French CEO of the Year Awards 2022

4 EU BUSINESS NEWS / French CEO of the Year Awards 2022 , Aug22668 Best Signal Collection & Analysis CEO (Europe): Stephane Sabatier Led by a professional innovator and electronic warfare expert in Stephane Sabatier, Serpikom develops interception and signal analysis missions for defence and security both, specializing in the processing of radio frequencies from the HF range to the SHF range, making itself the centre of research and development for its region. Indeed, with its passionate, involved, and ingenuity-driven computer science, it boasts a huge knowledge base and a dedicated team that make client satisfaction that core of their priorities. Serpikom is a customer-driven innovator of testing, security and defence solutions, renewing old contacts that may have been lost due to Covid-19 and targeting new ones in order to expand its market. With forward momentum made possible by CEO and founder Stephane Sabatier, Serpikom has grown its market image as a company that innovates with impeccable passion and the utmost ingenuity, looking to answer the needs of its clients with its extensive knowledge in signal processing, telecommunications, computer science, and IT design. This has resulted in operational graphics interfaces that make it possible for clients to cover detection, classification, and locational seeking when it comes to pro-active defence measures. With more than 20 years of experience, Stephane Sabatier as the man in charge has built up his own ability to innovate within the trades of interception and security. Having finished his engineering degree at the turn of the century, he focused on satellite, cellular, digital microwave beam, radar, and H/V/ UHF interception for use in RC-IED jamming, goniometry, radio navigation, and electronic warfare. There to listen to, support, and prioritise its clients, it uses an agile method in order to develop exemplary software and develop new system designs that result in innovative and multi-purpose platforms. Its pragmatic solutions combine with operational empiricism to make its radio frequency monitoring and classification products – based on a dual use approach – in order to drive an operational as well as technological service that is flexible, international, and well crafted by its team of 20. Since 2015, its championing of hybrid working has meant that when Covid reared its head, its employees were already in a position of stability from which they could help clients. Indeed, its team are the most invaluable resource it has, getting them customized trainers and constant support to make them feel seen, heard, and valued. Stephane himself prioritizes the human interaction and connection amongst his team more than anything else, giving small catchup calls where he can and operating with empathy, honesty, and respect. Indeed, he encourages his staff not to fear failure, as that allows them to continue striving for better. In the future, therefore, he will continue to thank his staff by delivering the best leadership he can, in turn enabling them to deliver the best work to their clients and attract young talent to the company. Company: Serpikom Contact: Stephane Sabatier Website: