Agriculture and Farming Awards 2021

8 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2021 Agriculture and Farming Awards EU BUSINESS NEWS /2021 Agriculture and Farming Awards 9 , Company: LSL Auctions Contact: Brendan Hannigan Website: Best Virtual Auctions Platform 2021: LSL Auctions With no-fee onboarding, a global-market-ready systemand platform, and a dedication to continued improvement of its services across the board, LSL Auctions has made itself the front-runner of contemporary technology. It allows for the seamless mingling of modern technology with traditional auctioneering, creating a space for its industry to continue, even during the tumult of a global pandemic. May21521 Established in 2014, LSL Auctions has made itself the live broadcast, online and floor bidding platform for auctions, with offices in both London and Mullingar. It gained significant notoriety during the pandemic, specifically enjoying being thrust to prominence during April of last year as auctioneers realised that auctions could no longer be carried out fully in the traditional sense. With the remote world opening up more than ever before – and the majority of the in-person world being temporarily closed – the lockdowns caused auctioneers to look for alternative ways to host and organise auctions and lots. This is where LSL Auctions stepped in. From livestock auctioneering to land, property, machinery, motors, and art, the many auction houses and organisers of the world began to look towards means through which to do live remote auctions, means they could continue to incorporate to make auction holding as a whole a more streamlined process. Therefore, LSL Auctions took note of how popular the broadcast of live video from inside auction houses and stock marts was becoming and developed a provision that by land and property. These two provisions are currently experiencing rapid and notable growth on the platform, with ten new auction houses being added each week over the past month that has allowed for both types of auction to fast become contenders to livestock in terms of the app’s most popular auction. Furthermore, nowadays, LSL Auctions has made itself a truly hybrid auction platform. In essence this means that LSL Auctions can combine both the traditional and the virtual when it comes to auctions with live broadcasting; this is something that clients have largely lauded as exemplary. One of the most difficult challenges of the pandemic for many was getting to grips with entirely new software, after all, and with LSL Auctions it took away some of this burden by making itself as familiar as possible to both auctioneers and to end users. At present, its influence is felt across the UK and Europe, and LSL Auctions will be entering the central Asian market in 2021, continuing to offer its affordable and intuitive solution to modern auctions. Consequentially, it is excited to see where continued innovation takes its field in the future as it moves into the rest of 2021 – and beyond. would benefit such things. Its mobile app was lunched for both android and apple devices, as well as for TV smart apps such as LG TV, Samsung TV, Apple TV, and Android TV platforms – one of the first auction TV apps to do so – and within a few months, users numbered more than 110,000. With membership continuing to rise at a steady clip and the innovations it incorporates into itself showing no signs of slowing, LSL Auctions has made itself a true going concern in its field. The viewing audience across all of its platforms and app provisions also continued to rise, eventually clocking in at over 1 million viewers in within 12 months, and allowing LSL Auctions to expand across Europe, gaining the award of FEAGAS support by the Ministry of Spain in order to allow it to host all online auctions in the region. Moreover, it was able to facilitate the live broadcast of 120 pedigree livestock society auctions across Spain, and LSL Auctions currently hosts almost 70% of livestock sales in Ireland, a truly astonishing ratio. Working with ambition, tenacity, and dedication, livestock’s popularity in its auctioneering platform is closely followed Best Virtual Auctions Platform2021: LSL Auctions