French CEO of the Year Awards 2022

French CEO of the Year Awards 2022 news French CEO of the Year Awards 2022

2 EU BUSINESS NEWS / French CEO of the Year Awards 2022 Contents , Welcome to the French CEO of the Year Awards 2022 Following a challenging couple of years, we are more than delighted to have the chance to celebrate those who have shown continuous commitment and dedication to their company. Our French CEO of the Year Awards 2022 aim to celebrate the efforts of the best Chief Executive Officers around France, as we are extremely passionate about helping businesses get the recognition they deserve for their outstanding efforts and achievements. Despite the circumstances posed by COVID-19, CEOs throughout France have pushed the boundaries and proved their unmatched potential, and ability to outshine others even in such challenging circumstances. Not only have they had the ability to consistently improve their skill sets and knowledge, but have also built the strength to navigate themselves, and employees, to success. As a result of such true determination, the French economy remains Europe’s 3rd largest economy. Sif Brookes - Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

EU BUSINESS NEWS / French CEO of the Year Awards 2022 3 Editor’s Note , Contents: 4. Serpikom: Best Signal Collection & Analysis CEO (Europe): Stephane Sabatier 5. Tempo France: Best Online Money Transfers CEO 2022: Alla Zhedik 6. Paragon Mobility SAS: Best Charging & Energy Distribution Infrastructure CEO (Europe): Jean Lemaire 7. PHI Solutions: PetTech CEO of the Year (Europe): Gerard Fernandez 8. Digital Cover: Most Innovative Web Development CEO 2022: Arnaud Challon

4 EU BUSINESS NEWS / French CEO of the Year Awards 2022 , Aug22668 Best Signal Collection & Analysis CEO (Europe): Stephane Sabatier Led by a professional innovator and electronic warfare expert in Stephane Sabatier, Serpikom develops interception and signal analysis missions for defence and security both, specializing in the processing of radio frequencies from the HF range to the SHF range, making itself the centre of research and development for its region. Indeed, with its passionate, involved, and ingenuity-driven computer science, it boasts a huge knowledge base and a dedicated team that make client satisfaction that core of their priorities. Serpikom is a customer-driven innovator of testing, security and defence solutions, renewing old contacts that may have been lost due to Covid-19 and targeting new ones in order to expand its market. With forward momentum made possible by CEO and founder Stephane Sabatier, Serpikom has grown its market image as a company that innovates with impeccable passion and the utmost ingenuity, looking to answer the needs of its clients with its extensive knowledge in signal processing, telecommunications, computer science, and IT design. This has resulted in operational graphics interfaces that make it possible for clients to cover detection, classification, and locational seeking when it comes to pro-active defence measures. With more than 20 years of experience, Stephane Sabatier as the man in charge has built up his own ability to innovate within the trades of interception and security. Having finished his engineering degree at the turn of the century, he focused on satellite, cellular, digital microwave beam, radar, and H/V/ UHF interception for use in RC-IED jamming, goniometry, radio navigation, and electronic warfare. There to listen to, support, and prioritise its clients, it uses an agile method in order to develop exemplary software and develop new system designs that result in innovative and multi-purpose platforms. Its pragmatic solutions combine with operational empiricism to make its radio frequency monitoring and classification products – based on a dual use approach – in order to drive an operational as well as technological service that is flexible, international, and well crafted by its team of 20. Since 2015, its championing of hybrid working has meant that when Covid reared its head, its employees were already in a position of stability from which they could help clients. Indeed, its team are the most invaluable resource it has, getting them customized trainers and constant support to make them feel seen, heard, and valued. Stephane himself prioritizes the human interaction and connection amongst his team more than anything else, giving small catchup calls where he can and operating with empathy, honesty, and respect. Indeed, he encourages his staff not to fear failure, as that allows them to continue striving for better. In the future, therefore, he will continue to thank his staff by delivering the best leadership he can, in turn enabling them to deliver the best work to their clients and attract young talent to the company. Company: Serpikom Contact: Stephane Sabatier Website:

EU BUSINESS NEWS / French CEO of the Year Awards 2022 5 , Aug22684 Best Online Money Transfers CEO 2022: Alla Zhedik As a payment institution, and the principal EU anchor for Stellar blockchain payments, Tempo France has made a name for itself by way of transparency, record immutability, high speed transactions, and highly competitive commission rates. Indeed, Tempo’s mission is of building a unique payment ecosystem that allows entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level through fin-tech solutions that benefit the individuals creating the next generation of finance. Led by financial entrepreneur and monetary expert Alla Zhedik, Tempo France is aptly named as a company that is consistently keeping in time with the beat of the wider sector’s innovations. Nominally, with its own ingenuity, dedication, and tenacity ensuring it never falls behind, it quickly became the first money remittance company to build international remittance based on blockchain solutions, earning itself a reputation for excellence emboldened by the drive of its founder. Fundamentally, with the adoption of disruptive fintech solutions as standard, this company is determined to become even more of a worldwide name as it continues to grow and develop, confident in its solutions and the quality of its leadership. Those employed by Tempo can each depend on the ambition and dedication of Alla Zhedik herself to guide the company towards greatness. Having worked in Europe, Eurasia, and Africa, Alla now resides in France where Tempo remains the beating heart of her concerns, developing it into the digital money transfer company that Paris trusts. Indeed, making it as simple as possible for clients to send money as CEOs, she has made herself an industry darling, and uses her extraordinary level of experience in previous financial institutions to fuel the company’s climb to the top by supporting Stellar blockchain. Moreover, by doing this with a low-cost, fast, and secure IT infrastructure, Fintech has been at the forefront of the digital revolution since the very beginning. Continuing with the innovation, regulation, competition management, risk management, and international expansion that it has been undergoing since its first day on the market, Alla is proud to say she now has a deeper understanding of what success means to her. Having deepened her understanding of the individual nature of business success, she has been acting as an active team member and participant, leading by example when it comes to displaying the motivation one needs to succeed in today’s world. Thus, despite recent challenges, Tempo has become the first European fintech creating a European stable coin. Going forward, it will continue to push towards further success in this area, as well as supporting Alla in breaking down more glass ceilings in fintech and uniting its wider market. Company: Tempo France Contact: Maria Maruscaks Website:

6 EU BUSINESS NEWS / French CEO of the Year Awards 2022 , Best Charging & Energy Distribution Infrastructure CEO (Europe): Jean Lemaire Paragon Mobility is the definition of innovative. Bringing forth a new generation of electric vehicle charging points, the company is on a quest to promote sustainability and renewable energy. ‘My career has been a fascinating blend of involvement into large and small organisations, French and Anglo-Americans, all powerful and impactful,’ describes Jean Lemaire, the CEO of Paragon Mobility. The company has developed a new era of smart, adaptable, and modular electric vehicle charging and energy management infrastructure; Pod brings renewable energy to the mobility and transport revolution. In early 2022, for example, Paragon Mobility was selected as one of the Top 50 Most Promising European Startups in Mobility through a contest held by the European Parliament and the Boston Consulting Group. Incorporated in 2019, the founding team possesses over 60 years of combined experience in infrastructure deployment and financing on a global scale. As such, Paragon Mobility’s product is highly unique, boasting a convenient size starting at half the size of a parking slot (2.5m x 2.5m) for typically four fast charging ports and two ultra-fast charging points allowing charge times as low as 15-20 min per vehicle. The Pods are equipped to evolve through the addition of new modules that help cater to new and increased charging needs, meaning that these products are designed to last and are perfect for those serious about their transition to electric vehicles. Perhaps even more impressive, Pods are available through a subscription model offering lifetime support, maintenance and upgrades –and making them affordable and accessible for all customers. However, such advancements do come with their challenges, as Jean explains, ‘selling innovations like we do is inherently hard because you not only have to explain the value and benefits your solution brings, you have to hit the right timing and overcome all sorts of barriers that you generally do not control’. Aug22661 Jean notes, ‘career-wise I have always been guided and driven by the will to have an impact, create sense, and be a strong achiever.’ This is extremely clear throughout the company’s work; however, this drive within Jean has been evident since the early 2000s, when he began working on sustainable and renewable energy and clean technology development. He continues, ‘The early years in renewable energy were the years of pioneering work, difficult because, as always with innovations, we were challenging the status quo and the establishment. Now we have proven that these technologies could compete with or even be superior to established energy technologies.’ Unsurprisingly, Jean’s accomplishments are abundant – within the first company he worked for, a Fortune 500 player, he was appointed Program Manager for a 200-millioneuro wind energy programme at just 27 years old. By age 30, he was delving into executive roles, becoming Chief Operating Officer of the US subsidiary of a European renewable Independent Power Producer and later Chief Executive Officer of a pan-European renewable energy platform owned by one of the largest energy investment funds in the world. Despite this success, Jean opted to hit restart, beginning new businesses that he believed in. ‘So being a CEO turns out to be much more the result of my passion for achieving and creating things and being good at what I do, rather than a carefully-managed career plan in a traditional organisation,’ Jean concludes. Through Jean’s leadership, Paragon Mobility is on track to achieve great things. It has numerous plans in place for the next year or so, including the optimisation of its digital strategy as well as the securing of a large round of investments. The main goal for Paragon Mobility is to grow into a leading energy optimisation infrastructure player, and there is a vast amount of work being poured into the company in order to bring this dream to fruition. For Jean, he believes that he must continue to evolve and innovate – ‘of course what you have been able to achieve is important; but what truly defines you as a business leader and person is what you are taking on, the new requirements, objectives and challenges you set for yourself, the permanent questioning of your abilities and achievements and the cando mentality. This mindset has always been fuelling me. […] So, the plan is to continue to leverage the successes of the past and of the present to achieve more and reach higher. I am still very much hungry and keen on what is coming.’ Contact: Jean Lemaire Company: Paragon Mobility SAS Web Address:

EU BUSINESS NEWS / French CEO of the Year Awards 2022 7 , the primary requirements of: saving time on administration with zero added value (contract, register of entries and exits, invoicing, etc); streamlining daily operations; avoiding no-shows; and providing more services to their customers, including having more time in the service of the welfare of the pets entrusted to them. Recently, Gerard was recognised for his hard work and dedication in the French CEO of Year Awards 2022 and crowned with the prestigious title of PetTech CEO of the Year (Europe). However, he is quick to sing the praises of his team surrounding him and tells us that he could not have done achieved all that he has done singlehandedly. “I always work in a collaborative and sharing mode. I don't have universal knowledge. Each of the team brings his idea, his vision, and therefore his stone to the building. This is our strength.” Now, as we head towards a near year, it seems that Gerard has big plans on the horizon for the growth of his company. “Without stopping to strengthen our leadership in French-speaking countries, we will prepare to conquer other European countries,” he states. “In 2023 we hope to enter the German and Italian market and an upcoming fundraiser will be part of the means to achieve this. “My overall plan is to bring the company to full maturity. Nevertheless, I have a need to share my professional experiences, good or bad, with young entrepreneurs. I love to transmit.” Contact: Gerard Fernandez Company: PHI Solutions Web Address: Aug22670 PetTech CEO of the Year (Europe): Gerard Fernandez Fromdog walking to cat hotels, and pet sitters to animal behaviourists, there are an awful lot of people making a living out of the animal kingdom. However, many are self-employed and struggling tomanage their diaries and working lives efficiently, this is where Kookie comes in. It is a unique management software systembuilt with the end user inmind. We find out more fromGerard Fernandez as he is named in the French CEO of the Year Awards 2022. Phi-Solutions (Pet Hotels Innovation Solutions) and its innovative software suite, named Kookie, are pioneers in the animal hospitality sector within France with their digital pet professional’s management offering, designed to simplify the lives of pet professionals and pet parents alike. Born from the business experience of Gerard Fernandez, Phi-Solutions has been developing its pioneering solution since 2019, creating an ecosystem that democratises digital management for the inclusion of busy pet professionals in today's world. “Projects and entrepreneurship are part of my DNA!” enthuses Gerard, who established his first company, operating in the outdoor advertising display sector in Guadeloupe, in 1990. “I seized opportunities and developed entrepreneurial adventures with enthusiasm and conviction, with a goal of success. Creation, development, and benevolence are my intrinsic values. I just love it!” Back in France in 2014, Gerard revived and further developed the family business, a hotel for cats based in Aix en Provence, as well as opening a new Pet-Hotel in Marseille. Today, his start-up, Phi-Solutions with Kookie, participates in the logical development of pet professionals and helps them to create, capture, and share value, whether internally or externally. Thanks to the firm’s business expertise, it has developed a suite of simple, complete, and powerful digital solutions in the Kookie software suite, allowing users to save a lot of time, increase their turnover, and retain their customers too. The Kookie suite – consisting of Kookie Pet-Hotel, Kookie Sitter, Kookie Trainer, Kookie Shop – are the result of Phi-Solutions’ constant interactions with pet professionals who devote their passion to animal welfare. “Our priority is to provide them with the best service they have ever seen,” elaborates Gerard. “To streamline their workload and improve their organisation so that they focus on their vocation: taking care of their fabulous pets that they have in their charge.” The Kookie ecosystem is responding to a need for digitisation of certain professions. Since the vast majority of today's pet parents are Generation X and Millennials, who are generally an ultra-connected and digitised population, it only makes sense to begin to digitise these sectors too, with the focus on

8 EU BUSINESS NEWS / French CEO of the Year Awards 2022 , Sep22128 In order to stand out in the modernworld, a business needs an outstanding, eye-catching, and SEO-optimised website. People want to knowwhat a business can offer them – how it can resolve an issue that they’re facing. For a website that can do all this andmore, Digital Cover is the only option. If you don’t know where to start, developing a digital strategy or ecosystem can be incredibly difficult. This is where Digital Cover comes in. Supported by over ten years of experience, Digital Cover is an expert in the creation of aesthetically pleasing websites that draw in excellent rankings and conversion rates. The company trusts in the power of creativity and innovation to support communication and efficacy. Moreover, every project the company undertakes is tailor-made to suit the client and is ultimately optimised for any market and company size. Founded by Arnaud Challon, Digital Cover benefits from his unique background as an Art Director and Web Marketer, roles that he carried out in Malta and France. It was during his time in Malta – a place he describes as ‘full of digital entrepreneurs – that he was inspired to create his own company. Digital Cover now has locations in both France and Malta, with over 20 employees situated across the globe and in excess of 400 clients from a range of industries, including real estate, Web3, gaming, finance, and more. When working with clients, Digital Cover undertakes a meticulous process. Explaining this process, Arnaud comments, ‘When we start a new project, we organise meetings and workshops with our client to be sure that we will work in the same frequency. We also have to really understand which creative level the client is able to follow. Finally, because our goal is to reveal our customers on the web, we have to understand their ambitions.’ Indeed, this approach enables Digital Cover to truly get to know its clients – the ins and outs of what they require – cultivating long-term business relationships. Arnaud adds, ‘I'm from the sports mind. Rugby to be precise. For me, team spirit is really important to reach the same goal together.’ This attitude is embedded within the Digital Cover team. They work hard in order to push Digital Cover towards its goals, utilising collaborative techniques to leverage success and client-centricity. In addition, the company organises a meeting per quarter in order to guarantee that everyone is on the same page and that its employees are progressing in the right direction. However, maintaining an international team can also present multiple challenges, ranging from communication to management. When asked about these challenges, Arnaud states, ‘I think the biggest challenge is also the biggest strength. For me, it is human management. If you have the best team, with the best managers and the best mood, your company has no limits and all the capabilities to reach any goal and level of creativity. The most difficult thing is to ensure this human management over time.’ By viewing this challenge as a strength, Digital Cover has allowed itself to grow sustainably, and as a result, its future is filled with many exciting plans. In 2022, Digital Cover opened its new international office in Malta, which allows it to delve into new cultures and markets. It is looking forward to acquiring new web awards for its international customers, and in addition to this, it plans to integrate more 3D experiences into its sites. Contact: Arnaud Challon Company: Digital Cover Web Address: Most Innovative Web Development CEO 2022: Arnaud Challon

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