European Travel Awards 2022

4 EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Travel Awards 2022 , A new green living experience based in Halkidiki, mainland Greece, Eco Green Residences & Suites is built upon the ethos of luxury eco living and combines its friendliness towards the environment with high-quality services to offer the most memorable vacations. We find out more fromDimitris Kyriakides in the wake of the residence being recognised in the European Travel Awards 2022. Situated in the unspoilt fishing village of Toroni, Halkidiki, Eco Green Residences & Suites (Eco Green) is a family-run eco-hotel offering the ultimate in luxury accommodation nestled amongst the award-winning crystalclear waters, sandy beaches, and lush vegetation that the region has to offer. As the second establishment of its kind, the first being opened in 2015, Eco Green’s core values are clear: to provide top-quality accommodation services along with reduced energy consumption and a reduced CO2 footprint - ideas that are still relatively new in the majority of older accommodation establishments. “The idea came in 2014 among family accommodation owners who, working in the renewable energy and building sector and knowing and caring for the area, decided to enter the hospitality sector,” explains Dimitris Kyriakides, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Global Energy Solutions. “Sustainability is our strong point as we respect nature and offer even more qualitative facilities. A viable energy environment, combined with luxury, brings us closer to our goal. Our goal is to offer the opportunity for breakthrough vacations that will inevitably become nostalgic memories.” Eco Green Residences & Suites has been constructed by GLOBAL-ENERGY Solutions Ltd based on the design of Architects Office Taka & Partners. Open during the summer season from May to October, Eco Green was envisioned as a new accommodation type to fill the gap in between aparthotel and guesthouse. It aims to differentiate itself from the competition by Jun22033 establishing personal relationship with all of its guests, making them feel comfortable and as if they were at home. As well as ensuring that all of its guests experience the highest levels of satisfaction, the team is also committed to caring for the environment and reducing the use of energy and natural resources. “Our apartments and suites are equipped with the most advanced technology in energy saving applications for a comfortable and pleasant stay,” Dimitris continues. “Among other practices, we encourage recycling and wash-on-demand in our establishment, we self-produce the energy we spend with the use of solar photovoltaic energy, the building has very good wall and roof insulation and top-quality energy doors for minimising the requirement of thermal energy, we reuse waste water which is biologically treated and used for watering green, we produce hot water with the use of solar energy, as well we run building automations for reducing energy and water use.” Following the destruction that the Covid-19 pandemic left in its wake, which brought the hospitality and tourism industry to its knees, the sector is currently looking to rebuild and Dimitris understands that guests are looking for places where they can feel safe, as well as experience the local traditions of eating, having fun, exercising, relaxing, joining in with festivals, and exploring the surrounding area and its sights. To this end, Toroni is an ideal location. As well as being among the few areas of Halkidiki with the least nature intervention, unlike the larger, mass tourism destinations, it boasts a long and accessible beach with clean water and fresh fish all year round, as well as being the origin of tasty local products, such as honey, olives and oil, goat cheese, wine and tsipouro plus it is home to friendly and welcoming residents. “Toroni has been developing into a desired to visit destination for the summer holidays” he elaborates. “It has a beautiful landscape with pine trees forest hills that are meeting the clear white sand in the seashore and the crystal blue water. Low height buildings and sparsely populated place highlights the natural environment desired by most people going for holidays.” And the area could not be more perfect for travellers, businesspeople and holidaymakers Best Eco-Friendly Holiday Accommodations – Greece