French CEO of the Year Awards 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / French CEO of the Year Awards 2022 5 , Aug22684 Best Online Money Transfers CEO 2022: Alla Zhedik As a payment institution, and the principal EU anchor for Stellar blockchain payments, Tempo France has made a name for itself by way of transparency, record immutability, high speed transactions, and highly competitive commission rates. Indeed, Tempo’s mission is of building a unique payment ecosystem that allows entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level through fin-tech solutions that benefit the individuals creating the next generation of finance. Led by financial entrepreneur and monetary expert Alla Zhedik, Tempo France is aptly named as a company that is consistently keeping in time with the beat of the wider sector’s innovations. Nominally, with its own ingenuity, dedication, and tenacity ensuring it never falls behind, it quickly became the first money remittance company to build international remittance based on blockchain solutions, earning itself a reputation for excellence emboldened by the drive of its founder. Fundamentally, with the adoption of disruptive fintech solutions as standard, this company is determined to become even more of a worldwide name as it continues to grow and develop, confident in its solutions and the quality of its leadership. Those employed by Tempo can each depend on the ambition and dedication of Alla Zhedik herself to guide the company towards greatness. Having worked in Europe, Eurasia, and Africa, Alla now resides in France where Tempo remains the beating heart of her concerns, developing it into the digital money transfer company that Paris trusts. Indeed, making it as simple as possible for clients to send money as CEOs, she has made herself an industry darling, and uses her extraordinary level of experience in previous financial institutions to fuel the company’s climb to the top by supporting Stellar blockchain. Moreover, by doing this with a low-cost, fast, and secure IT infrastructure, Fintech has been at the forefront of the digital revolution since the very beginning. Continuing with the innovation, regulation, competition management, risk management, and international expansion that it has been undergoing since its first day on the market, Alla is proud to say she now has a deeper understanding of what success means to her. Having deepened her understanding of the individual nature of business success, she has been acting as an active team member and participant, leading by example when it comes to displaying the motivation one needs to succeed in today’s world. Thus, despite recent challenges, Tempo has become the first European fintech creating a European stable coin. Going forward, it will continue to push towards further success in this area, as well as supporting Alla in breaking down more glass ceilings in fintech and uniting its wider market. Company: Tempo France Contact: Maria Maruscaks Website: