German CEO Excellence Awards 2024

Jul22493 15. Jul22493 In an industry characterized by technological innovation, Michael Neisen, CEO of the ASAP Group, has been named "Autonomous/EV Engineering CEO of the Year 2024" for his forward-thinking leadership and commitment to the development of advanced mobility concepts. Under his leadership, the ASAP Group has become one of the most successful engineering partners in the automotive industry. After studying automotive engineering at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Michael Neisen began his career in 1990 as a body developer at one of Europe's leading engineering service providers and developed into a managing director within just a few years. In 2009, he joined ASAP as managing partner and laid the foundation for the technological positioning and expansion. In recent years, the ASAP Group has established itself as a development partner to the automotive industry, offering innovative solutions in electrics/electronics, software, consulting & service, testing and vehicle engineering. With locations strategically close to customers, including Ingolstadt, Munich, Wolfsburg and Stuttgart, ASAP has established important partnerships in the automotive industry and continued its growth even during challenging times such as the corona crisis and the shortage of chips. A key element of the ASAP Group's success is its strategic focus on future-oriented technologies such as autonomous driving, e-mobility and connectivity. The continuous expansion of synergy effects across various service areas enables customers to receive comprehensive support throughout the entire vehicle development process up to series production. Neisen has led the ASAP Group with a clear vision for the future of mobility. His pragmatic approach to developing and introducing future-oriented and innovative technologies has made the company one of the world's top 20 engineering service providers in terms of turnover. The focus on technological development, together with a far-sighted assessment of the market, has strengthened the ASAP Group's position. Neisen's strategic leadership is also reflected in ASAP's corporate culture. At a time when the working environment is changing very rapidly, the question arises as to how companies can maintain and strengthen their culture in the context of hybrid working. Michael Neisen has recognized this challenge and found an answer to it with the "Better Together" cultural initiative which is based on flexibility, a healthy work-life balance and appreciative cooperation. By strengthening the corporate culture in the hybrid working environment, ASAP not only secures its position as an attractive employer that has won multiple awards, but also promotes innovation and collaboration, which are crucial for success in the automotive industry. In 2018, the strategic partner ZF Friedrichshafen AG acquired a 35% stake in the company. With this step, Neisen set an important milestone for the further development of the Group in the areas of autonomous driving and electromobility. With the acquisition of all company shares by HCL Technologies in 2023, a leading global technology and IT services company, the foundations for further growth and the internationalization of the ASAP Group were laid under the management of Michael Neisen. With the integration of the company, HCLTech is strengthening its expertise in the automotive sector as well as its presence in Germany and Europe. For Neisen, this merger is a personal highlight and a decisive step through which the ASAP Group will drive forward future-oriented innovations for software-defined vehicles and IoT ecosystems in the automotive sector together with HCLTech. Michael Neisen's path with the ASAP Group and the integration into HCLTech underline his ability to com-bine technological and human potential with a focus on the mobility of the future. His award as "Autonomous/EV Engineering CEO of the Year 2024" is not only a recognition of his achievements to date, but also a symbol of the dynamic and innovative future he is driving for ASAP. Contact: Michael Neisen Company: ASAP Group Web Address: Autonomous/EV Engineering CEO of the Year 2024: Michael Neisen Feb24039