German Business Awards 2023

35. Sep23433 Medium-sized companies famously comprise the backbone of the German economy, and one such noteworthy business in this realm is Reifferscheid & Partner Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbB, who contributes its more than 40 years of experience towards make a lasting contribution to the success of its clients. The company is especially noteworthy for the special level of personal attention which it affords every client, with this stemming from keen research into their business and the philosophy behind it to stimulate growth. With a cross-generational team of experts to boot, individual, independent, and future-oriented solutions are effectively implemented in an interdisciplinary manner. An expanding medium-sized company, Reifferscheid & Partner Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbB offers tax, commercial law, and business consulting services all from one single, convenient location. By both national and international standards, the business is professional, effective, and forward-looking, having been a member of GGI (Geneva Group International) since September 2014. The group is the largest alliance of independent law firms in the sectors of tax advisory, auditing, legal advice, and business consulting in the world. With this membership in toe, Reifferscheid & Partner offers a range of business and financial advisory services, including tax and business consulting. This is in addition to legal advice of all forms for its national and international clients alike, a portfolio comprising of freelancers, sole proprietors, and private individuals. One of the key things setting the business apart from its competitors in the field is its offering of, “advice from a single source.” Made possible with the help of a network of experts, the company serves as the all-in-one solution for needs relating to business and financial advice across the board. The tax framework is one that is undergoing continuous change, with current policy requiring fresh designs complete with an eye on what makes sense from an entrepreneurial standpoint. Not only does the company offer exemplary class tax consulting and structuring services, but it has broadened its horizons to also include the preparing of annual financial statements and tax returns, advice in the fields of financial and payroll accounting, and representation in legal matters before courts and the relevant authorities. All advice provided is geared towards the specific situation, as well as being proactive, profound, and consistent. In the same vein, Reifferscheid & Partner boasts an array of business consultancy services, with an extensive list of offerings including broad business consulting, structuring and transaction consulting, as well as asset controlling. Furthermore, services are available in the form of due diligence activities and company valuations, with additional offerings in the realm of transaction structure and the drafting of contracts of any nature. Finally for this area, asset controlling services offered by the firm help clients to garner a comprehensive overview of their assets, as well as analyse the risks and weaknesses in the present structure. For those in need of legal assistance, the business is too well-versed in this area of operations, acutely aware that tax and economic structuring can often result in both corporate and civil lawsuits being brought against its clients. These are present not only in the business sector, but also the private, such as in cases of the contract drafting for wills or marriages. With Partner Alfons Reifferscheid serving as legal counsel, important issues are able to be effectively covered in a host of areas of law, and if complex court cases and hearings are necessary, the company works with renowned lawyers to provide the best possible chances of success. One final area of expertise for Reifferscheid & Partner is auditing, which is managed by its auding firm Best Business & Finance Advisory Firm 2023 Reifferscheid Treuhand & Partner, Koblenz. The specific speciality here is the auditing of consolidated and annual financial statements, all carried out in accordance with the German Commercial Code (HGB) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Moreover, company valuations and due diligence activities make up part of the service, as does statutory and voluntary special audits, embezzlement, and management audits. Quintessentially, Reifferscheid & Partner Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbB is bolstered by decades of experience and can confidently make a lasting contribution to the businesses with which it deals, helping them to navigate the complicated and fast-paced environment of the industry today. By offering a personal touch in an area of business that can seem so impersonal, the company can provide clientele with information and services that allow them to concentrate on the future essentials that will drive success, and thus has established itself as being more than deserving of this award. Contact: Stefan Reifferscheid Company: Reifferscheid & Partner Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbB Web Address: