCompany - Norway for cinema, especially after the lockdowns where many cinemas suffered shutdowns and closures. TV series has also seen significant development as a medium, becoming longer form and creatively more challenging. Moreover, with the Scandinavian region proving ‘hot stuff’ in media at present, it is finding that its market segment has only grown in terms of international viewership, cultivating a prevailing attitude of enthusiasm and positivity that mirrors the atmosphere it strives to create in-house. Behind the scenes at Cinenord, the company focuses on having fun and choosing projects that inspire excitement in its staff, always looking to hire diverse and unique talent with a distinctive eye. After the recent temporary hiatus that Cinenord went through due to Covid-19, its Wisting season 2 production having to be put on pause, it is happy to announce that it is shooting again at present, as well as in the midst of developing a season 3. Furthermore, these upcoming seasons will be joined by the shooting of another family show called Casper and Emma – a show that has enjoyed successful promotion to several years – and it hopes that these will be joined by many more exciting shows slated to be greenlit soon. In short, watch this space! Company: Cinenord AS Contact: Bara Pazderkova Website: Alexander Eik (l) directing Atlantic Crossing CEO and Producer Silje Hopland Wisting Season 1 Atlantic Crossing