German Business Awards 2023

32. Best Global Data Backup & Recovery Company 2023 What is the single most universally important asset in the world today? Is it money? Gold? Well, very nice for the chosen few, but this is something much more familiar. Something most of us are contending with on a daily basis. That thing is data. What would you do if all your data was lost or compromised? Your company data, your personal data… Really doesn’t bear thinking about, does it? But don’t worry, there’s an innovative solution at hand. You can always turn to SEP. Established in 1992, SEP is a company that develops and markets enterprise-wide data protection software solutions, and backs up data for organisations spanning the globe. It helps customers in more than 50 countries worldwide, protecting leading operators in all branches like industry, retail, healthcare, finance, and several big-name universities. SEP is determined to make the world a little safer, one day at a time. The high-tech German company is headquartered in Holzkirchen, near Munich, from where it offers comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solutions that protect crossplatform, heterogeneous IT environments. Being based in Germany is an advantage in many ways, not least because the region is economically viable, and has a meticulous understanding of companies’ needs. It also has a freedom to develop solutions, unhampered by restrictions such as the backdoor implementation required in US software. SEP has the power to act according to market influences, and can create customer-focused solutions with higher security protocols and compliance adherence. SEP wants to remove the worry for organisations, allowing them to concentrate on what they do best. It lives by the motto “We support the systems no one else can”, which is a constant reminder the company is not only there to support the market leaders, but also newer, less widespread technologies. It helps users to protect and quickly restore their diverse IT environments, with all backups and restorations carried out in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications. SEP is always cognisant of the importance of data and information, the key factors keeping businesses afloat in the modern world. It recognises trends and rises to challenges such as the current proliferation of ransomware flooding the market. It knows solutions against this malady are required in the backup sector, and has installed ransomware protection with immutable solutions like SEP immutable Storage (SiS), Blocky4sesam™ and S3 object lock. This means that even with full admin access to the SEP sesam (software) backup server, attackers cannot delete, modify or encrypt data. The SEP sesam solution is proudly made in Germany, and offers certified backup and security for a wide range of virtual environments, operating systems, databases and applications. It can be used to support multiple, complex system environments, keeping SEP one step ahead of the curve. It’s able to consolidate backup systems into a centrally managed solution, and consistently manage and implement EU-GDPR and other compliance requirements for clients. These solutions are available on-premises and in the cloud, and feature Cloud App Protection Services for Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Google Workspace and MS Dynamics 365. Service providers who are running BaaS (Backup as a Service) based on SEP sesam technology are also protected. The future for SEP involves continuing to champion global backup solutions, always aiming to achieve optimal protection both in the virtual and physical world (on-premises and in the cloud). This requires close cooperation with technology partners, often leading to further certification. SEP believes that its customers, and those of its service providers, are truly receiving optimal investment protection. It guarantees the highest data availability and security available. SEP is a leader in the field of backup and recovery, as identified by the PUR-S 2023 study by analyst and research company techconsult. Furthermore, it has been named as Best Global Data Backup & Recovery Company 2023 in the recent German Business Awards, with its data protection services recognised for excellence across the board. Contact Details Company: SEP AG Web Address: Contact Name: Andreas Mayer Sep23540