European Enterprise Awards 2022

Aug22136 Best PlasticMaterials Processing&Production Company - Lombardy Founded in 2010, Powerplast Italia (Powerplast) is a leading companywithin the injectionmoulding sectorand it has three divisions: Powerstudio, Poweraroma, and Powerindustry. With access to the latest generation equipment and hybrid technologies, Powerplast’s mission is to produce high quality plastic products, while ensuring the continuous green evolution of plastic materials to protect the environment. When Powerplast Italia arrived on the market thirteen years ago, it immediately presented a conscious and innovative approach built on the research of the best performing polymers. Specialising in the moulding of plastic materials, it manufactures superior quality products whilst using compostable and biodegradable biopolymers in the process. Utilising the latest generation equipment and machinery equipped with inverters for energy saving, the company is able to optimise production and reduce energy consumption, thus treating the environment kinder. Its process is made up of three divisions. Powerstudio starts with the customer’s initial request, dealing with the study of the product and its aesthetics. With an intricate attention to detail, the objective is to design and prototype a beautiful, functional product that exceeds the client’s expectations. Poweraroma deals with the creation of perfumed plastic products such as air fresheners, scented sachets, and diffusers through a patented process, paying particular attention to the customer’s objectives and budget. Being the first company in the world to have obtained a patent for the production process of perfumed plastic, Powerplast is able to use a high percentage (40%) of perfume within a single product, increasing the duration of the fragrance. Powerindustry is the production stage – racking up 60,000 hours of production each year – which deals with the transformation of simple polymers into technopolymers with high technical and mechanical characteristics. This is done across 11 high-performance Italian-made presses, one of which is bi-injection, allowing mouldings with clamping forces ranging from 45 to 160 tons. President of Powerplast, Pietro Miserendino explains, “Over the years, we’ve been aiming to exploit the technical characteristics of the new thermoplastic materials by combining them with an ever-present design. The company goal is to develop new products to ensure the continuous evolution of plastic materials with a strong push of attention and sensitivity towards the circular economy. We dedicate a great deal of energy and investment to optimising the processes necessary for the use of post-consumer and post-industrial materials.” The production capacity and technical knowledge combined with the ability to industrially produce the designed and studied product are what differentiate Powerplast from competitors. Its internal product studio, combined with its teams’ awareness of possibilities and limits of industrial production, manage to save the customer money and time as it is a single partner for the completion of a project from A to Z. Being quite a young company, Powerplast has a unique edge within the industry, yet Pietro says, “Our idea is not to lose the know-how of the sector that has seen leading Italian companies with many years of experience, enriching it with the technology and innovation of the present combined with a strong enthusiasm.” And being Italian, he finds this gives the company continuous confirmation of how its approach, aesthetic sensitivity, culture, and tradition enable it to create such value in its products and the customer experience, and this can be traced back to the famous “made in Italy”. Among Powerplast’s noteworthy projects was the 3D printing of face masks during the covid-19 pandemic. Pietro says, “Companies in Italy were producing in a very short time the details necessary for the implementation of masks to adapt them to hospital and care needs. We clearly found how much additive technologies (3D printing) can actually be a valid alternative to local productions and with short runs, thus reducing investment costs and production and transport times. The company has therefore invested in these terms in order to improve the service produced to our customers.” Meanwhile, Powerplast recognises how the energy issue at European level is shifting the investment ideas of Italian entrepreneurs, Pietro goes on to share future plans for the company: “The idea is certainly to improve digitisation and contribute to the development of the circular economy of a sector that is fundamental for everyday life.” Company: Powerplast Italia S.R.L. Email: [email protected] Website: Dec 078