European Enterprise Awards 2022

18. Dec22415 Giardini Ravino is a magnificent botanical garden full to the brim with luscious plants and sumptuous views. Offering a place to experience delightful scenery and a luxurious atmosphere, it is absolutely unmissable. Here we talk to Ravino’s Owner as it wins this stunning accolade. Giardini Ravino is home to one of the largest succulent plant collections in all of Europe, host of divine apartments, a sweet café, and a breath-taking location for events and film shoots. There is no single moment that cannot be made more heart-warming by Ravino’s glorious environment, and we’re thrilled to present it to you as it wins not only this accolade, but our awe-inspired admiration. This huge heavenly place has 6,000 squaremeters of the largest, and most diverse, European collection of succulentswhichwere originally grouped together by Captain Giuseppe D'Ambra throughout over 50 years of enthusiasm for lively Mediterranean plants. One of the Ravino’s Owners, Luca D’Ambra, tells us, “Year after year, new plant specimens enrich and enlarge this green heritage, while the already acclimatised plants become more and more majestic.” Luca and the team all strive to keep a balance between natural and human constructed beauty. Over the years they have maintained the space, which is covered with these immense natural specimens, and kept the flora as their priority – while still being able to invite us to experience the buildings carefully crafted to bring joy. Commenting on its pride for harmoniously bringing art and nature together, Luca shares, “Along with this major goal we also aim at melting nature with art; in fact, many stone and wood sculptures can be admired in our garden. Furthermore, we permanently organize art exhibitions by Italian and international artists, which take place in our unique surroundings.” Luca informs us, “Since 2013 Giardini Ravino has been a member of APGI "Associazione dei Parchi e Giardini d’Italia" (“Italian Association of Parks and Gardens”), which collaborates with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism as well as other Italian bodies and associations having similar purposes.” Deeply respecting the environment, Ravino does all it can to preserve and protect it for the present moment and for generations to come. Since the beginning of the 1980’s, Ravino installed solar panels on its roofs – which produce hot water for all of its apartments. This was then coupled with a collection of photovoltaic panels in 2010 to provide electricity to the spaces. Ravino has taken on many more projects over the years to ensure the upkeep of its sustainable operation such as thermos-mineral water recycling, use of glass rather than plastic, and written and verbal communication with guests to raise awareness of ecosustainable behaviour. Luca also tells us that Ravino collaborates with many sustainability initiatives to ensure that the future is as green as it can be for the surrounding areas. This has inevitably elevated its socio-cultural profile, which the entire team is incredibly proud of. Additionally, Ravino was “recognized by the Tourist Commission of the European Parliament and Council of Europe Observatory “for being the most distinguished activity in southern Italy, in the area of tourism for environmental and social enhancement”,” Luca enthuses. Ravino’s unique selling points have to be its originality, beautiful flora, delicate spaces, and its passion for sustainability. “There are many beautiful gardens in Ischia and Italy, but Ravino has particular characteristics that differentiate it from any other,” says Luca. This botanical park is one-of-a-kind, and we couldn’t be more excited to highlight its special qualities as it is awarded Best Sustainable Botanical Garden – Italy. Contact: Family D'Ambra (represented by Luca D’Ambra) Company: Giardini Ravino Web Address: Best Sustainable Botanical Garden – Italy “Ravino’s core values are the same as our establishment; if anything, they are now even strengthened: A deep tribute to nature and its incomparable value.”