European Travel Awards 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Travel Awards 2022 5 alike, whether there for work or pleasure you are bound to find perfection at every turn. From swimming in the warm crystal waters in blue flag locations and sunbathing on the white sandy beach (renowned for its incredible sunsets), to trekking from Lecythus Castle to the Cannons with the magnificent view of Toronaios gulf and/or to Vigla (ancient Acropolis of Toroni)… there is something for everyone, no matter what age or physical ability. Traditional taverns offering local cuisine line the Toroni waterfront, and fresh seafood delis with fine wine or local tsipouro (spirit appetiser) are just waiting to be discovered, whilst local markets, shops and kiosks are filled with wares such as honey and olive oils, clothing, and souvenirs, for the discerning shopper. It’s clear to see, however, that employee satisfaction as well as customer satisfaction, Best Eco-Friendly Holiday Accommodations – Greece is high up on the priority list at Eco Green, with the company aiming to provide a happy place to work for all of its staff members. This is achieved, Dimitris explains, by holding regular daily meetings to discuss any problems that might arise, including how to solve them quickly and efficiently. “We always discuss among each other any comments or improvements that our guests acknowledge to us,” he states. “We also provide regular trainings regarding the quality of services we desire to offer too, the practices we have agreed to apply for the reduction of our energy and CO2 footprint, and our management of complaints, to ensure that we can continue to give the best possible service we can to our guests and the planet.” Dimitris lets us in on his ambitious plans for the future which include further company growth. “This year we are to extend the summer season beyond August-September when it is best to be on holiday with fewer people,” he enthuses. “Apart from that we plan to expand our business by developing a new aparthotel in the region and looking for synergies.” Recently, the company was recognised in the European Travel Awards 2022 and bestowed with the prestigious title of Best Eco-Friendly Holiday Accommodation in Greece. This accolade is testament to the dedication and commitment of Dimitris and the entire team at Eco Green, who work tirelessly to ensure that its guests, and the environment, benefit from the best possible services. Contact: Dimitris Kyriakides Company: Eco Green Residences & Suites Web Address: