European Enterprise Awards 2021

46 EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 , Nov21257 Best Event &Attraction Management Solution 2021: Venue Manager From sports events to theme parks, VenueManger covers everything. Serving as a full- service digital platform, VenueManager handles an array of tasks, such as handling tickets, merchandise, sponsors, access control, and stall sales. Henceforth, it is abundantly clear why the company has shot to unprecedented levels of success, not only in its home country, Denmark, but across Europe and the United States. Founded in Denmark, Venue Manager, an event management platform, has since expanded its operations to Germany. The company provides an innovative take on event and attraction management – Venue Manager promises to reduce costs, increase engagement, and streamline the management experience. Suitable for a variety of industries, Venue Manager attracts clients from across the board, from professional sports clubs to festivals. As well-rounded platform, Venue Manager is tailored to the clients’ needs and offers a bespoke service suitable for a multitude of events. Moreover, the company has developed software for ticketing, merchandise, and hospitality. This is further complimented with software and hardware for access control and point of sale systems, and a unique Venue App. Smukfest, Denmark’s ‘Most Beautiful Festival,’ found that it sold out four times faster when it partnered with the company. Additionally, another client, AGF, saw a 40% increase in merchandise sales. In essence, Venue Manager is the go-to application for streamlined and effective event management. Over the past few years, the events industry across Europe has picked up speed, growing rapidly. Henceforth, it has become vital for Venue Manager to stand out from the crowd – a task which the company has consistently beaten. Remaining innovative, the company deviates from the norm of shared ticketing platforms, which many of its competitors offer. Instead, Venue Manager offers a white-label solution, which is tailored to match each individual client. As a result, the client owns their brand, environment, and most importantly, all of their data. Furthermore, Venue Manager is the only company that offers a complete service, embracing ticket control, venue bookings, merchandise sales, and much more. Most competitors offer one or perhaps two of these services, meaning lots of integrations to other systems. Venue Manager, however, covers it all in one package and, as a result, can utilise customer data and insights across all touchpoints. The company further sets itself apart through its strong core values. Transparency and openness are key – Venue Manager is clear about how it utilises the client’s data and provides an honest and open service. It is with this firmly in mind that Venue Manager only promises its clients results that it can achieve. There are no false promises or exaggerations. Venue Manager has the ability to increase value and sales to attendees and sponsors, save its clients money, and develop its clients’ customer bases, bringing them closer to their fans, attendees, spectators, members, and sponsors. Each element of the business is supported by a team of industry experts, who are not only highly educated and skilled, but passionate. The majority of its employees are Danish, which provides them with an enhanced insight into the Danish market as it is something that they live and operate within. Venue Manager prides itself on the internal structure of the company – the team members are treated with a great amount of respect, which has cultivated a creative and efficient work environment. Further, they are offered a great amount of freedom, as Venue Manager places a high level of trust in its staff. Facing exponential growth throughout recent years, the company hopes to continue this trend into 2022 and beyond. With clients swooping in from Germany, the UK, and the United States, it is imperative that the company continues to innovate in order to ensure that this evolution is sustainable. Therefore, the company’s plans for the future include furthering this success in a manner that increases the company’s exposure around the globe. Ultimately, Venue Manager hopes to become frontrunners on the tech side of the event business – a mission that it is likely to accomplish over the next year or so. Contact: Peter Richardt Company: Venue Manager Web Address: