European Travel Awards 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Travel Awards 2022 11 , Jul22134 Best Holiday Home Rental Agency 2022 - Italy It was youngminds that brought Barbarhouse srl into startling reality, growing into the tourist operator in Puglia of choice for those wanting to rent holiday homes and villas. The team’s tireless efforts have not only allowed their clients to live out their dreams, but have brought them success in EU Business News’ European Travel Awards 2022. We dig a little deeper to uncover more about this intrepid addition to Italy’s holiday scene. In 2007, Barbarhouse was founded. Their story has been a long and complex one, and it is one which continues to this day. At its heart, however, is a determination to offer customers the very best that the region has to offer, with over 1000 properties of the highest calibre to meet the varied needs of all who rely on this talented team. Barbarhouse is a network of different real estate agencies, each committed to organising holiday homes and accommodation that suit the specific requirements of their clients. Every service is tailor-made to ensure the ultimate in satisfaction. The team’s focus has been on the region of Perle di Puglia, specialising in the renting of luxury villas, holiday homes and small accommodation facilities such as bed and breakfast, residences and small hotels. By combining the skills of local players, the business has been able to offer truly unique advice to clients. Beyond finding a solution which fits their clients, the team at Barbarhouse offer a comprehensive service which serves property owners equally well too. The team guarantee the owners maximum visibility, dealing with the complex issues of tax, legal and accounting management. The mission for Barbarhouse, since its inception, has been generating the greatest satisfaction for all stakeholders, owners, tourists and the entire team. The growth of Barbarhouse has matched increasing awareness of what the Perle di Puglia has to offer. People have become more aware that a good holiday is not simply the hotel or villa, but the experience that can be had as a whole. This has guided many of the decisions of the Barbarhouse team, encouraging them to find ways of creating a visit that will always be remembered by customers. Trulli, farms and typical houses are the focus of the firm’s catalogue, with a range of travel guides, experiential itineraries and related services in order to ensure total satisfaction. Looking ahead, the Barbarhouse team seem set to broaden their horizons even further, focusing in on the needs of the Apulian territory. This will see the team increase the number of properties and services connected to the various covered locations. This is just the beginning, however, and the team are already developing plans that will provide a solution to markets outside Puglia. Barbarhouse is already well on track to becoming a point of reference for holiday success at a national level. The team are also looking to invest in new technology that can support the growth of the business. There is already an internal software development team which is very large and has gained great expertise in the field, focusing on technology that helps with the user experience. People remain at the centre of every decision made by the Barbarhouse team. What does it mean to travel nowadays? For the Barbarhouse team, what it means having the choice of where you go, and having the ability to chose a location that suits every single one of your needs. Their success in the industry is to be celebrated, now and long into the future as they progress to new and greater heights. Company: BarbarHouse srl Name: Sabina Giese Email: [email protected]