German CEO Excellence Awards 2024

Aug22136 17. Resource Management CEO of the Year 2024: Holger Loerz Based in Berlin and Munich, Allex Projects GmbH is a software development company that offers a user-friendly project and resource management platform designed to improve collaboration, drive efficiency, and promote transparency across diverse industries. The company is led by CEO Holger Loerz, who has recently been named our Resource Management CEO of the Year 2024. Here, he tells us more about Allex and his career following his success in this prestigious awards programme. In 2010, Allex was established by project experts who, having worked in the manufacturing industry for over two decades, had gained an in-depth understanding of the challenges many businesses face when it comes to projects and resource allocation. They developed an innovative capacity planning and multiproject software solution designed to enable businesses to implement more projects with their resources whilst ensuring transparency, clarity, and communication amongst team members. The solution ensures that projects are delivered on time and always exceed stakeholder expectations, making it perfect for any company where successful projects are critical to business success. Committed to revolutionising project management and resource optimisation across industries, Allex’s mission is to become the preferred partner for organisations seeking to maximise their project efficiency, enhance their company culture, and achieve their strategic objectives. Its expertise lies in providing solutions that enhance project quality, accelerate project completion, and facilitate cross-company collaboration. Allex works with all kinds of clients, ranging from mid-market to enterprise-size organisations, providing them with software that meets their varied project management needs. Holger Loerz has served as Allex’s CEO since 2016, before which he gained over a decade of experience transforming hierarchy organisations into project organisations as a consultant. Initially, he worked in the engineering industry before gradually transitioning into the field of project management, where he led multidisciplinary teams to successfully deliver complex projects. Leveraging the skills and experience he had gained, Holger eventually took on various leadership positions at established companies, driving operational excellence and strategic growth. Now, as CEO of Allex, Holger is proud to lead a team of industry experts, taking a handson approach characterised by eye level collaboration. Unlike many other leaders, he functions as part of his team, asking questions and offering advice. “It is a combination of visionary leadership and servant leadership,” explains Holger. “I believe in setting a clear strategic direction together with the management team to execute effectively.” The team at Allex operate with a culture of trust and collaboration, guided by the company’s core values of transparency, integrity, and accountability. “To ensure alignment with our values, we provide ongoing communication, mentorship, and recognition of achievements,” Holger shares. “By leading by example and fostering a culture of continuous learning, we cultivate a high-performing team that is committed to delivering excellence.” When it comes to working with new clients, Holger believes in the importance of building strong business relationships through transparent communication, customer benchmark and network meetings, and dedication to exceeding expectations. The team at Allex must first gain an understanding of each client’s unique challenges and objectives, then use this information to develop effective solutions that are tailored to address their specific needs. Furthermore, throughout the project lifecycle, they must employ robust project management methodologies like critical chain project management (CCPM), kanban, and AI-assistance to ensure seamless execution. Thanks to his unique approach to leadership and his dedication to supporting the success of Allex and his team, Holger has been recognised in the German CEO Excellence Awards 2024, receiving the title of Resource Management CEO of the Year. Moving forwards, he plans to further expand Allex’s market reach and deepen its impact on project management across the globe, for example by investing in the intelligent AI Project Assistant and AI Project Generator. In the wake of his success in this awards programme, Holger shares his thoughts on what the next few years will look like for Allex. “With projects, we shape our future,” he says. “It will become more and more important to work well together. We are passionate about innovation, collaboration, and delivering tangible results for our clients. Additionally, we welcome opportunities to collaborate with likeminded organisations and individuals who share our vision for transforming project management practices.” Contact: Mia Due Company: Allex Web Address: Feb24263