German CEO Excellence Awards 2024

Aug22136 21. Real Estate CEO of the Year 2024 (Berlin): Toomaj Freydouny Offering fully furnished living spaces and private apartments to young professionals and international students alike, KUMMUNI is a fully digitised proptech company whose commitment to providing affordable, yet quality, accommodation to tenants is simply unmatched. Prioritising the personalisation of a space, be it through free furniture choice or additional appliance and furniture upgrades, KUMMUNI has become a company whose name is recognised for its considerate and compassionate approach to real estate. Below, we take a closer look at how the company has risen to all new heights under the watchful eye of award-winning CEO Toomaj Freydouny. Characterised by its dedication to doing things differently, KUMMUNI is a collective that has gone above and beyond to make personalised accommodation readily available to any who are in a position to embark on an entirely new venture. Primarily focused on the needs of students and young professionals alike, the company has spent its years formulating a means to truly distinguish itself, eventually resulting in an exceptionally ingenious approach to real estate that has yet to be replicated to such a degree of quality. This takes the form of its Choose Your Style concept, through which tenants can personalise their space to maximise their comfort. Though it may not seem so on the surface, this industry-defying idea is one that rescued the company from the brink of insolvency – one that came to be shortly after Toomaj Freydouny entered into the CEO role. When acquiring the position back in 2021, Toomaj found that the company was facing a period of great uncertainty, with no individual able to identify whether the collective would even be able to remain in operation. The circumstances were dire, and yet Toomaj wasn’t discouraged – instead, the pursuit of opportunity overrode the fear of failure. By drawing on previous experiences in various industries, Toomaj focused everything on completely altering the trajectory of the company. In doing so, a path towards success was crafted, and KUMMUNI merely needed to tread it. Thankfully, with Toomaj’s impeccable knack for guidance and business development, the collective quickly cultivated new processes that pulled it back from the brink of collapse. Though it faced frequent time crunches, Toomaj managed to flawlessly navigate the company around these roadblocks, ultimately culminating in its most notable feature to date – Choose Your Style. As opposed to offering spaces that didn’t reflect their tenants’ individuality, KUMMUNI quickly became a beacon of both non-discriminatory practices and innovation in the field of housing. Partnered with the fact that KUMMUNI opts to charge tenants based on the size of their space, as opposed to external factors such as location, floor, or view, the company has become the definitive choice for any seeking fairly priced living spaces. Additionally, when entering into the company, Toomaj also brought in a complete aversion to discrimination. As such, regardless of a tenant’s background, ethnicity, sexuality, or various other characteristics, they’ll still have access to a unique service that truly honours their differences. Toomaj is particularly proud of this approach, as it’s one that isn’t often seen within the wider real estate market. KUMMUNI really is a one-of-a-kind real estate agent – one whose vision for the future sees tenants benefitting from fair pricing, plentiful benefits, and wonderful tenant-estate agent relations. Though there was a time where it seemed as though all hope had been lost for the collective, Toomaj Freydouny burst onto the scene with fantastic ideas that built the company into what it is today. Now, tenants across Berlin are consistently praising KUMMUNI for its industry-defying excellence, and we’re certain that it will only continue to thrive under Toomaj’s watch. EU Business News extends its congratulations to both Toomaj and the brilliant team at KUMMUNI, and we eagerly await your continued success within the world of real estate. Contact: Toomaj Freydouny-Bungs Company: KUMMUNI Web Address: Jan24501