French CEO of the Year Awards 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / French CEO of the Year Awards 2022 7 , the primary requirements of: saving time on administration with zero added value (contract, register of entries and exits, invoicing, etc); streamlining daily operations; avoiding no-shows; and providing more services to their customers, including having more time in the service of the welfare of the pets entrusted to them. Recently, Gerard was recognised for his hard work and dedication in the French CEO of Year Awards 2022 and crowned with the prestigious title of PetTech CEO of the Year (Europe). However, he is quick to sing the praises of his team surrounding him and tells us that he could not have done achieved all that he has done singlehandedly. “I always work in a collaborative and sharing mode. I don't have universal knowledge. Each of the team brings his idea, his vision, and therefore his stone to the building. This is our strength.” Now, as we head towards a near year, it seems that Gerard has big plans on the horizon for the growth of his company. “Without stopping to strengthen our leadership in French-speaking countries, we will prepare to conquer other European countries,” he states. “In 2023 we hope to enter the German and Italian market and an upcoming fundraiser will be part of the means to achieve this. “My overall plan is to bring the company to full maturity. Nevertheless, I have a need to share my professional experiences, good or bad, with young entrepreneurs. I love to transmit.” Contact: Gerard Fernandez Company: PHI Solutions Web Address: Aug22670 PetTech CEO of the Year (Europe): Gerard Fernandez Fromdog walking to cat hotels, and pet sitters to animal behaviourists, there are an awful lot of people making a living out of the animal kingdom. However, many are self-employed and struggling tomanage their diaries and working lives efficiently, this is where Kookie comes in. It is a unique management software systembuilt with the end user inmind. We find out more fromGerard Fernandez as he is named in the French CEO of the Year Awards 2022. Phi-Solutions (Pet Hotels Innovation Solutions) and its innovative software suite, named Kookie, are pioneers in the animal hospitality sector within France with their digital pet professional’s management offering, designed to simplify the lives of pet professionals and pet parents alike. Born from the business experience of Gerard Fernandez, Phi-Solutions has been developing its pioneering solution since 2019, creating an ecosystem that democratises digital management for the inclusion of busy pet professionals in today's world. “Projects and entrepreneurship are part of my DNA!” enthuses Gerard, who established his first company, operating in the outdoor advertising display sector in Guadeloupe, in 1990. “I seized opportunities and developed entrepreneurial adventures with enthusiasm and conviction, with a goal of success. Creation, development, and benevolence are my intrinsic values. I just love it!” Back in France in 2014, Gerard revived and further developed the family business, a hotel for cats based in Aix en Provence, as well as opening a new Pet-Hotel in Marseille. Today, his start-up, Phi-Solutions with Kookie, participates in the logical development of pet professionals and helps them to create, capture, and share value, whether internally or externally. Thanks to the firm’s business expertise, it has developed a suite of simple, complete, and powerful digital solutions in the Kookie software suite, allowing users to save a lot of time, increase their turnover, and retain their customers too. The Kookie suite – consisting of Kookie Pet-Hotel, Kookie Sitter, Kookie Trainer, Kookie Shop – are the result of Phi-Solutions’ constant interactions with pet professionals who devote their passion to animal welfare. “Our priority is to provide them with the best service they have ever seen,” elaborates Gerard. “To streamline their workload and improve their organisation so that they focus on their vocation: taking care of their fabulous pets that they have in their charge.” The Kookie ecosystem is responding to a need for digitisation of certain professions. Since the vast majority of today's pet parents are Generation X and Millennials, who are generally an ultra-connected and digitised population, it only makes sense to begin to digitise these sectors too, with the focus on