German Business Awards 2023

Jul22493 33. Based in Wuppertal, Metriax is a specialised and reliable provider of a range of RFID and NFC technology solutions, including contactless readers, transponders, motorised card readers, and motorised card dispensers. Here, we dive deeper into the company’s product portfolio and the reasons behind its success in the German Business Awards 2023. Serving a broad client base of small and medium-sized businesses across the German and European markets, internationally operating groups, universities, and German authorities, Metriax offers a variety of RFID and NFC solutions. Firstly, Metriax offers excellent RFID readers, including wall readers, desktop/ table readers, kiosk systems, e-charging stations, point of sale systems, QR code readers, payment readers, builtin modules, and readers with 125 kHz-LF frequency. The company also offers hybrid products that combine the abilities of RFID, NFC, barcode, QR code, contactless payment, and mobile payment readers into one device. These solutions are compatible with almost all common chip types from the HF range, including ISO-14443 A and B, ISO-15693, ISO-18092 (NFC), Mifare® series, NTAG®, FeliCa®, and more. Secondly, Metriax offers RFID and NFC transponders, which are the corresponding accessories to the aforementioned reader systems. Customers can choose to purchase blank ISO RFID cards and key fobs or have them individually designed and printed to embody their unique branding. For example, they can give their transponders a distinctive recognition value by adding a 3D effect, a glossy or matt overlay, laser engraving, and more. Thirdly, Metriax offers motorised card readers for magnetic cards, chip cards, and RFID cards, as well as card dispensers for plastic cards, RFID cards, chip cards, and hybrid cards. Whether customers want to build a smart solution for a selfservice terminal, automate card returns, or make card issuing easier, Metriax will find the right solution for them. Metriax is constantly developing new solutions with its partners in order to find the best products for the requirements of each client, regardless of the industry they’re part of. Many payment devices nowadays also need an RFID and NFC function for contactless payment and payment via smartphone, Metriax combines this in the payment and hybrid devices. In its work, Metriax aims to provide customers with a reliable product that suits their required application and fulfils their needs. To accomplish this, the company listens to what they want, understands the problem they need to solve, and offers them a unique solution. It is committed to delivering the highest level of client satisfaction and strives to ensure that, once the product has been installed and set up, the customer no longer needs to worry about it. In this, quality and reliability are of the utmost importance. Along with its commitment to reliability, Metriax sets itself apart from its competitors through its unique approach to customisation. In order to keep costs as low as possible for the client, the company has a range of high-quality standard devices that can be adapted in terms of hardware and software to meet their specific requirements. For example, they may request special firmware or a custom modification. However, if it is preferred, custom product development can also be arranged. Internally, Metriax is equipped with a great team, consisting of many individuals who have gained extensive experience in the RFID sector. However, the company hires people of all ages, enabling it to draw on the new, innovative ideas of the younger generation as well as the seasoned expertise of the older generation. Committed to collaboration, Metriax operates with flat hierarchies so that everyone can contribute their ideas and opinions, enabling it to effectively fulfil its customers’ needs. Furthermore, Metriax believes in the importance of investing in the regular training and further education of its employees. It understands that, without the continuous professional development of its team, it will not be able to meet the constantly changing requirements of the market. As a result of its outstanding product portfolio and unparalleled customer service, Metriax has been named Most Innovative Payment Tech Solutions Company in the German Business Awards 2023. In the years to come, the company plans to focus even more on the development of highly secure payment transactions. Contact: Melanie Grunewald Company: Metriax GmbH Email: [email protected] Web Address: Most Innovative Payment Tech Solutions Company 2023