European Travel Awards 2022

10 EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Travel Awards 2022 , Jul22147 Best Motorhome & Camping Navigation App 2022: Flygge Holidaying bymotorhome has taken the world by storm, but this unique formof travel brings not only fresh freedoms but practical limitations. To navigate the complex world that comes with your own travelling home, the teamat Flygge have developed a solution that accounts for those bridges which are too low and those tunnels which are too long. Having earned success in EU Business News’ European Travel Awards 2022, we took a closer look to find out more. After time stuck at home, unable to leave except for essential purposes, it’s little wonder that motorhomes and RVs have experienced something of a renaissance. Instead of being stuck in hotels or limited to a specific area, the open road is yours to explore – except it’s not. You suddenly realise that there are challenges you hadn’t considered. Low bridges, tight curves, tunnels just a little too long for comfort. Each RV and motorhome is unique and brings unique challenges. Fortunately, the team at Flygge have seen the challenges and have created the ideal solution. The navigation of a motorhome needs a different approach to normal GPS systems or maps. The system developed by Flygge has been carefully designed to take into account the individual dimensions of an RV, removing any fears that the road might be too small or narrow or tunnels might go too deep. Instead, drivers can take advantage of familiar features such as live traffic, 3D navigation or turnby-turn route guidance. This technology, based on map material from HereMaps, is designed specifically to make life as easy as possible for those who have never driven a motorhome or RV before. For a subscription of just €11.99 a year, motorhome visitors can access a unique and incredible store of knowledge. The origins of the Flygge app come from the Stuttgart-based startup of the same name. Both founders are experienced caravanists and brought this expertise to the table throughout the development process. Whilst guided routing is the beating heart of what is currently being offered by the team, they are already beginning to explore new options which will support their clients to enjoy their holidays even more. These options will include sustainable routings and guidance as well as the ability to directly book at campsites with the minimum of fuss. In an increasingly connected world, the ability to use one app for all of your motorhome needs makes an enormous difference. Since opening their doors, the incredible degree of trust which many have placed in Flygee has permitted them to thrive. Those travelling in motorhomes know that if they need a different perspective, they can rely on Flygge to deliver every time. As time goes on, this incredible app seems set to become the definitive platform for motorhome and RV travellers internationally. As such, the development of even more additions to the team’s portfolio of products is one that will only secure the team’s position. Looking ahead, the Flygge team are hoping to provide an easy-to-use unit specifically for better integration in all of the vehicles that their clients might use. This unit will also act as the basis for any additional services that might be added as time goes on. With the market booming for motorhomes, the decision to focus efforts on serving these customers seems obvious. Shifting times demand new and exciting solutions. We celebrate the ingenuity and determination of the team and cannot wait to see what they do next. Company: Flygge Name: Sebastian Grimm Email: [email protected] Web Address: