German CEO Excellence Awards 2024

EU Business News- German CEO Excellence Awards 2024 Best eCommerce & Event Project Support CEO 2024: Andreas Stefan twenty4hrs is one of the leading trade fair logistics companies in Germany and specializes in covering the entire service, from trade fair and event planning to the final presentation on site. With a large storage area and its own online shop system for each of its customers. twenty4hrs services a large number of well-known customers when it comes to advertising media logistics and trade fairs. This enables them to organize trade fairs more efficiently and smoothly for their clients. Founder and Managing Director Andreas Stefan was honored with the German CEO Award of Best eCommerce & Event Project Support CEO 2024. Andreas is a visionary entrepreneur and CEO of twenty4hrs GmbH. His story and career are testament to a man determined to improve the European advertising media logistics market and set the highest standards in quality and efficiency. His strong drive for growth and development becomes evident throughout his career: At the age of 12, Andreas' "career" began as a paperboy in his local area and progressed to working a holiday job at “Rofu Kinderland” (a logistics Company for children’s Toys) every summer school break – the entirety of six weeks – between the ages of 15 and 18. When he turned 18, Andreas picked up a side job in the event sector. Where he attended a tour as a service provider with David Copperfield, André Rieu and the Sow from "Lord of the Rings". His career continued with an apprenticeship in the role of an event manager, where he took on responsibilities and became director of an international jazz festival at the age of 22. After two years servicing the festival, Andreas joined a marketing agency. Another two years later he became head of sales, doubling turnover and becoming managing director. At the age of 34, he had the strong urge to grow and evolve in his field, unfortunately there were no such opportunities in the company for him to do so. That is when he founded twenty4hrs GmbH. Andreas entered the world of the trade fair business over 20 years ago and has since worked with tireless passion and dedication to realize his vision. His credo, "If you want to eat an omelette, you have to break the eggs" means for him: you have to take action if you want to see results. He welcomes challenges and is prepared to take the necessary steps to achieve his goals. For Andreas and twenty4hrs GmbH, the most important thing for stable and secure growth to support many customers is a solid team. Without a strong team, he would never have achieved growth of this kind in the past few years. In his eyes, a motivated work ethic, a good culture and a great team spirit are the cornerstones of a functioning company. An important motto for Andreas is: "Always match your thoughts with actions." This emphasizes his determination to not only have ideas, but also take action in order to turn these ideas into reality. It is important to him to always be aware and implement opportunities and ways to improve his services in efficiency and quality. "Getting into action" and "moving" are other principles that Andreas follows. He firmly believes that success lies in consistent action and realization. His commitment and determination have made him one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the industry. twenty4hrs GmbH has developed into a market leader in advertising media logistics. His vision of becoming the most sought-after advertising media logistics provider in Europe constantly drives him to search for innovative solutions and develop the best processes. His pursuit of high quality and organization has made the company a reliable partner for clients such as Heineken, Capri Sun, Organon, DeLonghi, Pfizer Pharma, Worldcoin and many more throughout Europe. The most important question Andreas regularly asks himself is: How can I use my available time to a) create an optimal workspace for my team and b) ensure ever-present progress for even better customer results? He regularly reflects on this question in order to evolve and optimize himself and his company. Despite his business commitments, Andreas is a loving family man. He cherishes time with his wife and children and finds a way to balance his professional ambitions with his personal commitments. His family is an important source of inspiration and motivation for him. Andreas is an outstanding example of a CEO who achieves great success through hard work, determination and a clear vision. The decision he made to start his own company, work on his dream and scale his business still drives him today to bring about real change in his market. Contact: Andreas Stefan Company: twenty4hrs GmbH Web Address: Jan24546