European Enterprise Awards 2022

30. Dec22105 Wainando Travel is passionate about providing us with the most enlightening experiences we could possibly experience. Making our dreams become a reality, Wainando Travel has something for us to enjoy – while helping us to nourish our souls. Here we talk to Michaela Müller as it wins this prestigious title in the European Enterprise Awards 2022. “Wainando is a project close to our hearts. We want to be a guide for peoplewho need a break, are looking for meaning or long for relaxation. A journey with Wainando connects different cultures and is always a journey to one's own self.” Wainando Travel is more than a travel agency, it is a gateway into our own psyche. It addresses all of our needs and desires in order to help us find ourselves again – or maybe we are truly finding ourselves for the first time – amongst the noise that surrounds us on a daily basis. Wainando’s very own team member, Michaela Müller, says, “Wainando offers high quality travel experiences for everyone who wants to go not only on an outer, but also on an inner journey. Through yoga, meditation, ayurveda, and special places in nature our guests can find inner peace and silence. “Our journeys of meaning and meditation... ... touch the soul, ... are full of inspiration, ... convey different philosophies, ... are intervening religions, ... ensure personal growth, ... and make you happy.” Matching us up with beautiful experiences in Germany, Greece, Sweden, Norway, and many more, Wainando has the travel package of our very own fantasies. They help to recharge us, and let us re-discover who we really are underneath all the stresses of everyday life. Michaela shares, “Our journeys are unique travel experiences addressing the soul. We know from our own experience what it needs to find peace of mind. Additionally, by listening very carefully to our costumers’ needs we find the perfect setting for them to relax and to let go off daily affairs. The accommodations and trainers we cooperate with are handpicked, so we can assure high quality in both the location and the personal guidance through yoga, coaching or other methods if required.” For all kinds of meditation and spiritual journeys, Wainando has something for each of us. Holding a special place in our hearts, Wainando’s work leaves us feeling more than happy – it leaves us feeling connected. Now that we are seeing the end of travel restrictions, Wainando has yet again become the place to go for our mindful adventures. “We are very happy that free travelling is possible again and that people tend to appreciate our mindful journeys even more these days. This year we would like to send even more people on their personal journey to inner happiness,” enthuses Michaela. For the future, Wainando is set to send even more people on meaningful trips of self-discovery, but, for now, it has won our hearts and the title of Mindful & Meditation Travel Agency of the Year – Germany. Congratulations Wainando Travel! Mindful & Meditation Travel Agency of the Year - Germany “With Wainando you leave everyday life behind you to arrive at yourself. Find silence in meditation and see yourself with new eyes. Discover powerful places that touch the heart. Be inspired by other cultures. And enjoy the magic of the moment when you become completely one with yourself you feel yourself and the world.” Contact: Michaela Müller Company: Wainando Travel Web Address: