Scandinavian Business Awards 2021

4 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2021 Scandinavian Business Awards EU BUSINESS NEWS /2021 Scandinavian Business Awards 5 , Best Sustainable Public Interior Furniture Designers 2021 Green Furniture Concept makes sustainable design for public interior areas. The winding, seamless seating, acoustic lighting, and other signature design features fromGreen Furniture can be found worldwide in places like Dublin Airport, TopangaMall (LA) and Stockholm Central Station. Jun21239 Since Green Furniture Concept’s establishment in 2007, sprouting from the ‘One C’ chair immense success in Paris, Founder and Designer Johan Bergin’s internal flame was set alite with green conviction. Johan states, “When I started making furniture, I was shocked by how smelly furniture manufacturing was, literally, with glues and coatings, and I decided to make a difference. The Green Furniture brand was introduced at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2010, based on the idea of creating sustainable modern classics. Furniture with heart and soul, pieces that say something about both your taste and your sense of responsibility. Design that is better because it is made according to sustainable principles and made to the highest standards of quality, so that your piece can be with you for a long time. Furniture made using strong emotional language that forges a relationship between the piece and people.” sustainability the new standard for public space design. We want to reshape industry mindsets and inspire new corporate beliefs. It’s time to make world- positive impact by empowering individuals and revitalising the communities they serve. Can indoor spaces create deeper sensory experiences of nature, and make people feel like they belong? We think they can, and that’s why we’ll continue to make public interiors matter even more.” Additionally, Johan continues to discuss the internal culture of the company, its success and platform of business for The Green Furniture Concept. “We don't sell furniture, we create experiences, putting the visitor and the experience first-hand. We work in close collaboration with architects, interior designers, designers, managers and clients to create the most satisfying solution for the project. We offer BIM objects and DXF/DWG to architects for an easy handling when choosing our products into projects. We currently provide files for Revit, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD and SketchUp, but we will gladly provide you with your chosen format. We can also provide a design and layout process for our clients. An easy way to get a custom layout that will fit your project and get you a rendered The Green Furniture Concept is now pursuing sustainability on three different levels: practice - design and production of its own furniture - activities and informative events. The Green Furniture Concept offers modular seating solutions for public space interiors, adding placemaking values and delivers a memorable experience with a positive impact for the visitor, the world, and everyone in between. Johan explains, “Making places matters. Some say we’re forerunners in sustainable design; if that’s true, what’s next? We’re working to boost the standard of public space interiors. Our guiding principles are leading us forward, placing sustainability, design excellence and real human needs at the core of all we achieve. We bring nature indoors, connect people to places, and individuals with each other.” Johan continues, “Our vision is to make public space thrive! We’re setting out to make Best Sustainable Public Interior Furniture Designers 2021 idea of how the layout will look in your project.” Now more than ever, it's important to think about creating a seamless experience for the visitor, by working together in different areas with one goal: to make public spaces safe, inviting and a memorable experience. Johan states, “We have an agile organisation which makes it open for quick changes and adaptation. This has been a benefit during recent years with the challenges we faced in the pandemic. Our team is a mix of amazing talents in their field and in Green, it's OK to experiment and try on different and new things aligned with our vision. Even if we don't succeed every time, we learn and we move forward, as a team.” The overall goal for Johan and the team at Green Furniture Concept is to make public places matter and thrive again. ‘Spread the word of Green,’ as its inevitable that they are in this industry to stay and succeed with its concept of sustainable and green interior furniture designs. Company: Green Furniture Concept Contact Name: Adele Kamel Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]