European Enterprise Awards 2022

32. Most Innovative Surface Finishing Group - Barcelona The European Enterprise Awards were created to spotlight companies of all sizes who were innovating and creating exceptional products and services across all industries. That ethos certainly applies to GPAINNOVA. Following the company’s success in the programme, we spoke with co-founder and CEO Pau Sarsanedas to find out more. Established in 2013, GPAINNOVA describes itself as a technology group based in Barcelona, but with subsidiaries in Florida, Hong Kong and mainland China. The group specialises across multiple complimentary areas: in surface metal finishing machinery, medical devices, marine robotics, and high-performance power electronics under its subsidiary elements. Here, Sarsanedas takes a moment to discuss GPAINNOVA’s numbers in more detail. “GPAINNOVA has a team of about 180 professionals on staff and more than 40 engineers, more than 60 distributors, more than 900 clients worldwide and had a turnover of €26 million in 2022. The company has been selected by Financial Times among the 1,000 Europe's Fastest Growing Companies in 2020, 2021 and 2022. It is also among the top 4 Europe’s fastest-growing companies in the industrial goods sector, being the first one in Spain for the third consecutive year.” Much of GPAINNOVA’s success is driven by its mission, goals and ethos. Partnering its innovative foundation with a drive towards the highest ethical and professional standards. It seeks to change the industries it works in and create best practices for others in the industry to try and emulate. One key area that GPAINNOVA distinguishes itself is in its ability to achieve results, utilising the full strength of its resources to ensure success, as Sarsanedas explains. “GPAINNOVA is ready to make any technology-based project a reality and to respond to the needs of investors and clients. The company can manage the complexity of the projects, from the conception of the idea to the implementation of the product and the introduction to the market.” “We are also different from other companies in its sector: We are transversal and open and is based on the sum of the knowledge of bright minds with the expertise and capabilities of a specialized multidisciplinary team, motivated to achieve goals quickly and maximum efficiency.” It would perhaps be no surprise to say that the company’s internal culture very much reflects its innovative, people-driven heart, with a leadership team that understands the importance of diversity and transparency. “We work hard to create the perfect climate for professional and personal growth, to help our employees to shine. Our organization is formed by people who care about people. Our staff is our most valuable asset, so we strive to promote its full integration into the company. Regarding the recruitment of new talent, we are permanently looking for professionals who are great team players. Critical thinking, enthusiasm, ethical behaviour and problem-solving ability are also highly appreciated skills.” As for the future, Sarsanedas is keen to emphasise that GPAINNOVA continues to generate new innovation in its core area of industry, all while improving the technology it currently implements across its subsidiaries. “Our immediate plans consist in presenting new surface finishing machines in short, meant for professionals and mass production, and to consolidate our latest solutions for surface finishing in cemented carbides in a cost-efficient way. On the other hand, we are developing fully automated systems to facilitate the integration of the technology in factories, including preprocessing and postprocessing. The novelties will include new equipment, important updates in the existing machines and new developments in materials and sophisticated fixturing, movement, and performance. Finally, GPAINNOVA is currently planning future improvements on its technology: the Test Lab department is carrying on some researches for this purpose. “In addition, GPAINNOVA has recently reached a collaboration agreement with the aerospace company Open Cosmos, to create together a state-of-the-art laboratory for the manufacture of satellites.” GPAINNOVA Accolades and Awards Besides receiving two European Enterprise Awards, GPAINNOVA was granted in 2022 further awards and recognitions: the Innova Award at the Empresa de l’Any (Company of the Year) Awards 2021, organized by El Periódico and Banc Sabadell; the Innovation Award at the Surfair Congress, in Biarritz (France); the TCT Post-Processing Award 2022 with the DLyte eBlast machine, and the distinctive label of ‘Catalonia Exponential Leaders’, which recognizes it as one of the most disruptive Catalan companies. Company Name: GPAINNOVA Contact Name: Jaume Miras Address: C/ Maracaibo, 1, naus 2-6 08030 Barcelona (Spain) Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Telephone Number: (0034) 931 25 65 36 Dec22071 “Its core values are creativity, respect, honesty, commitment to quality, and passion for technology and innovation.” “GPAINNOVA is developing solutions in key sectors as advanced manufacturing, digitalization, electrification, and other fields related to energy, environment, ocean exploration and preservation and people’s life improvement.”