German Business Awards 2018

6 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 German Business Awards , Not being able to imagine is very often the crucial obstacle that something (like getting healthy) can come true. 2. Understanding pain If you want to win a game, you first of all need to understand the game. Albert Einstein said: “Learn the rules of the game … and then play it better than anybody else. ” If you want to win against pain, you need to understand pain. In the way western medicine understands pain, it can achieve the results that it achieves, leaving 3.5 Million patients with pain (only in Germany). With a different understanding of pain (e.g according to Chinese medicine), it is possible to release many more patients from pain. 3. Having the right a. method (e.g. acupuncture, homeopathy …), b. system (e.g. Turbo- Acupuncture !), c. therapist (for patients), teacher (for therapists). Bottom line … from Dr. Thay Joe Tan’s experience 19 out of 20 patients can be instantly released from pain using TurboAcupuncture . Tradition meets High Tech Dr. Thay Joe Tan is also a pioneer in combining the ancient tradition of Chinese medicine in general and acupuncture in particular with the advantages of modern high- tech medicine. It was at a laser conference in 2008, when he was introduced to the benefits of intravenous laser blood treatment. This originally Russian invention modulates the immune system, meaning enhancing a weak immune system on the one hand and suppressing an overactive immune system as in intolerances (e.g. food intolerance), allergies, up to autoimmune disorders on the other hand. Furthermore, it promotes the blood flow (very important in Chinese Medicine), benefits the mood, supplies energy (as light is pure energy directly into the blood stream), and even enhances the effect of acupuncture. With his intuitive grasp for the synergistic effect of different therapeutic modalities he quickly identified the benefit of adding laser blood treatment to acupuncture at the same time. One of his major achievements during his time in the TCM Clinic Kötzting was the introduction and implementation of laser blood treatment. That’s why approx. 80% of his patients receive laser blood treatment and acupuncture simultaneously, which definitely contributes to the overall short and longterm results. The Difference: ONE Needle … ONEWeekend … Dr. Thay Joe Tan claims that (almost) any kind of pain can be eliminated by just one single needle inserted into one acupuncture point, and that every doctor no matter of which specialty is able to learn the skill of TurboAcupuncture for instant pain elimination in just one weekend, which leads to his motto: The difference between a patient with pain and the same patient without pain is ONE needle. And the difference between a doctor who can do this and a doctor who cannot is ONE weekend (learning TurboAcupuncture from Dr. Tan). This close is mankind from pain being no issue anymore. Because patients and doctors don’t know this, patients have to suffer from pain (in Germany 3.5 Million!). His Vision One day there will be no patient anymore who needs to suffer from pain, as every doctor will be able to instantly eliminate pain with one needle. For this to happen it will be necessary that TurboAcupuncture is taught in Medical Universities so that every first-year medical student learns this super easy method for instant pain elimination. During the six years of medical studies the medical student could already treat his next of kin, so that they will already be released from their pains and the medical student will gain so much experience, that by the time he graduates from university he will have a huge amount of experience. Then we would be only one generation of medical students away from all newly graduated Medical Doctors being able to instantly eliminate pain with just one needle. His Mission Long time he thought that his mission was helping patients get healthy again, until he discovered