German Business Awards 2023

Jul22493 23. IServ, the leading school platform provider in Germany, boasts a wide range of comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for pedagogical networks. Its platform provides users with vital digital tools to optimise communication, organisation, and classroom activities in a completely modular system. IServ is on a mission to revolutionise the learning experience through its exceptional, user-friendly interface. IServ's seamless and innovative solutions have been awarded a German Business Award for this year's Most Innovative Educational Network Management Platform. The school platform was originally established by founder and CEO Jörg Ludwig with a steadfast commitment to communication and network management. Building on this strong foundation, IServ has developed more modules for its platform to aid learning and organisational processes. The provider continues to expand its solutions to adapt to the ever-evolving educational landscape. IServ currently caters to over 3.8 million students, parents, teachers, and administrators and works alongside over 850 school authorities and 5700 schools across Germany. Providing cloud solutions and service packages, the provider is utilised daily by educators and students and assists school authorities by efficiently managing their digital infrastructure. It is IServ’s goal to not only facilitate but also shape the future of learning for schools with its innovative solutions. The company is committed to consistently enhancing its platform to adapt to the changing requirements of its users. Its solutions can adapt to the unique needs of schools such as varying internet connectivity and digital skill levels. The COVID pandemic accelerated digitalisation in the education sector with digital platforms now playing a crucial role in school operations. IServ reformed its approach by providing a free videoconferencing solution to German schools to ensure that all children had access to vital digital tools to continue their education. The provider will continue to develop its customisable and efficient solutions to keep pace with the rapid growth of school digitalisation. IServ is proud to contribute its innovations to the country’s robust business ecosystem which is renowned for its quality and efficiency. Based in Braunschweig, the provider benefits from the city’s vibrant hub of education and research which is home to several high-ranking universities and research institutions. By operating within this educational sphere, IServ has access to a pool of highly skilled talent. Germany is the location of many tech companies, start-ups, and SMEs that provide IServ with opportunities to collaborate and grow. The country is also well-known for its commitment to data protection and is governed by the General Data Protection Regulation which enforces strict guidelines to protect personal data. For IServ, data protection is key to establishing a trusting relationship with its clients and stakeholders. Privacy plays an important role in the business’s culture, products, and services. When operating within a school environment, IServ understands that safety is paramount and remains steadfast in its commitment to offering solutions that combine rigorous data security with userfriendly technology. In order to differentiate itself from competitors, IServ operates with a holistic and user-centric approach to offer its comprehensive solutions. With 22 years of experience, the provider has an in-depth understanding of the demands of students, teachers, administrators, and school authorities. IServ tailors its solutions to meet educators and learners evolving requirements to ensure its platform remains relevant for users. The IServ school platform channels several essential functions into one user-centric platform, streamlining processes to support clients on their educational journey. The future for IServ will involve the continuous development of its school platform and further exciting projects to enhance digital learning. In particular, the company will focus on enriching its modules on parent communication. IServ understands the vital role that parents have in their children’s education and provides seamless communication between parents and schools. Thus far, the provider has launched modules for sending and translating digital letters to parents, among other features, and is eager to expand its offerings. IServ looks forward to increasing collaborations with the federal states of Germany to improve schooling across the country. IServ is committed to providing and innovating its comprehensive and streamlined solutions to shape the future of the education sector. By adapting to users’ needs, the company aims to revolutionise the learning experience and enable clients to manage their digital systems in a cost-effective and organised way. We are excited to discover what innovative solutions IServ will offer next to pave Germany's path to a digital future. IServ has received our award for this year’s Most Innovative Educational Network Management Platform. Contact Details Contact: Fabian Haars Company: IServ GmbH Web Address: Most Innovative Educational Network Management Platform 2023