Scandinavian Business Awards 2021

36 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2021 Scandinavian Business Awards EU BUSINESS NEWS /2021 Scandinavian Business Awards 37 , Best Specialist eCommerce Agency - Nordics An e-commerce agency helping its clients to get a leg up in the Amazonmarket, Retime Oy has beenmaking a significant difference in helping companies swim rather than sink during the course of the pandemic. With e-commerce growingmore than ever, and Amazon to set upmore online stores in the Nordic region soon, it is in the midst of a period of exponential growth that its clients are benefittingmassively from, finding new levels of success through its aid in pivoting to sales on the Amazon platform. May21674 Retime Oy is a company on a mission to engage with emerging Nordic companies in order to help them bring their products to international markets, achieving success through marketplaces owned by the shipping and distribution company, Amazon. This, in essence, encourages them to work with Retime itself and their own clientele, bringing a new lease of life to their market segment with great results and an impeccable attitude than can be applied across a multitude of different products. It is by working in this manner that Retime has made itself the largest Amazon Agency in the Nordic region, and it is also the first company on the lips of a multitude of heavy hitters in its field, as well as the now offers all manner of services in marketplace adaptability and management, from account opening to product listing, and content creation to advertising strategy, planning, and execution. Furthermore, being the only business of its kind in the Nordic region, it was able to apply its years of experience in online marketplaces and Amazon specifically in order to pull ahead of the pack. The prevailing attitude within the company is therefore one of hands-on working, teamwork, collaboration, and keeping the client at the forefront of operations at all times; it will always strive to work alongside a client as well as for them, taking them on a step-by-step journey that allows them to feel both supported and encouraged from first port of call for a variety of different companies looking for help in breaking into the Amazon marketplace. Fundamentally, Retime understands the unique pressures and challenges presented by this market that a new company may face; by aiding them in facing down everything from specific market challenges to fostering international sales growth, it makes itself a partner to its clients business operations. This is something that – across the board – its client laud as exemplary. In this way, it has managed a naturalistic and scalable growth alongside the customers, making their successes the backbone of its own success, and proud to work alongside every one of them. It Best Specialist eCommerce Agency - Nordics accounting to logistics. This also allows its customers to break into international markets. Moreover, with strong pushes to further digitisation across the board, its exemplary and high- energy team focuses on helping its clients continue to adapt to this market. With e-commerce becoming even more prevalent than ever due to the pandemic, it saw its client base nearly double within the 3 months of Spring 2020, able to be the company stepping up to the plate for these companies in order to guide them in their remote-operations pivot. Crucially, this has created a spike in e-commerce and the Amazon market across the board, and with Nordic brands holding a prestige granted by its regionality and values, Retime promises to help them stand out in order to capture the audience they deserve. Supportive, diligent, and unafraid of a challenge, Retime seeks employees who are a good match with the rest of the team. This is because it has, over the years, created an atmosphere of familial values and supportive attitudes, ensuring everyone comes to work to find an enjoyable and healthy workplace in which their different opinions and perspectives and respected and valued. Retime’s team has therefore become known for its staff’s eagerness to learn and the inspiration they take from each other to continue educating, growing, and developing as both professionals and people, able to extend this positivity out towards its clients. It is particularly excited to do so over the next few years, as Amazon will be opening more online stores in Nordic countries instead of just Sweden, and Retime expects 2021 will continue to be a promising year of continued growth that allows it to progress from strength to strength. Company: Retime Oy Contact: Jani Ovaska Website: