Scandinavian Business Awards 2021

6 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2021 Scandinavian Business Awards EU BUSINESS NEWS /2021 Scandinavian Business Awards 7 , Best Medical Devices Manufacturer 2021 Monivent is a young Swedishmedtech company dedicated to improving the care of new born babies in need of respiratory support at birth. About three to six percent of all new-borns end up in this critical situation and healthcare professionals today lack good tools to determine how effective manual ventilation is. Monivent has developed Neo100 whichmeasures the airflow to the child directly in a face mask via a sensor module that sends data wirelessly to an external monitor. The caregiver thereby receives immediate feedback, which enables necessary adjustments to ensure an effective but also gentle treatment. Jun21102 For many years, Sweden has been a leading country of innovative medical technology solutions. The pacemakers, stereotactic radiosurgery, the ultrasound, the incubator, the haemodialysis, and many other innovations have increased the prospect for healthcare to save, prolong and improve the quality of life for many. Sweden has a long tradition of being at the forefront of the management of extremely preterm infants and Scandinavia has many researchers in the field of resuscitation of new-borns. There are several companies which have developed innovative products for neonatal care in Scandinavia and as a small company it is a great advantage for Monivent to be able to exchange ideas and experiences with good friends who are more than willing to support. The story of Monivent originates from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg when two neonatologists and a researcher in lung physiology presented the product idea to students at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. Since then, Chalmers has together with Almi Invest (Sweden’s most Monivent’s Neo100 meets a real need in this area; its unique and patented solution of a wireless add-on to existing ventilation equipment means the caregiver can adjust the airflow accordingly and ensure the procedure is effective while minimising the medical risks. Also, the wireless connection eliminates the need for additional cables and tubes at the resuscitation table which is a unique and appreciated feature. Indeed, the foundation of Monivent was built on entrepreneurship and desire to make a difference for its youngest patients. This is what still permeates the culture in the company, combined with strong teamwork. As a small company, no one has only one assignment, but everyone has a foot in both camps. When it comes to recruiting new staff, apart from the necessary qualifications, they must be unpretentious and willing to help even outside their own area. Monivent is very fortunate to have a team with very smart, dedicated and open-minded people, and it is delighted to have been able to keep the original members of the team – Among these, Maria Lindqvist, one of the students that founded the company. active early stage investor) supported the company through its whole journey from start-up to commercial company. To be able to take a product idea all the way, local support like this is priceless and necessary. Gothenburg is one of Sweden’s leading life science regions and as such, a very inspiring environment for a young medtech company. Gothenburg also has a strong and international R&D community, where innovations such as mind-controlled arm prosthetics, personalised implants, 3D bioprinters and assistive technologies are being developed. Current technology in existence for new-born resuscitation provides manual ventilation without monitoring and volume measurement, which isn’t easy to use and doesn’t display the volumes being delivered to the baby. It is a complex procedure that largely relies on the expertise and experience of the caregiver. Being one of the most important interventions performed in the delivery room, it’s also a very delicate one where both under- and overventilation can seriously damage the lungs and brain. BestMedical DevicesManufacturer 2021 At the moment, Monivent is in a very intense and inspiring phase. It has already one product on the market, Monivent Neo Training, designed for training and education, and its current full focus is on launching the version which is to be used on new-borns in the delivery room, Neo100, which is CE-marked and ready for the market, and the first systems are used for studies in three clinical centres. The plan is to launch the product in selected markets in Europe when the COVID-19 pandemic allows visits to hospitals again. To market the products, Monivent has already signed agreements with distributors in all key markets in Europe, in Australia and in North America. Also, the company was listed on the Spotlight Stock Market in March 2020 which was a logical and strategically important step in the continued development of the company. As it has experienced a lot of interest for its products by customers, distributors, and key opinion leaders, it has also seen great interest from many new stockholders. Company: Monivent Contact: Karin Dahllöf Email: [email protected] Website: