French CEO of the Year Awards 2022

8 EU BUSINESS NEWS / French CEO of the Year Awards 2022 , Sep22128 In order to stand out in the modernworld, a business needs an outstanding, eye-catching, and SEO-optimised website. People want to knowwhat a business can offer them – how it can resolve an issue that they’re facing. For a website that can do all this andmore, Digital Cover is the only option. If you don’t know where to start, developing a digital strategy or ecosystem can be incredibly difficult. This is where Digital Cover comes in. Supported by over ten years of experience, Digital Cover is an expert in the creation of aesthetically pleasing websites that draw in excellent rankings and conversion rates. The company trusts in the power of creativity and innovation to support communication and efficacy. Moreover, every project the company undertakes is tailor-made to suit the client and is ultimately optimised for any market and company size. Founded by Arnaud Challon, Digital Cover benefits from his unique background as an Art Director and Web Marketer, roles that he carried out in Malta and France. It was during his time in Malta – a place he describes as ‘full of digital entrepreneurs – that he was inspired to create his own company. Digital Cover now has locations in both France and Malta, with over 20 employees situated across the globe and in excess of 400 clients from a range of industries, including real estate, Web3, gaming, finance, and more. When working with clients, Digital Cover undertakes a meticulous process. Explaining this process, Arnaud comments, ‘When we start a new project, we organise meetings and workshops with our client to be sure that we will work in the same frequency. We also have to really understand which creative level the client is able to follow. Finally, because our goal is to reveal our customers on the web, we have to understand their ambitions.’ Indeed, this approach enables Digital Cover to truly get to know its clients – the ins and outs of what they require – cultivating long-term business relationships. Arnaud adds, ‘I'm from the sports mind. Rugby to be precise. For me, team spirit is really important to reach the same goal together.’ This attitude is embedded within the Digital Cover team. They work hard in order to push Digital Cover towards its goals, utilising collaborative techniques to leverage success and client-centricity. In addition, the company organises a meeting per quarter in order to guarantee that everyone is on the same page and that its employees are progressing in the right direction. However, maintaining an international team can also present multiple challenges, ranging from communication to management. When asked about these challenges, Arnaud states, ‘I think the biggest challenge is also the biggest strength. For me, it is human management. If you have the best team, with the best managers and the best mood, your company has no limits and all the capabilities to reach any goal and level of creativity. The most difficult thing is to ensure this human management over time.’ By viewing this challenge as a strength, Digital Cover has allowed itself to grow sustainably, and as a result, its future is filled with many exciting plans. In 2022, Digital Cover opened its new international office in Malta, which allows it to delve into new cultures and markets. It is looking forward to acquiring new web awards for its international customers, and in addition to this, it plans to integrate more 3D experiences into its sites. Contact: Arnaud Challon Company: Digital Cover Web Address: Most Innovative Web Development CEO 2022: Arnaud Challon