German Business Awards 2023

24. Oct23157 Anima Res are internationally recognised experts in medical Augmented Reality (AR) Mixed Reality (MR), and Virtual Reality applications in the pharmaceutical, medical, and biotechnological sectors. Its overarching goal is to make medical education fascinating, accessible, and fun for physicians, students, and patients. With visually spectacular and interactive content, Anima Res aims to expand the boundaries of design, research, and technology. Anima Res has received a German Business Award for this year’s Best Medical Animation Studio. Established in 1997, Anima Res is passionate about providing informative and stunning medical education to clients anywhere and anytime, in medical offices, hospitals, classrooms, congresses, or living rooms. Based on real life and scientific specifications, Anima Res has successfully completed over 390 projects. International clients from universities, institutions, and health care providers contact the company to enhance the education of future medical professionals. The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Bonn has partnered with Anima Res to enrich their human medicine courses with cutting-edge technology that provides realistic insights into organs and body functions that have previously been taught schematically. The business works closely with leading technology companies, including Apple, Microsoft, and Magic Leap, and its renowned clients are among the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world. Anima Res is a member of Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP) and an official Microsoft HoloLens partner. The program is community driven, enabling partners to provide breakthrough industry solutions through its large range of resources and opportunities. The team at Anima Res has also been selected as Creators in the first Magic Leap #IndieCreatorProgram. It is Anima Res’s mission to create visually striking and comprehensive representations from the inside of the human body. This method of learning allows users to fully engage with the complex processes of the body and immerse themselves in the experience. As an internationally recognised expert in AR, MR, and VR, the team at Anima Res produces advanced models that enable learners to take their education to the next level. These impressive visualisations are produced by the business’s international team of highly skilled 3D artists, tech artists, developers, physicians, and scientists. Anima Res exclusively produces in Bonn, Germany, to influence the country’s growing business landscape and guarantee stringent ethics and data protection. In a demonstration of the business’s expertise and experience, Anima Res has produced several apps for its Insight series, including Insight Bone, Insight Heart, Insight Kidney, Insight Lung, and the upcoming Insight Prostate. These projects encourage exploration by setting goals and asking thoughtprovoking questions, which Anima Res continues to refine to improve the interactive experience. Each app is never truly finished with the company continuously researching and finetuning its processes. Anima Res is currently working on Insight Prostate, an innovative app around the subjects of prostate health and prostate cancer. The project aims to become an essential resource to inform and raise awareness on these topics for patients and students. Insight Prostate Best Medical Animation Studio 2023 will explore prostate anatomy, disease progression, and the stages of prostate cancer. With interactive elements and accessible interfaces, Anima Res hopes to foster a deeper understanding of the prostate and prostate cancer. The app aims to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health and contribute to early detection and prevention. Insight Prostate is set to become an indispensable tool to help individuals with prostate cancer on their journey to improved health. Due for release in Q4 2023, ARES (Anima Res Enterprise System) will allow clients to purchase licences of Insight apps for their commercial needs. The system will differentiate itself from competitors by also supporting private use. Anima Res understands that patients and information seekers will still want to access these vital tools and is committed to ensuring private individuals can continue to use the apps for free. It is the objective of Anima Res to positively impact society by providing its accessible and valuable resources to all. Through its delivery of medical AR, MR, and VR, the business aims to provide intriguing and interactive education to anyone wishing to learn more about the body’s vital organs and functions. Its masterful animations and informative content continue to expand users’ horizons and enhance the education of tomorrow’s medical experts. For Anima Res’s commitment to accessible education, the business has received this year’s award for Best Medical Animation Studio. Contact Details Contact: Rodrigo Olmos and Pablo Olmos Company: Anima Res 3D Medical Animation Web Address: