German CEO Excellence Awards 2024

EU Business News- German CEO Excellence Awards 2024 Most Visionary Digitizationin-Construction CEO 2024: Zoltan Demeter Headquartered in Aalen, Baden Württemberg, SYFIT GmbH is a software company that develops both standard and customized digitalization solutions, aiming to optimize clients’ corporate success through process savings and digital added value. The business was established in 2016 by CEO Zoltan Demeter, who continues to stand at its helm today. Here, we delve deeper into his career and the reasons behind his success in the German CEO Excellence Awards 2024. In recent years, the business world has been rapidly evolving, with many companies adopting new technologies to streamline their operations, reduce costs, drive efficiency, and ultimately improve their bottom line. There is no doubt that digital transformation has become essential for companies to remain relevant and competitive in the dynamic technological landscape. For companies looking to achieve fast digital transformation, SYFIT offers a range of affordable, customizable, and easy-touse digitalization solutions designed to cut costs by optimizing and simplifying business processes. For example, the company’s readyto-use modules provide clients with a quick entry into digitalization, facilitating digital construction, tool management, equipment inspection, parking space management, driver’s license control, and more. Alongside this, through its innovative AYE-OT-BOX solution, the company equips clients with a scalable portal for intelligent tracking and process and information management. These applications can easily be integrated into any company’s business processes with SYFIT’s proprietary platform. They can also be adapted to suit their individual requirements in a quick and cost-effective manner. Clients can trust that SYFIT will be with them every step of the way, from consultation to product delivery, always prioritizing their economic and technological benefit. SYFIT’s team of experienced practitioners and digitalization experts are led by CEO Zoltan Demeter. Having initially worked as a strategic buyer, he developed an interest in process optimization very early on in his career. As he climbed the corporate ladder, taking on many different roles, Zoltan gained valuable experience in SAP process management and honed his skills in negotiation, communication, IT strategy, and management. Eventually, having built a strong foundation of expertise working with various businesses and their requirements, he took over the position of CIO within a German family-owned corporation, leveraging IOT as a competitive advantage. In 2016, Zoltan set out to establish SYFIT to scale his knowledge of digitalization and make it available to businesses across the world. Since then, he has been building the company on a highly scalable portal. He aims to help clients to understand the current technological and digital possibilities and access solutions that will grow with them. With SYFIT, clients can connect to IOT devices independently from their own technology, which means that their digitalized business processes will not be affected by hardware developments. This enables them to digitalize step by step, starting with simple processes and progressing in line with their own requirements. They can also change their digital strategy at any time. However, Zoltan’s journey as CEO of SYFIT has not always been smooth sailing. He and his team have encountered several hurdles along the way, including an unexpectedly lengthy sales process in Germany, an original product that was not quite ready to meet customers’ requirements, and the economic struggle of surviving the Covid-19 pandemic. However, they have faced every obstacle head-on, transforming them into opportunities to create something new and improve their existing products. This has made SYFIT extremely resilient. As a leader, Zoltan believes that he has a responsibility to create a positive work environment for his employees, empowering them to perform at work and contribute towards SYFIT’s success. “Our team work very closely together. Giving them respect and recognition for their work, as well as the freedom for creativity, is the basic rule so that everyone enjoys their work,” he explains. “I like that people in our team inspire each other to improve and to be innovative in their thinking. I feel honored to be part of this team and think that we create our values together.” For his excellent work in leading SYFIT, Zoltan Demeter has recently been named Most Visionary Digitization-in-Construction CEO in the German CEO Excellence Awards 2024. Following this success, he comments, “I would like to express my gratitude to my team for being so creative, reliable, and supportive. Also, I would like to thank our innovative customers who take us on their digitalization journey and let us be part of their success.” Contact: Zoltan Demeter Company: SYFIT GmbH Web Address: Jan24645