German Business Awards 2019

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 German Business Awards 11 , Because of the scale of digitization in recent years, Germany is wit- nessing a gradual and constant shift from cash payments, to digital forms, even for smaller purchases. The foray of payment methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay and virtual cards only added to the massive shift, especially with the younger generations. Novalnet strives to be one step ahead by adopting to newer technologies and breakthroughs to fulfil the ever increasing demands of e-commerce and m-commerce channels. Their agile approach helps Novalnet roll out up-to-date payment products and services that ends in seamless shopping experiences. All these are not possible without the support of a highly committed workforce. The team at the German office is handpicked to design and develop cutting edge technologies, provide efficient client support and faster implementations. The driving force behind the great team is the adherence to strong fundamen- tal principles and internal culture which is built around values of ac- countability, security, innovation, flexibility and simplicity. Novalnet is a market leader in pay- ment services, and being a truly trustworthy company provides merchants with the ultimate peace of mind saving them time, energy and money. The seamless checkout experience and higher conversion rates makes Novalnet an indispensable payment partner for any merchant. And the company stays true to its name and com- mitment by always being one step ahead of online trends and latest technologies supported by its innovative and dynamic workforce. Contact Details: Contact: Alla Dixon Web Address: Company: Novalnet AG Telephone: 0049 89 9230683 20 NOVALNET Best Full-Service Payment Solutions Provider – Europe Oct19488 Headquartered in Germany and its subsidiaries spread across three conti- nents, Novalnet op- erates worldwide providing full service payments solutions which is every merchant's dream. The all in one payment solutions from Novalnet takes care of everything from checkout to debt collection. While providing end-to-end solu- tions, Novalnet's primary goal is to challenge the traditional payment industry model by offering fully automated solutions that seamlessly integrates payment, finance and technology. This helps merchants to focus on their core business and increase profitability. One of the toughest choices when you go e-commerce is choosing the right payment processing company. Each company offers their own set of features and solutions which might not cover everything that you need for your business. Novalnet's comprehensive one-stop-solution is a blessing which gets you everything you need under one single contract. We caught up with Novalnet to find out more about this award-winning company. E m p o w e r i n g P a y m e n t Novalnet's solutions adhere to global standards while eliminating the need of multiple contracts with multiple companies and taking care of all facets of your e-com- merce business. It's a big relief not having to manage multiple systems with disconnected systems, data and reports. Novalnet's payment dashboard gives merchants all information they require at their fingertip through a single interface. More than 40 fraud prevention tools along with PCI DSS Level 1 certification provide unparalleled peace of mind to their clients. Being a German company, Novalnet is better placed, garnering all the benefits of efficiency, innovation, reliability and trust which are all hallmarks of every German company. With Germany's strict data protection laws and various statutory compliance requirements, selecting a German company is an absolute no-brainer. Novalnet's technologies and processes are fully compliant to PCI DSS Organization (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), European, specifically German, Data Protection and Anti Money Laundering laws.